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By Live Dr - Thu Feb 19, 6:05 am

About Us:
We are a family of doctors, running Vijay Nursing Home in Madurai for nearly 25 years. Our CEO, Dr. J. T. Vijay Manthalir graduated with a MBBS degree from Qingdao Medical College in China.We have recruited more than 150 students from Tamilnadu and Kerala for studying the MBBS course in top Medical Colleges in China. We process admissions to colleges which are located in beautiful cities in China with pleasant climatic conditions. Our students enjoy their stay and concentrate more on education. We have earned a name for ourselves by offering true service to the student community. Since 2012, we’ve been admitting students and have won the appreciation of students and parents. We are the directly authorized admission consultants for admission. Many of our students have been awarded with full-time and part-time scholarships based on their academic performances.


Contact us : 9487775970


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