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Admission to MBBS Course (2016-17)

at Nantong Medical University, Nantong, Jiangsu, China

The 2016-17  MBBS in China fee structure of Nantong University is as following:

Tuition: 26,000RMB/year (approximately 2,60,000 INR/year)
Hostel: 4000 RMB/year(approximately 40,000 INR/year)
Other fee (Residence Permit,Insurance Fee,Books Fee): 4000RMB/year (approximately 40,000 INR/year)
Living Cost: 700-1,00RMB/month (approximately 7,000-10,000 INR/year)

So the total expense per year is almost 44,000 RMB  (approximately 4,40,000 INR/year) in Nantong University.The duration of the course is 5 years and for the 6th year (Internship or House surgeon) student can do it in India or in China so the total duration will be 6 years maximum. The total expense for 5 years will be 22,00,00RMB (approximately 22,20,000 INR) if the student comes to India for Internship after 5 years.

RMB is the Chinese currency and INR is the Indian Rupees

1 RMB is almost equal to 10 Rs and you can check it in the link given below.

Nantong Medical University 2012 batch

Nantong Medical University 2012 batch

2015 Batch Students of LiveDr Admissions

2015 Batch Students of LiveDr Admissions


Instructions to candidates:

For 2013-14 Batch classes will start in September 2013.

The student has to submit the following along with duly filled-in application form:

(1).     Attested copy of 12th Standard (+2) Mark Statement

(2).     Attested copy of 11th Standard (+1) Mark Statement in School Letter Pad

(3).     Attested copy of Transfer Certificate

(4).     Attested copy of Community Certificate

(5).     Attested copy of Conduct Certificate issued by School / College (if available)

(6).     A Conduct Certificate from a Responsible Person

(7).     Attested copy of Birth Certificate

(8).     Attested copy of Passport

(9).     Duly filled-in Physical Examination Form

(10).   Duly filled-in Student Visa (JW 202) Form

(11).   Duly filled-in MCI Eligibility Certificate Form

(12).   Passport size Photographs – 10 Nos.


The filled-in application form and other forms, along with all other documents should be submitted to us on or before 8.06.2016.

The Consultancy Service Charges will have to be paid at the time of submitting the application

The onward flight fare will be paid by the student separately.

Nantong admission requirements



Our staff will accompany with the students while going to the Nantong University, be with the students for a week period and take responsibility of safely accommodating the students in the hostel, opening up of bank account at Nantong and guide them for a safe stay over the period of study.

2012 Batch students at Shanghai AirportWe take care  of the students during the entire study period, and it will not come under our responsibility if the student violates any rule of the Chinese nation.

If you choose Nantong University for pursuing medical education for yourself / your son / daughter / ward, then you are converging to a right decision, which you will feel at a later time.


Wishing you all the best !       Become a Good Doctor !      Serve the nation devotedly !


 LiveDr Admissions ,”We build your dream”.

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