Advantages of Nantong Medical College (NMC)

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Advantages of Nantong Medical University

*  Nantong University  (NTU) is recognized by the Medical Council of India *

MCI recognised Medical colleges

Nantong Medical University is recognized by the Medical Council of India

1.  Nantong Medical College (NMC) is one of the Best Medical university in China.

2.  Nantong Medical College (NMC) is Listed in WHO  with medium of Instruction in English (Note: only few medical universities are listed in WHO listing for English medium.

WHO list of recognised colleges

3.  Nantong University  (NTU) gives high quality education to students using the latest Medical Technologies and Gadgets.

4. Nantong University  (NTU)  has  Hi-TECH Classrooms for International Students.

Nantong Medical College (NMC) for Indian Medical Students

Advantages of Nantong Medical College (NMC) for Indian Medical Students

 Nantong University  is located at the end of Yangtze River, Nantong City (in GB), about 100 km north to the first industry city of Shanghai, P.R.China. NMC was founded in 1912 by Zhang Jian (1853-1926), and moved partly to Suzhou forming College of Medicine, Suzhou University in 1957. NMC is now one of the institutions of higher learning authorized by National Council of Education to confer Ph.D, Master’s Degree of Science and M.D. Degrees. NMC ranks 108 in overall evaluation of China University in 1999.

Before merging into Nantong University in 2004, the college has more than 400 professors and associate professors. About 5,400 full-time students study in the college. NMC currently comprises 19 majors, such as the Faculty of Clinical Medicine, Faculty of Preventive Medicine, the Faculty of Pediatrics, the Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences, the Faculty of Nautical Medicine, the Faculty of Radiation Diagnosis Medicine and the Faculty of professional Medical Training. NMC has 60 departments, 3 research institutes, 7 Affiliated Hospitals (in GB) , about 70 Teaching (clinical training) hospitals and bases.

NMC edits following publications: Acta Academiae Medicinae Nantong, Journal of Communications Medicine, Journal of Tongyi Education and Research, Nantong Medical College News.


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