After LASIK laser eye surgery when can I see well

By Live Dr - Thu Feb 17, 5:38 am

How long will it take before I can see well, and how long will it take before I have my best vision?
Fast visual recovery characterizes this operation. Most patients achieve good vision the day of surgery and find that their eyes feel fairly normal within a day. Right after the procedure you see as if looking behind water. In about 4 hours the vision will be clearer. While your eyes are healing, it is normal for your vision to go back and forth between clear and blurry phases for several weeks. However, vision can continue to improve, and best vision can still take two to three months to occur, particularly with higher prescriptions.

If necessary, adjustments to the surgery called enhancements can be done. Patients who undergo hyperopic LASIK often need to wait longer to able to see clearly. Typically, they are unable to see with intense clarity for one or two weeks, with best vision coming in several months post-operatively

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