After Mbbs HOW to do PG Abroad Europe Germany

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well i wnt info regarding doing pg in germany…all d details…n widout mci cn i apply directly for pg in germany…on completon of d course cn i work there itself as i m nt planning to come india …wnt to settle there…pls let me knw these details…i m aware of doing a german course… pls atleast if cn refer me to someone intrested in germany…

Pg in Germany after Mbbs

Pg in Germany after Mbbs


I guess u can get the necessary information from http://www.daad.de/en/index.html

Just c whether u r getting what u need….

Hi, Here is what i could collect

PG in germany is in german Language. To be eligible for it,you have to spend 2 years learning the german language, because you have to pass german language at the level of higher secondr schools in germany. The german language courses & their examination is held in India at MAX MULLER Bhavun Mumbai.For non-EU is a very hard duty to achieve a chance for PG in any discipline however there are no.of vacancy created all day in germany.
For PG you must have.:-
-three years post diplom Experience,
-a good knowledge of German
-Recommendation from health ministry of your own country for higher education
-Stipend or sponsership from any organization or any body to accomodate here.
Some more demands from bureaucrate may be…?In short cut for non EU doctors it is difficult to adapt here.Other than xaminations,bureucratie here is peak complexed.
For the residency,Germans,EU then non EU doctors resp.are prefered.However sometimes doctors from third world are selected by Chief doctors,but they would not take any guarantee for work permit and residential permit in Germany which is quite tough and complex.

It depends upon states,u have to pay or not?Possiblity to get admission is also depends upon University and seats available.The major problem is financial support.If u possess any stipend then easier to accomodate otherwise officially students are
allowed just for 90days(full time)per year or 180days(half time) to work.Using these benifits one can earn some money during vacation,though employers prefer employee for long term at least six months in full term,i.e.troublesome in Market to find a high payment Job.Parellel to study ,involvement im Job deteriotes your actual target.

If u have any scholarship then can you find out PG residency.Lets finish your German language first upto 600 UE.

u seem to know a lot about the german system.Where are u based in?
Are u currently doing PG in germany?

How long is the german language course – 1or 2 years?I mean for someone who has zero knowledge about the language.I think at the end of it,we hav to sit for exam called DSSB,i’m not sure something like that.please clarify

and about the practical followed by the language course.how long and where will it be conducted?As i know,for france,they required doctors who already have 3 years clinical experience outside of france?Does this also imply for germany?

why german doctors would like to come to malaysia to work?I read before that german doctors (fresh graduate) only earn 1200 euro per month and the working hours are 70 hours per week.It sounds terrible.Is it true?

Can u provide some website addresses or phone numbers where i can get some information?I checked the german medical association website but it’s only in german language and i sent some emails to the addresses given there.But,no responses until now.IT’s been a month already

Language depends upon one´s ability and attitude.However German is not too tough,one needs more practice.Normally it takes 1000UE,i.e.one year intensiv course followed ny Examination.Some States donot require Exam,just sufficient of language to communicat.German doctors as per new regulation work 40 hours/week not 70,how is it possible?Their Salary also depends upon family stand,state and some more.In fact junior doctor, approax.earn 2000Euro but not applicable for all.
For Pg it is not compulsory to take part in Exam,just a certificate showing that u have sufficient learnt.
Okay..and so on.
In recent years German doctors due to some Bureaucratie, self prefer to work in another country like uk,switzer,arab emirate..

german doctors are willing to migrate due to problems with Salary,time table as well.In their own hospital they are discreminated by senior doctors.For junior doctors it is a long distace to have better chance for promotion in short time.They prefer therefore migration to Austria,Switzerland:-German Language,or Belgium,Holland with about similar language or UK.
For non-EU is a very hard duty to achieve a chance for PG in any discipline however there are no.of vacancy created all day.
For PG you must have.:-
-three years post diplom Experience,
-a good knowledge of German
-Recommendation from health ministry of your own country for higher education
-Stipend or sponsership from any organization or any body to accomodate here.

without financial support and strong comand of the language, it is the bureaucraty here that citizens otherthan Germans are frequently discriminated.However specialisation other than clinical,the same process one must follow as per clinical medicine.
In another branch though is possible to achieve target,engineering,MBA…


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  9. i am in vancouver , british columbia, canada , can u send your phonenumber , i need details for hotels etc. and do the 3 courses runback to back as its abit of a distance.cheers

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