AMC,USMLE,MCI SCREENING TEST,HKMLE,PLAB,medical entrance exams -simple sample questions,check out your medical knowledge before you try these exam

By Live Dr - Wed Jan 21, 7:26 pm

1) Describe the components of three layers of trachea from inner to outer.
2) Describe the structural changes of conducting portion of
intrapulmonary bronchial tree. Answer the composition of respiratory
portion of the lung.
3) Describe the components of nephron and juxtaglomerular apparatus
4) Blood-air barrier and filtration barrier
5) Of where Macula densa and juxtaglomerular cell derived? Describe
their structure and function respectively.
6) Structure of seminiferous tubule, seminiferous epithelium ,
Spermatogenic cell, definition of spermotogenesis and spermiogenesis.
7) The development and maturation of follicle, the formation,
composition and function of Corpus luteum.
8) Describe the changes of menstrual cycle in endo
metrium of uterus,
and its relation to the cycle in ovary
9) The composition and structure of retina, photosensitive cell and their
10) Crista ampullaris and Corti’s organ, their location, structure and function

4. General structural features of epithelium

5. structure of capillary

6. Macula densa

7. filtration barrier

8. production of male germ cell

9. Formation of the liver

10. differentiation of mesoderm

11. Tetralogy of Fallot

12. Portal area

13. Corpus luteum

14. Microvilli

15. The formation of three germ layers

16. basement membrane

17. islets of Langerhans

18. gastric gland

19. general structure of digestive tract

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