Bangladeshi Students Are Cheated, Study Medicine In China

By Live Dr - Sun Nov 07, 12:20 am

After giving a list of chinese medical universities by the Medical Council of India (MCI), Bangladesh Medical & Dental Council (BMDC) followed them which is leading some students to a trouble and making student confusion. MCI claimed that the list is given by the chinese education ministry, also same statetment is given by the BMDC but the true thing is that the Indian High Commission in China has given a list of the chinese medical university it is claimed by the Indian student. Due to this situation Indian student can not prove that the list is not given by the chinese education ministry and they are loosing their case which was made against the MCI. After hearing this situation of this MCI, BMDC started to publish a list orally but they are not published in the news paper or in other official papers not even in a written consent. In the 1973 Act of Medical Council of Bangladesh there is a schedule of recognized medical institution but there is not written what is said by BMDC. Now Bangladeshi students are confused what they will do in their future because they can not practice in their own country they are totally depressed. Another thing is that MCI announced that before their deadline who have come in china to study medicine they can take part in the registration examination but BMDC is saying specially the registrar Basunia is saying before the deadline who have come in china to study medicine they can not get any registration from the BMDC to practice medicine. After asking to the cooperation and exchange division of chinese education ministry Mrs. Zhao told that the list of english taught medical institutions was started to make from 2008 so before 2008 student already come in china they can get registration in their own country and she requested that other countries medical council should give them registration. Though after passing from non listed or listed medical university student can take part registration examination of NMEC of China but Bangladesh, India are not approving them. Pakistan has no problem in this case because Pakistan Medical & Dental Council affiliated only 7 chinese medical universities, that after passing from these universities no need to take part registration examination and from non listed medical university student should take part in the registration examination. Now students are talking to their own embassy in china the exceptional is the bangladeshi embassy they are not helping bangladeshi student but the indian embassy in china they are helping indian student. So bangladeshi students are more depressed and experiencing more difficulties. About the studying medicine and getting registration from BMDC it is published by the daily news paper “Prothom Alo”, but after investigating the new was found full of fake because in the news they have stated about some students who complained about the consultant and chinese institution but when contact with those student they said they don’t know anything about this matter that means Prothom Alo published a fake news influenced by someone. All of this comments can be found on the Prothom Alo newspaper on that article. Some students are saying that none of person study in this university where the prothom alo found them. Many question is arising about prothom alo because everyone knows that the only neutral newspaper is prothom alo.–Kaish (talk) 18:56, 15 January 2010 (UTC)

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