Cancer makes You Live also

By Live Dr - Sat Jul 02, 12:28 pm

Frequently the term cancer or tumour sound like the first step to hell but actually for the first time the word cancer has pronounced synonymous for last step to prolong life.Once again the reasearch work has paid good for the sustenance and for the betterment of the mankind.Lots of appreciation for the work by the researchers.

A pancreatic cancer PanNET , a unique one was found to produce mutations at two places in the chromosome that controls a part of the DNA that determines you lifespan.The concept behind these two unrelated unrealistic thing is that the cancer causes elongation of the telomere’s of the chromosome .Telomere’s are present at the terminal ends of the chromosome.They are understood to erode on ageing.So this shortening of the telomere’s is understand to have a realtion with death of that concerned individual.Shortened telomere’s are generally a indication for deathly diseases.So by the apllication of these PanNET cancer we could eventually prolong life as it could cause the elongation of the telomere’s and so of it we could stay disease free(not from acquired one’s but from one’s from ageing).In way of supporting this concept framed a few scientists the research done in mice proved fruitful and the mice showed considerable increase in life span.So a few more things if found cleared of this technique then it could result in a great achievement.

But prolonging life at the cost of acquiring cancer does really means a good deal ? reamains to be the main obstacle in the path of a new lifeline provider to many.So a further more deeper research in this thing is a warm welcomed one among the people of the entire world since if it turns out to be a succes one in extending the expiring life then the finding is not an individual achievement but a achievement for our world.

The process of extension of the telomere’s arises from the abnormal cell division(mutation) caused by the PanNET cancer cells.These cells causes mutation in two genes.The two genes namely are ATRX and DAXX.This mutation causes complete functional ceasement of the two genes.As a resut of functional shutdown of the two genes the proteins that these genes produce usually in normal functional state are not produced and so the proteins are deficeint to keep the telomere’s of the chromosome in a fighting trim.So a failure in the function of the proteins synthesised by the two genes ATRC and DAXX since beacause of their functional insufficiency due to mutation causes a rapid elongation process of the telomere’s in a uncontrolled manner.This elongation of the Telmlomere’s is termed as ‘ Alternative Lenghthening of the Telomere ‘.

PanNET cells causing telomere extensions in chromosomes

Unfortunately for people suffering PanNET, the extra long telomeres are what keep cancerous genes alive even when they are malfunctioning horribly. That’s why it’s probably more appropriate to call these cells undead rather than immortal. Yes, they’re alive, but they’re shambling along and trying to replicate and replace every other cell with a version of themselves.

Before the implementation of this technique a thorough study has to be made on the telomere’s  wether they are the one contolling the ageing process.If the result is positive then its a good sign for the sustenance of the mankind


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