Chapter IV Teaching and Supervision qualityfor mbbs students in china

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Chapter IV Teaching and Supervision

Article 15 The institutions shall take students as the center and self-study as the main education contents to actively reform teaching methods and lay great emphasis on developing scientific judgment and learning ability.
Teaching methods include new teaching and learning methods. The guiding, questioning and interactive methods are encouraged to use in teaching activities.

Article 16 The institutions shall establish the entire process of academic performance assessment system for international students and do some research on examination methods. The institutions shall provide clear provisions and notes for student’s assessments to comprehensively assess student’s knowledge, skills, behavior, attitude, and abilities to judge, analyze and solve clinical problems and communicate with others.
Assessment system includes formative assessment system and final evaluation system. The formative assessment system comprises tests, observational records and practice manual. The final evaluation system includes final course and comprehensive graduation examination.

Article 17 The institutions shall ensure that these evaluation activities will help to strengthen realization of the training objectives and satisfy course requirements and improve the learning ability of students. A comprehensive examination focused on practical ability is taken to encourage students to know their subjects from A to Z. The self-assessment is advocated to improve active learning capability. On decision of the amount and nature of examinations, the institutions shall pay attention to the leading roles of examinations and avoid negative effects of examinations.
Upon completion of all examinations, the examination analysis shall be conducted. The analysis results shall be in an appropriate type provided to the students, teachers and teaching staff to improve teaching level. An analysis of tests includes the overall results, the reliability and validity of examinations, difficulty and differentiation of questions, as well as analysis of professional contents.

Article 18 The institutions shall establish supervising and evaluating systems of course planning to improve teaching quality and set up a teaching supervision group in English to oversee the implementation of curriculum planning and the learning progress of international students and to ensure that problems can be found and solved in time.

Article 19 The teaching administration department of institutions shall establish comprehensive management regulations and set up a special office staffed with the corresponding personnel.

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