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Coffee gives men a bigger buzz than women

Coffee gives men a bigger buzz than women
Men get a bigger kick from coffee than women, says a new research, which found that both sexes get a jolt from the drink.
The study, however, found that while decaf coffee perks up both of the sexes, it affects women more.
In a study on 668 healthy volunteers, an espresso pepped up men after just 10 minutes. Women also became more alert after the beverage, but less so.
The University of Barcelona researchers say some of this effect might be psychological because decaffeinated coffee also worked to some extent.
Progress in –Neuro-Psychopharmacology & Biological Psychiatry reports the work.
To reach the conclusion, the researchers asked volunteers to drink either a classic espresso containing 100mg of caffeine or a decaffeinated espresso containing 5mg of caffeine, reports the BBC.
Then, the boffins looked for changes in alertness over the following minutes and hours.
After drinking the classic espresso, both men and women saw an improvement in their activity levels and these effects began after as little as 10 minutes, the study found.
According to the investigators, 45 minutes is the time needed for maximum caffeine concentration to be reached in the blood, but levels reach half this concentration after just a few minutes.
And the effect appeared to be greater in the men.
The decaf coffee had a similar, but weaker effect and tended to be more potent in the women rather than in the men.
Lead researcher Ana Adan said: “Numerous studies have demonstrated the stimulant effects of caffeine, but none of these have looked at their effects in terms of the consumer”s gender.”
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Hot drinks keep cold and flu at bay

A hot drink is what you really need to keep nagging symptoms of common colds and flu at bay.
Hot drinks keep cold and flu at bay
New research by Cardiff University‘s Common Cold Centre has found that a simple hot drink of fruit cordial can provide immediate and sustained relief from runny nose, cough, sneezing, sore throat, chilliness and tiredness.
The research compared the effects of a commercially produced cordial apple and blackcurrant drink either ‘hot’ or at room temperature in 30 volunteers with common cold symptoms, said a Cardiff statement.
Centre’s Director Ron Eccles said: “It is surprising that this is the first scientific research on the benefit of a hot drink for treating cold and flu symptoms.
“With temperatures falling and Christmas just round the corner, cold viruses love this time of year. Having a bottle of fruit cordial in the cupboard and making a hot drink could help fight off the symptoms of festive cold and flu.”
“The big advantage of this type of treatment is that it is cheap as well as safe and effective,” he emphasised.
These findings were published in the current edition of Rhinology.
A hot drink is what you really need to keep nagging symptoms of common colds and flu at bay.
People are usually not high on life. They have been put down and invalidated to the point that they have even forgotten the fun loving, boundless spirits that they are. So the drink actually assists people in letting go and being themselves.
When overdone this may get out of hand and even a bit freaky.
Experts said that people experiment with alcohol at an early age and they associate the fun and enjoyment that they had with alcohol. As they grow up and enter their professional pressure profiles, they associate alcohol with the fun to unwind. Only now it is no longer just fun, it is an addiction.
This year make a resolution to getting back to your self to discover the enthusiastic power house that you always were. Start with reading a joke book. Get yourself to laugh more. Play a sport, even Play Station works in helping you unwind and disassociate from pressure. Listen to foot stomping music, clap and wave your hands, if you can’t dance. Do whatever it takes to get yourself on a high. Its simple if you just give it a try.
Quitting like addiction is a gradual process; do not expect results over night. If you keep yourself ignited with fun and feel good about yourself, you will take lesser puffs, smaller drinks and eventually be off the addiction.
A good resolution this year would be to UN addict yourself from slavery and get into life. There is so much happening, our country is taking a 180 degree turn and a wave of abundance and wealth is welling up. Make success and progress an addiction and habit, and to capitalize on this tsunami of economic abundance you will need all the sense and sensibility that you can gather.
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