Cutting-Edge Prosthetic Devices AMP’D Gear

By Live Dr - Sun Oct 09, 12:59 pm

Creators: Casey Pieretti – Stuntman, Host, Actor, Athlete. Casey has been an amputee for 25 years. Since the beginning of his amputee era, Casey pursued the best prosthetics available. He created many of his own cutting-edge prosthetic devices that enable his successful lifestyle. Casey feels extraordinarily fortunate to achieve all that he has in his life through his perserverance to overcome obstacles in his path. Casey created Amp’dGear with a vision of sharing the gift of possibility and ability with the global amputee community. Amp’dGear can make you better than new, better than you!

Bill Spracher – Co-Host of Discovery Channel’s “Bionic Builders”, President and Owner of Spracher Engineering Inc., an engineering and manufacturing company which specializes and in high performance polyurethane part manufacturing primarily for demanding industrial applications. He is also co-owner of Amp’dGear  – Performance Amputee Sporting Gear. Bill has developed dynamic solutions for many applications including; deep-sea vehicles, roller coaster wheels, robotic re-fueling systems, military applications and orthopedic and prosthetic appliances. His parts are engineered to perform reliably in environments where others have tried and failed.

Rock Climbing Mountain Biking Bouldering

vertical climbingThis is the best all around mountain device ever made. This device excels in vertical climbing, excellent adhesion for bouldering with sweet smearing surfaces.  Add in built in SPD mounts for mountain biking and you have many great days on the mountain in your future.

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