doctors advice to live long more than 100 years of age, keep away the morning sickness

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Keeping morning sickness at bay

Keeping morning sickness at bay
By Meenakshi Shankar
You’ve just found out that you’re pregnant and are over the moon – so why that sinking sickness every morning? For many women, morning sickness is an unavoidable (and uncomfortable) part of being pregnant. And who says, that the dreaded morning sickness can rear up its ugly claws only in the morning. It can come at any time during the day – not just in the morning. There are many things that trigger morning sickness, and many things you can do to help prevent or alleviate the nausea and vomiting.
What triggers the morning sickness
Smells and odors (such as food, pet, body odor, fragrances, deodorants, garbage, fuel, paint)
Fatigue (especially if you were up all night vomiting)
Areas or rooms with stale, damp air
Foods (especially greasy or spicy)
Empty stomach (accumulated acid in stomach)
Noises (sudden noise, loud music, traffic, sirens, construction sites)
Abrupt, sudden movements (motion sickness)
Bright, glaring lights
Hot/cold weather, humidity
What can I do to feel better?
Eat small, frequent meals high in protein and fiber. Avoid fatty, rich, or spicy foods. Fatty foods take longer to digest (and your digestion is slow enough already!) and bland foods tend to be easier on your stomach.
Get plenty of rest (take naps during the day or when you feel most nauseated).
Keep bag of snack foods (unsalted pretzels, nuts, granola bars, dried fruit, breadsticks, crackers) with you at all times to keep your stomach comfortable.
Sip water throughout the day. Don’t drink so much that you feel full, which can slosh around in your stomach and add to nausea, but drink a little every few minutes.
Eat a snack before you get up in the morning. Keep crackers by your bed and eat a few 20 minutes before trying to get up. This will help settle your stomach before you begin moving around.
Take your time getting out of bed in the morning; slowly change positions when lying down.
Keep moist, unscented towelettes nearby to refresh your face after nausea or vomiting.
Get fresh air by either going outside or opening windows.
Try snacking on ginger. For some, fresh or candied ginger can ease morning sickness.
Identify triggers and avoid them as much as possible
Taking vitamin B6 supplements seems to help some women with morning sickness, but should only be taken in recommended doses, so first talk to your health care provider.

How to live till 100

Want to live till 100 years of age? Well, do regular exercises, be married, wash hands and brush your teeth everyday.
How to live till 100
That’s what a new book, ‘The Long Life Equation‘, by Dr Trisha Macnair suggests.
In the book, the author has listed activities that add years to your life.
Macnair said washing your hands adds two years, and good dental hygiene can add six more years in your life.
But smoking, fast food, no exercise and a stressful life can strip away 20 years.
“There’s no doubt younger people take life and health for granted – more than any generation before, they idle time away watching TV or playing computer games, ignoring the activities that keep them healthy or develop meaning in their lives,” Courier Mail quoted Macnair, as saying.
“As we get older and start to feel the years slipping away, we suddenly realise how precious it is.
“But by then we may have already established habits (smoking, drinking, obesity, lack of exercise, stressful occupations) which take their toll and are difficult to reverse.
“Still, it’s never too late to change. Also, our attitudes to older age are changing so there is more freedom now to do things later in life if we are healthy and able,” she added.
A 2006 study from University of California in Los Angeles showed that men and women live healthier, wealthier, happier and longer lives when they are in a stable partnership
The study confirmed that married couples were more likely to live to an old age than their divorced, widowed or unmarried counterparts.
A stable partnership can actually add on seven years to life.
Regular exercise also adds as much as two or more years to your life.
A Harvard Alumni Study, which took into account more than 71,000 men who had graduated from Harvard University and the University of Pennsylvania between 1916 and 1954, found that those men who regularly burned 8400kJ a week while exercising lived, on average, two years longer than sedentary types.
But cigarette smoking can actually reduce 8 years from your life
Tobacco smoke contains more than 4000 chemicals, many of which are highly toxic.
A divorce can also strip away 3 years from your life, as it takes longer-lasting, emotional and physical toll on former spouses than virtually any other life stress.
Recent studies indicate that divorced adults have higher rates of emotional disturbance, accidental death and death from heart disease.
The divorced also have higher rates of admission to psychiatric facilities and make more visits to doctors than people who are married, single or widowed.
Source: ANI


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