False teeth save man’s life from a bullet that was fired on to his face

By Live Dr - Tue May 31, 2:12 pm

Of all the things you’d expect to save someone’s life — a lifejacket, a bullet-proof vest, a motorcycle helmet — would you ever include the humble pair of dentures? Well, it seems like we might have to after reports of some fake gnashers coming to the rescue of a Brazilian barkeep.

Thursday’s bizarre incident saw the bar owner from the town of Alta Floresta, western Brazil, taken to hospital after a gunman opened fire at him while he was tending bar.

His name: Zacarias Pacheco de Moraes. His age: 81-year-old… and still kicking, thanks to his pair of miraculous false teeth.

The bullet was heading straight for his brain before ricocheting off the chompers and lodging in the back of his throat. It’s too delicate to remove right away, doctors have said, but there’s no doubt that it all could have ended far, far worse.

It reminds of that surreal story of the man who was shot in the head and sneezed out the bullet afterwards, as well as this World Cup football star who managed to get a bullet in his brain… and still survive. Now, time to visit the dentist, just to be careful…


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