FMGE (mci Screening Test) Training institutes and Postgraduate courses

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Postgraduate courses

Subject Degree Diploma
Anaesthesia MD/DNB DA
Anatomy MS/DNB Not Applicable
Biochemistry MD/DNB Not Applicable
Community Medicine MD/DNB Not Applicable
Dermatology MD/DNB DDVL/DVD
Forensic Medicine MS/DNB Not applicable
General Medicine MD/DNB Not applicable
General Surgery MS/DNB Not applicable
Microbiology MD/DNB Not applicable
Orthopaedics MS/DNB D Ortho
Ophthalmology MS/DNB DO/DOMS
Obs & Gynaecology MS/DNB DGO
Pathology MD/DNB DCP
Pharmacology MD/DNB Not applicable
Physiology MD/DNB Not applicable
Paediatrics MD/DNB DCH
Psychiatry MD/DNB DPM
Pulmonology MD/DNB DTCD
Radiodiagnosis MD/DNB DMRD
Radiotherapy MD/DNB DMRT

FMGE (Screening Test) Training institutes

There r 2 institutes, so far i know, giving training to foreign student doctors for appearing FMGE. Delhi Institute for Advanced Medical Studies (DIAMS) and AFMG

Here r the links to their sites, DIAMS- http://diamsonline.org.in/index.php
AFMG- http://www.afmg.co.in/

Advertsiement from DAMS-Another coaching centre

“MCI Screening coaching
The best academy for MCI screening and PG entrance! DAMS
Options Available
• Regular Course
• Crash Course
• Postal Course

• AC class rooms in the heart of the city on PUSA ROAD, Near Karol Bagh, Metrostation.
• Experienced Faculty for all subjects
• Best results in the business
• Help for PG entrance also
• Hostel facility available
• Fully equipped study material , no other books need to be read
Lead by Director- Dr Sumer Sethi, MD Radiology, leading teacher and motivator. Author of leading books for PG entrance and MCI screening.
www.damsdelhi.com DAMS, 4B Pusa Road Third Floor, Near Karol Bagh Metro Station, Delhi09811217431, 09873314110, 0114243305. 011-25853434 damsdelhi@gmail.com , dams_delhi1@yahoo.com

Advertisement from Apex &AFMG

Dear Students,

Great News to you. Apex Consultancy is opening a MCI Screening Test Coaching centre for the first time in Hyderabad in association with Delhi based premier institute AFMG (Academy for Foreign Medical Graduates)headed by Dr. Vikas (Gold medalist).

AFMG is established in the year 2004 and now it is the TOP MCI Screening test coaching centre in Delhi with 99% results in March’ 08 exam and 61% (despite very tough paper)in Sept’ 08 . There are two types of Batches, one is Regular course with duaration of 5 to 5.5 months with 26 -28 thousand fee and another is Semi Regular course with duration of 2.5 to 3 months with 20 thousand fee.

For more information n registration contact our head office in Hyderabad or call on 939 134 7248, 040 – 664 67 007, 666 81 888. www.apexconsultants.in


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  1. Hi Live Dr.

    I have exactly the same problem as Pooja, I am a foreign national, now settling in India with my husband, I am eligible to take FMG right? I did my MBBS from China but MS and Ph.d from Germany (with one year working experience).

    My other request: Can I have access to model question papers and syllabus for the exam. (I tried the link given above but failed to access them.) When is the last date for the exam in March?

    I will be glad to have your reply, and many thanks in advance for this very helpful forum.

    Kind Regards,


  2. JOIN GEMS (Gurukripa Education Of Medical Sciences)

    Exclusive Coaching For MCI Screening Test
    Batch Starting from 2nd week of October

    - Highly motivating and encouraging faculty helps every student to memorize the content of subject in the class itself.

    - Quality is maintained on 6-Sigma methodology, which help in achieving our Moto of 100% success.

    - Personal sessions.

    - Coaching is done on Projector.

    - Exclusive sessions of integrated teaching.

    - Notes are written by our experts, it covers complete subject and can be learned and revised in a very short time.

    - Special awards and prizes for top performers in weekly tests.

    - Spacious, lush green environment of coaching helps student to concentrate on studies.

    - Limited seats per batch and limited batches to maintain quality of teaching.

    Dr. Vivek
    (09811885327, 09716445764)
    gems4doc@gmail.com , vivi_78@yahoo.co.in , dr.vms@rediff.com
    Sector – 50 , NOIDA, NCR , DELHI

  3. Hi Sir..
    I Am Studying MBBS In China..My Question Is….After Clearing MCI..Do We Get Good Oppurtunities In India ? Or else They Neglect Thinking Its A Chinese Degree.

  4. how i pass mci please help me

  5. @ Krishna – Once you pass Mci you are equal to  an Indian Doctor.DO SOME COURSE AFTER MBBS.That will highlight you .

    @A. Siddiqui. – not a great DEAL. Join the Mci coaching center. Study what they give.:P

  6. Thank you Sir……..U Advised Me To Do Course after MBBS…so i want to know the best specialisations

  7. @Krishna
    the best specialisations
    General Medicine MD/DNB
    General Surgery MS/DNB

  8. Thank u….very much sir

  9. when the result 2010fmge come out


    New Delhi

    Dated: September 26, 2010


    The FMG Examination – Screening Test, September 2010 was conducted at various centers across New Delhi today i.e. 26th September 2010.

    Ø As informed to the candidates vide Information Bulletin the results for the above examination can be seen at website http://www.natboard.edu.in

    Ø The results are likely to be declared in a period of one week from the conduct of examination.

    Ø Candidates are advised not to approach the office of National Board of Examinations for queries related to date and venue of declaration of results.

    Ø Kindly refer to Chapter 10 of the Information Bulletin for FMG Examination – Screening Test September 2010 for details.

    Ø The facility of SMS alerts is currently suspended as per directives of Government of India and hence it is not feasible to issue SMS alerts for declaration of results.



    by the way Results are out

  11. hi sir,
           I am doing my 4th year medicine in sichuan university, China. I wish to attempt the MCI screening test after my 4th year an do my internship in India. Could you tell me what all details I should collect from my university (after my 4th year), to write the MCI exam

  12. is it necessary to have eligibility certificate for screening test as i couldnt apply?.is there any coaching centre for MCI entrance-FMGE in hyderabad.?can we practice privately in india after we just go only for written exam?how many times we can attempt.?

  13. hi sir,,m in 4th year in medicine…sir i wana join institute 4 MCI in tis vacations..but i heard alot abt AFMG and DIAMS but i wana join tis classes in BANGOLRE soo is teir any branch of tis institute teir…or do u recommend me any gud institute tat i ll join tat for 2 months…in ma holidays…plz REPLY…thankz

  14. MET centre in Bangalore is offering exclusive coaching for MCI screening test.

    Ph: 080-9448955701

    We dont know about the quality of the center ,talk to them and if you find it’s a good place then JOIN there.Since you are in your 4 th year dont enjoy your holidays it would be better when you go to Delhi for the MCI COACHING where you can understand the situation of a FMG.

  15. thankz alot sir…but i cant move 2 delhi …tatz ma prob nyways i ll try 2 knw more abt….MET centre thankz alot…

  16. sir do u plz tell me abt the address of MET centre and also abt the prices….of the 2 month courses in july n august….becoz i really wana join tem …plz reply…..


  18. Sir, I want to know about …………Result will comes how many days after Examination in FMGE?

  19. HI i m lucky to found your adr. I m md doctor from kabul afghanistan writing you.
    I would be pleased of you to send me how can i get P.R at MCI. I want to give AIMS Exam.
    Also about the rates of AIMScoaching senter.
    Good luck. livedr. hope you send me the respond in this Email.Adress( Abdul.Baseer@afghan-wireless.com

  20. hi
    sir i m 3ed year student. i want to know how to creck MCI exam so plz guid me. i alredy finished physiology by book.but now i m study by objective books like accros for preclinical sub.i m right or wrong .if yes ok otherwise gaid me ho to study.

  21. hello sir..i have heard that mci examination pattern will be changing starting april 2012. there will be a practical examination conducted after the mcqs exams..is it right??

  22. sir,i finished my u.g from russia.right now iam in my home near coimbatore.i don’t have enough financial capacity to join coaching centre.where can i get study materials,mcq banks and notes of coaching centres like DIAMS.i can afford to pay for the photocopy and shipment charges.

  23. sir , how many chance are there in mci test ?

  24. Hi sir,

    I am a 3rd year medical student in Philippines. To be exact Saint Louis University School Of Medicine, Baguio city, Philippines. Our college is included in the Directory Of Medical Schools Published by World Health Organization (WHO). The course offered here is 4 year MD program. so i am nearing my final year. I am planning to do my 1 year internship back in India ( some where in Kerala). i would like to know what are the procedures for that. i read in MCI site that if our course is lesser duration than in an indian med school. the shortage period should be added in Internship. is that true? if that so in india including intership its 5 and half year course and here it is 4 +1 so mean to i have to do my internship for 1.5 years?

    what are the options available for me to do internship in india? can i do it before MCI exam or only after? can i have some list of hospitals which will defenitly take FMG’s for training and internship in kerala? because when i referred to a list in net for Hospitals it has two coloums saying HOUSEMANSHIP and INTERNSHIP. what is the difference between both? and for most of the hospitals in kerala the internship coloums where nil or not recognized.

    Also i like to be guided about some Good  FMG Entrance coaching institutions because even though our curriculum and training is good we still lack experience about Family and Community medicine, Medical Laws and general medical conditions in INDIA… so need a good guidance for that. if i am not mistaken Family and community medicine has a good weightage  in FMGSE

    Hoping for a satisfactory reply …

    Thanking You
    Arun M Raghav 

  25. Hi
    In india it’s 4 & 1/2 years of study and one year of Intenship
    If your Study is also more than 4 & 1/2 years and if you follow internship according to Indian pattern then no need for you to do Internship after passing Mci
    To do Internship in India you have to Pass MCI SCREENING TEST :)
    If you had done internship in Philippines then after passing MCI test you will get permanent registration.
    NOTE : If your internship was according to Indian curriculum then No need for you to do it again in India.
    Russian students do Inters again in India even though they had done it before in Russia while students who went to china don’t.
    Because Russian have it M.D while Chinese med studs can add only Mbbs to their name
    I m not sure about Philippines though.There are a big list of collges where you can do interns after passing mci test.FMG’s are doing and had done Interns in Kerla
    Not all colleges have Interns options for FMG’s but most of em have
    Just join coaching centers like AFMG or DIAMS in delhi for 3 months ans study them and pass Mci
    There you will get to know the map of Indian method of teaching and your future life as Indian Doctor,Regarding Housemanship will get back to you :)

  26. Hi,
    Thanks for the information sir. Here in Philippines we have 4 year MD course. internship is offered here only after the board exam after 4 year course.  which we cannot take since we are not citizens here. so basically will get our graduation and certificates after 4 yr MD course. and we can go back to India and do Internship there. Is it allowed?

    i would defenitly join any one of these centers. Thanks for your kind effort for us.

    awaiting your reply

    1. Then apply for MCI SCREENING TEST with your certificates and After clearing MCI you can do Internship in India.
      Internship = Housemanship
      In India its Internship
      Some other countries its Housemanship
      Just like Biscuit and Cookies :) Both are same but we spell it differently in different Countries :)

  27. Thank you sir !!!

    if i want your help where can i find you?  I will also need guidance about MCI exam, entrance coaching and more. Are you available in some public sites like Orkut or Facebook. I will greatly appreciate if i can contact you through those sites if you dont mind.  If you can add me in Facebook or orkut this is my profile name Arun M Raghav, Kottayam, Kerala. expecting to meet you there.

    Thanking You once again for your kind Guidance

    1. livedr.org@gmail.com :)

  28. Hey! i would like to know if its possible to do the internship after i complete my PG from a foreign university? that is is there a chance that we can take a long gap like 2 yrs between clearing mci exam and starting of internship?

  29. If any won know the MCI Screening coaching address near to Dwarka / Janakpuri. Plz mail me in dr10atk@yahoo.com

  30. hi
    i hav done my mbbs from india and intend to do my PG in internal medicine from US
    ….. is there any exam that wud recognise PG courses from foreign countries like FMGE does it for UG courses……??
    ……… i am also aware of the union health ministers statement that Govt would be recognising PG courses from 6 english speakinng countries like US UK AUS …… but has the MCI brought it force ???

  31. sir my wife is a foreign national ,we both have done our medicine from china,our university is recognised by both who and mci,is she eligible to sit for fmge exam..kindly reply thank you…

  32. Is there any MCI coaching centers in Bangalore? Please send me the correct details to contact. Also tell me where exactly it is located.

  33. Hi,Apollo Hospitals Educational & Research Foundation has launched FAMILY MEDICINE & EMERGENCY MEDICINE Diploma course in partnership with Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP), United Kingdom for MBBS Doctors. Two courses are currently on offer, each carefully tailored to the needs of family doctors in India. The first – the Diploma in Family Medicine – gives family doctors in India a chance to upgrade their knowledge and skills and attitudes through on line study followed by full time clinical attachments. Taught by Apollo staff, the course is quality assured by advisors from RCGP, who also act as external examiners during the final assessments. Successful candidates are then encouraged to study for the international exam for Membership of the Royal College of General Practitioners (MRCGP[INT]).
    The Diploma in Emergency Medicine is aimed particularly at doctors based in the community but who have a special interest, or extended role, in the provision of emergency medicine services. This course is also taught by Apollo staff but quality assured by RCGP.
    Both courses offer GPs an opportunity to gain useful theoretical and practical experience and we look forward to ongoing collaboration with Apollo on these excellent programs.
    For further details, please contact:Mr. Pankaj Bhargava Email ID: Pankaj_b@medvarsity.comContact No.: +91 8233 003007

  34. hi sir,
    im a srilankan citizen,who is holding oci visa.i finished my md degree from russia.i wants to know will indian medical council will alow me to write mci exam in delhi.please write reply.thank you.

  35. Respected sir,

    I have already posted some of my doubts here in this forum before and i am glad that you were able to help me out. Hence I am asking some other problem related to MCI provisional registration online.

    As i have told you before we are from Saint Louis University school of medicine, Baguio city, Philippines. As per MCI regulation we are also listed by WHO world directory for medical schools.

    But when we checked MCI website Online application for provisional registration for foreign medical graduates we found that there is an column for filling the university and college name which should be selected from a given list of colleges were we couldnt find the name of our university and college, which really makes us tensed.

    i am attaching the link for the online application page…

    is it a serious issue to be worried about. do we have to take any effort from our side for MCI to list our university and college also in that list.

    Please help us..

    Awaiting Your Reply 

    1. It’s not a serious issue to be worried about.As your university is recognized by the MCI they can fix the bug and add your college in their Option :) Just E-mail then if not Call them and let em know.

  36. sorry the link was mistaken

    this is the link


  37. sir,

    is this blog still active?

    1. Yes :)

  38. Sir, after passing FMGE who have  completed  MBBS (including Internship) in China, let me know the process/procedure of  Permanent Registration in  India as well as in state.  

  39. I am from Bangladesh and doing MBBS in China. We have to complete our internship before final graduation exam. Can I do internship in India? Is there any MCI coaching in Kolkata?

  40. Hello Pravin kumar singh

    Nice to know you are making a move to Russia,Welcome to the club of FMG(Foreign Medical Graduates)
    But in my opinion Russia is not the trend now icon smile Where to do MBBS in China or in Russia ?
    Students move to china in huge numbers and I just came back to Tamilnadu from China after my course.
    we also guide students to do MBBS in Russia but now china is the trend and we send students to China each year:)

    mbbs in china banner 1024×200 Where to do MBBS in China or in Russia ?

    Advantages of doing MBBS in China
    Total course duration is shorter in China than in Russia
    China has got world class Expo,Trade shows workshops and Home of Medical Technologies
    The Internship has to be done in Russia and again in India if you are a Russian Medical student
    but for the Chinese Medical Graduates Internship can be done either in India or in China
    so the Chinese medical students save 1 year in their life and expenditure for a year.

    To get the M.D degree in Russia it takes minimum 6 and a half years if done in the English Medium
    if Medicine is done in Russian medium then it take 7 and a half years in Russia only.
    After passing the MCI exam the students have to repeat 1 year Internship again in India

    In the other hand the total study duration in China is 5 years , 6 years Including Internship.
    If the student had done Internship in China after passing the MCI exam students can start working right away !
    But the degree provided by the medical universities form China is MBBS

    Mostly students are guided towards fake universities which are not recognized by MCI and WHO.
    Do check that !

    It’s always wise to consult with students studying abroad

    Feel free to contact me if you got more questions icon smile Where to do MBBS in China or in Russia ?


    Admin of LiveDr.org

  41. Hello Sir,

    I would like to know the difference in the Mumbai and Delhi branch of AFMG. Does the quality of teaching differ a lot or not? 

    Hoping you could help me out.

    Thank you. 

  42. how many times a medical graduate give fmge exam

    1. Until you pass
      No limits

  43. hello sir i require to know the best coaching centre for mci sceening test in india except new delhi and i need to the syllabus for the mci but i need best coaching guidance so that i score very well in the exams

  44. Hello sir…I graduated in china and iam searching for MCI training centre in Bangalore. ..can u please tell me the training centres with address n contactnumber…waiting for ur reply…

  45. My daughter has done her 6 year MBBS course from South East University. I like to know whether she can persue her Post Graduate course in Medicine from China. Is this PG degree is recognised by MCI . Can you suggest a medical university in china recognised by MCI to do PG. Thanks

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