Gametogenesis & Ovulation

By Live Dr - Sat Oct 25, 10:12 am

1) Proliferation of germ cells by mitosis

in wall of yolk sac in the gonads (fetal)

(primodial germ cells)

male(testis): spermatogonia 2n,4c (life long)

female(ovarie): primary oocyte 2n,4c (at birth)

(2) Meiosis (maturation division)

vNormal number of chromosomes must be maintained from one generation to another, by means of reduction of the chromosomal complement of the gametes from diploid (2n) to haploid (1n).


vMaturation process of the germ cells( spermtozoon and ovum) by means of two times of meiosis .

(3) Spermatogenesi & oogenesis compared

vSpermatogenesis stars at puberty , lasting life-longh

1 spermatogonium 4 functional spermatozoa

in about 2 monthes

vOogenesis stars at puberty, until menopause

1 primary oocyte 1 viable ovum with numerous oocytes arrested

in about 1 month

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