Health medical PG degrees from Japan, France, Germany,Russia and other European nations.

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urgnt pls

anyone have any idea about recognition of foreign medical post-graduate degrees.i have done my mbbs from govt college in india itself.now iam doing my ms(ortho) from katmandu university nepal.can anyone provide any informatoin about recognition issues.bcoz iam about to complete my ms this year n iwanna join teaching institute for which mci recognition is a must.pls reaply if u have some information about this issue

Aug 20 (7 days ago)


recognization of pg dergree

Due to Health Minister’s request MCI announced that
“Indian doctors with post-graduate (PG) medical degrees from UK, US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand can now practise in India in any
public or private hospital. They can also be a faculty member in any medical college and teach under-graduate students”

Health secretary Naresh Dayal said a similar move would soon be announced for PG degrees from Japan, France, Germany,Russia and other European nations.

An MCI committee under Ved Prakash Mishra, head of its post-graduate education committee, in its report, listed some serious objections.

Both the councils were not satisfied with the move saying that these countries also had their share of institutions that were not up to the mark.

Aug 20 (7 days ago)



thanks dude,but when we joined there was move towards bilateral recognition of degrees between india,nepal,bangladesh&ireland.if mci is ready to recognise english speaking countries degrees.they should recognise these degrees also.recently mci has recognised some degrees in koirala institute of medical sciences nepal.is there any chance to appear for secondary dnb directely as we have 3yrs experiance in this field


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  1. All the postgraduates from India are upto the mark ? Is all medical institutions in India are better than Japan.Germany, France, Russia etc ? In most of the medical colleges there are not even enough faculty to teach students not mentioning the infrastructure and equipment’s. All this decisions are political and part of corruption and plays of private medical colleges who takes lakhs for a PG seat.

  2. what a bull shit this mci fellow must have had a bribe whaat are you talking man this institutes are from 4 decades not like in india has any body gone and inspected it in india ther are fake faculties ther are no infrastructure most of them belong to politician so many false teacher are being caught some of this doctors are working in 4-5 medical collegesthere are no teacher , ther is no reasearch no patients , people are brought from roads to lie in beds before the inspection. no wher is this thing possible in the world expect in india medical seats are sold if you bhave money you are most welcome any how they get recognisation by bribing the corrupt medical council officers

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