high yield areas from where most of the Questions usually come for MCI Screening test in Biochemistry book preferred satyanarayana Harper’s

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The following seems to be the high yield areas from where most of the Qns usually come for MCI Screening test in Biochemistry. It may be useful for the final preparation. Also when u study the subject, u may give more importance to these areas. 

1) Rate limiting steps & Enzymes

2) DNA, RNA & protein- synthesis

3) No of ATP released at each step

4) Cofactors; aminoacid malabsorbtion syndromes

5) Primary, secondary & tertiary structures of proteins

6) Clinical applications

7) Gene therapy & human genome project

8) Malate shunt

9) Metabolic disorders

10) Acid-base balance/imbalance

11) Vitamin & mineral deficiencies

12) Glycogen & fat storage disorders
13) Chaperons

14) genetic transmission of diseases

15) metab of xenobiotics

16) molec basis of carcinomas

17) applications of biochem in clinical

18) recent advances esp in gene therapy and human genome project

This may or not be right. Any correction or other high yeild topics that u find are, most welcome

Taken from carckmciscreening blogspot

Recommonded books: Harper, Tehalaka, lippincott (as an alternative) 

lot of people will say that lippincott is very good, but i never found it that good. I would recommend reading Harper. The newer editions of Harper have been progressively trimmed, so it should not take more that 10 days to read on the first go. Topics that should be stressed are
chapters at the beginning(like enzymes, amino acids and some general chapters), regarding metabolism,

it would certainly help, if you take notes of some important points on a note book for quick revision before exam. It will certainly help.. Tehalaka is nice for revising the facts quickly

The number of Qns usually being asked from Biochem- 12-17 

The book preferred for MCI is Harper’s mainly. Many students use Satyanarayana too

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