High Yield Points for MCI Screening Test (FMGE)- Pathology Robbins

By Live Dr - Wed Feb 18, 7:05 am

High Yield Points for MCI Screening Test (FMGE)- Pathology

1) Apoptosis & necrosis

2) Amyloidosis

3) Cell injury

4) Cell cycle

5) Hyperplasia, dysplasia & metaplasia

6) Coagulation cascade

7) Complement, CD markers

8) Molecular basis of cancer

9) Changes of MI

10) Glomerulonephritis

11) Hepatitis b marker*

12) MEN syndromes

13) autosomal dominant and recessive(complete list)

14) various modes of transfusion BT , PLASMA , PACKED CELLetc

15) imp lab investion with for whom you are doing that

16) malabsorbtion syndromes

17) permanent cell lysis changes

18) malate shunt

19)thyroid cancer

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Taken from crackthe mciscreening blogspot

Recommended books: Robbins(big)

This is the only book thats needed…and of course, i am not including harrison, because i persume that you keep it alongside for referance while doning any subject. This in my opinion is the most important subject(even more than medicine, surgery). If u have good grasp of pathology, it would certainly go a long way to improve your chances in PG exams. I recommend you to read this book thoroughly with more emphasis on
kidney and
general pathology…

things that you can probably skip or do selectively are: CNS, Musculoskeletal system and other chapters towards the end of the book. I you have read this book during your prof, it would certainly help.

Number of Qns being asked from Pathology is usually 12-25
The preferred book is obviously Robbins

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