High Yield Points for MCI Screening Test (FMGE)- Pharmacology The book preferred is Essentials of Medical Pharmacology- K.D. tripathi K.D. tripathi

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High Yield Points for MCI Screening Test (FMGE)- Pharmacology

Why can’t we start a thread where we can discuss the high yeild topics to which MCI usually gives much importance? When u go through the MCI Qn papers, u will notice some Qns that r repeated , atleast from the same area or about a particular thing. Plz note them down and post it over here so that we won’t miss any.

Everybody is welcomed to share their knowledge regarding this. Help others & Get helped!


General pharmacology

-needed to be read as a whole, if possible 

Factors affecting drug distribution & dosage


General Inducers & Inhibitors

Zero order drugs

Prodrugs like enalapril

needed to be read as a whole, if possible

Muscarinic receptor sites & functions


Organophosphate poisoning & drugs like 2-PAM

Water & Lipid soluble anticholinesterases

Anticholinergics- Actions

Contraindications of Cholinergics & Anticholinergics

Adrenergic drugs, their receptor location and functions


Dopamine action on renal vessels

Vasomotor reversal of Dale

Indirect adrenergic drugs

cardioselective & non-selective beta blockers

beta blockers with additional alpha blocking activity


Phenylephrine is a nasal decongestant

Postural hypotension and alpha-1 blockade


Intrinsic sympathomimetic drugs

Beta blockers with membrane stabilizing activity



Aspirin & Salicylate poisoning, mainly


selective COX-II inhibitors

drugs for gout

-needed to be read as a whole, if possible

Ca channel blockers

Angiotensin II- most potent vasoconstrictor (Though its a question from endocrine physiology, needed to be given attention here too)

main ACE Inhibitors, their uses (Like HTN in diabetes mellitus) and contraindication (Like bilateral renal stenosis) . Also see interactions with other drugs

Enalapril- prodrug

AT1 receptor antagonists uses

Plasmakinins (bradykinin) as pain mediators and vasodilators

Digitalis- mechanism of action, uses, therapeutic concentraion (since it has narrow Therapeutic index), Contraindication, Interactions especially with quinidine, precautions, Treatement of its toxicity especially with propranolol

Arteriolar dilators (Ex: Hydralazine) venodilators and mixed dilators

Quinidine-interaction with digitalis

Amiodarone- Side effects

Adenosisne- use as DOC for PSVT

Drugs for Angina pectoris- nitrates 9their actions mainly)

na nitroprusside- DOC for HTN emergencies

Drug combination for HTN (Ex: CCBs + beta-blockers)

Anti-hypertensives to be avoided/used in pregnancy

Asthma drugs

Drug classification

Salbutamol- mechanism of action

Theophyllines- drug interactions, Actions

DOC for acute asthma episodes- beta-2 agonists like salbutamol


Pottassium sparing diuretics (Spironolactone) & its interaction with ACEI

Furosemide- especially side efects like hypocalcemia

Thiazides- Actions & Side effects


heparin & warfarin- mechanism of action, anti-dots & teratogenicity


Anti-platelet drugs


Classification of drugs based on mechanism of action

Ulcer drugs

Classification of drugs based on mechanism of action

drugs elevating ulcer complications

Other high yield topics

skeletal muscle relaxents- Depolarising & Non-depolarising

Lidocaine, Cocaine (note vasoconstriction it causes) & Bupivacaine as local anesthetics

Ketamine- Dissociative anesthesia & HTN association

Halothane & metabolism in liver

Clozapine features like least extrapyramidal side effects & Side effects like Agranulocytosis

Akasthesia treated with?

Lithium- narrow TI & Side effects

Fluoxetin- mechanism of action




Anti-epilepics, with their uses and side effects

Phenytoin- Adverse effects and uses

valproic acid & Ethosuximide


Vincristine, Cyclophosphamide, Actinomycin D

50FU, Busulfan & Chlorambucil are also to be noted

Anti-TB first line drugs & bacteriocidal/bacteriostatic?

Streptomycin- Contraindicated in pregnancy

AIDS drugs- Classification based on mechanism of action

Immunosuppressants- Classification based on mechanism of action (cyclosporin, Tacrocycline)

Antimalarial drugs

Chloroquine- side effects & pregnancy

primaquine & pregnancy

methicillin resistant/ non-resistant drugs

Carbinicillin (against peseudomonal infections)

4th generation cephalosporinsAminoglycosides- Action, classification & Side effects

Corticosteroids- Side effects, and a classification based on gluco/mineralo cortico activity(A table given in tripathy, 6th ed.)

oral hypoglysemics

-Needed to be read as a whole

Thats all for the time being..

Remember, these are the important stuffs that I noted. It may not be very high yield. But I’m sure, it worth giving a little more importance when you study the subject 


Hope others also come up. Do let me know you guys’ view? Any other important topics in those that are noted above? I will update the rest few chapters later..
The number of Qns being asked in FMGE usually from pharmacology is 15-22 
The book preferred is Essentials of Medical Pharmacology- K.D. tripathi.. 
article from orkut ,rajneesh


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