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The Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi, also known as HSK, or the Chinese Proficiency Test, is the national standardized test of Chinese as a foreign language, as recognized by the People’s Republic of China and numerous countries worldwide. Established in Beijing in 1988, the HSK is widely recognized as the most comprehensive of Chinese language proficiency tests.

The HSK measures the proficiency level of non-native speakers of standard Chinese, which may include foreigners, overseas Chinese, and students from Chinese national minorities. It is used as a guideline for admission to colleges and universities in China and Southeast Asia, as well as a reference standard in job recruiting, both within China and in countries around the world where Chinese language skills are necessary.

All HSK tests are designed by experts at HSK headquarters located in Beijing, China. As an official testing site, Pasadena City College is authorized to administer the test, as well as handle matters of registration, payment, and inquiry, under the supervision of the National Committee for the Chinese Proficiency Test in Beijing.

All tests are scored at the HSK office in Beijing itself. Then, the results are sent back to the PCC/HSK site, where they will be distributed to examinees within 90 days of the test date. After this period, score reports and certificates will be available for pick-up or mailed directly to examinees. HSK proficiency certificates are issued to those who have successfully demonstrated mastery of HSK standards of Chinese proficiency. Those who perform well on the test may also be qualified for scholarships offered by the National Office for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language.

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