If you pass all these steps of USMLE

By Live Dr - Sat Oct 11, 2:25 pm

If you pass all these steps of USMLE you would be able to apply for a residency programme in USA. If you get into one you will get a J1 visa, which means you have to go back to your country once your residency is finished.
Also- You can write Step1, step2 CK in India. But for step2 CS you have to go to US essentially. You can apply for the visa on the basis of that. Moost likely you will get a B1/B2 visa.

Elligibility for CS- Degree and you must have passed step1.
Books for CS- First Aid for CS and USMLE world CS cases.

Fees: Spet 1: If you take exam in India it will be around 800 US dollars. If you take it in U.S. it will be around 685 US$.
Step2 CK: Same as step1.
Step 2 CS: 1200 US$.

Now the 4th step of USMLE i.e. UMLE step3.
2 day exam. Consists of 350 questions and 8-10 CCS cases.
Read first aid and CCS cases from USMLE world.
Elligibilty criteria: You must have degree and ECFMG certificate ( Which you can get if you have degree and you have passed first 3 steps of USMLE)
If you pass this step and get into a residency program you will get a H1B visa and you can apply for green card on that visa.
Fees: 600-700 dollars.

For information check www.ecfmg.org www.nbme.org
These elligibility criteria and fees was when i did these steps. I told you the books which I chose and had success.
Things may be changing now.

Also forgot to tell you. Step 1 is 8 hour exam with 350 questions and step 2 CK is 9 hour exam with similar amount of questions.



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