important and High Yield Points for MCI Screening Test (FMGE)- ANATOMY

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High Yield Points for MCI Screening Test (FMGE)- ANATOMY

The following seems to be the high yield areas from where most of the Qns usually come for MCI Screening test in Anatomy (FMGE). It may be useful for the final preparation. Also when u study the subject, u may give more importance to these areas.

This may or not be right. Any correction or other high yeild topics that u find are, most welcome

In questions, usually anatomy merges with surgery.

1) Blood supply of stomach, thyroid, adrenal, rectum, coronary circulation

2) Veins draining into IVC & portal vein

3) Branches of celiac trunk & mesenteric arteries

4) Innerventions & nerve palsies

5) Retinacula & structures passing through them

6) Foramens & structures passing through them

7) Triangles, their boundaries & structures passing through them

8) Layers of sole & its muscles

9) Embryology- structures derived from fore, mid & hind gut, rotation of gut, mullerian & wolffian ducts & their derivations & their remnants in opposite sex

10) The dimensionss of some structures (like oesophagus) and their Anatomical locations

11)blood supply of foregut midgut hindgut development and structure derived from it

12) Innervation, nerve palsy & nerve injury

13) Blood supply of heart and Anatomy with tributary of coronary sinus

14) Pure motor and sensory nerves and its characteristics, Cranial Nerves

15) Rotation of gut total 270 anticlockwise and how?

16) Superior orbital fissure and structure passing through it

17) Embryology of kidney and genitourinary system

If wrong somewhere, plz do correct them. Also, don’t forget to contribute

B.D. Chaurasia is the preferred book to be followed for Anatomy in MCI. If u r sick of reading that book, u may switch to Grays anatomy for Students which is arranged in a well concise manner with attractive 3-D pictures (I followed this one)

Number of Qns being asked from Anatomy usually- 7-15

Taken from crackthemciscreening blogspot

This is the subject i never did all through my preparation! Indeed it seems too much for an effort to read through all volumes of chaurasiya and still not able to solve the mcqs.

Recommended Books: Chaurasiya (all 3 volumes), Sure success by Ramgopal(big book), Tehalaka by Dr. Rajesh Prasad(for mcqs)

if u ae short on time, i would suggest to read the anatomy pages from ramgopal’s book and do mcqs from tehalaka…this way you should be able to answer more than half the questions from anatomy, which according to my opinion is quite good.
You should concentrate on
nerve injuries,
nerve entrapment syndromes,
muscles nerve supply and actions(especially upper limb),
various type of joints(asked many times!),
various fossa and there contents and
cranial nerves.

Anyway one should not be spending too much of time on anatomy as itsa low yielding subject.

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  1. Your suggetion is improving our students confidence level, keeping giving us ur guidence, we all nid it badly.

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