INDIAN doctor who want to come to practice medicine in south Africa after MBBS in china,IF YOU dont want to write mci screening test

By Live Dr - Thu Oct 30, 1:28 am

I hope, u will get every information needed about PG and licensing exam of South Africa from their official site- Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) ( http://www.hpcsa.co.za/hpcsa/default.aspx )

For overseas doctor who want to come to practice medicine in south Africa it is important to pass IELTS and pass license exam held biannually in South Africa. Licensing Exams are like any other country. Part 1 is theory and if you pass that you will be invited for Part 2 which is clinical. It is held twice a year.

Also it counts whether you have completed your internship, from which country and whether your internship is good enough or not for them etc.

Also if you have done a post graduation, you will have to give them details for all that. A certificate of goodstanding is a must from the Medical council of your respective country.

But the salary there seems to be not on the high side (and high risk of HIV infection too!!! ; high crime rate in most of the big cities and u r a lot more vulnerable if u r a foreigner )

If you have UK/USA/European registration you should be exempt from basic exams, I heard. I don’t know from what all exams u will b exempted… Registration with GMC equivalent (HPCSA) requires approval of your undergrad degree by the authorities in SA. They have a list of universities that are approved but it is confidential!!! Once registered you apply for a job by sending CV. There are so many vacancies outside the big cities, chances are good.Then you apply for a visa similar to Highly Skilled Migrant program in UK.

I recommend u to contact the South African Embassy in India for correct details.
South African Embassy in New Delhi, India
High Commission of South Africa in New Delhi, India
B-18, Vasant Marg
Vasant Vihar New Delhi – 110057 India
Phone: 91-11-2614 9411 – 20
Fax: +91-11-2614 3605

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  1. hi moderators, just wanna know what is the salary like for a fresh post grad in general surgery from india in south africa????

  2. may be starting from 40 thousand Indian RUPEES

  3. Tell me in details and ur contact number

  4. Livedr4u@gmail.com

  5. What is the procedure for getting admission in pg in south africa?

  6. i am a medico from india.. id like to settle in south aftica aftr my mbbs i want to do my pg from south africa ..cam sumone tel me hw reliable it is n da procedure fr it.wat buks to follow n wer ro apply?

  7. u want any information for mbbs can contect on rv.gaur@gmail.com

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