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peoples comments about hsk in INTERNET

Information Regarding HSK
Has anyone of you appeared in an HSK examination. I need to do HSK 3 examination. Need information like :

How much time it would take to prepare for that ? 6 months / 1 years
What books/ notes you usually use? 

wel i think it depends on student and his interest in chinese i think about 1 year is required to pass hsk and books are provided by college

i appeared for hsk last time and i think if u really study hard and with full devotion then u need just 3 months to clear HSK considering that you are very regular in classes, the usual classes.
i studied just for a month, started just after filling out the form and i was just 12 marks behind…
for books…
there are many books…
1. Practical chinese ooks , which we get by university to study in the class…all editions…1,2,3,4(dark red )
2. Interactive course of HSK…elementary and intermediate (blue and grey colored)
3. u get a set of four books (reading, grammer, listening, writing for HSK ) essentials of HSK…
and dont forget to buy the CDs along with that, else u xannot improve your listening…
there are a set of exam papers in all these books and all the necassary grammer upto level 8th. so if u really work hard on these, may be you can get level 6th.
all the best
加油 祝贺你!!!

if HSk is not neccory 4 foriegners then……???
if there will b no HSK then how will b the life n study in china…..plz give ur comments on this issue

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