Indian medical doctors made in russia china ukraine,confusion prevails with internship provisional certificate and mci screening test clearance

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1) Dr. D.J. Borah, (2) Dr. Indrajit Ray, (3) Dr. B.P. Dubey, (4) Dr. Bakul Levua.

The following Observations after visit to China to – “Assess the standards of Medical Education for Indian Students in China” as part of the Indian delegation as nominee of medical Council of India was sent to the Central Govt. for necessary action:- Observation :

After visit of Suzhou University, Jiamusi University, Zhangzhou University Dalian Medical University, Tianjin Medical University and interaction with the students, staff and the administration of the universities, the following observations can be placed as following –
A) Course content, duration & curriculum:

– The duration of is only 4 years plus 1 year internship – a total of five years which is 6 months less then Indian course. Some universities have said the course is 4½ years plus 1 year internship but no proof of the latter was obtained.

– Some subjects like Forensic Medicine, Pharmacology Social preventive medicine (called public health & hygine etc in China) are either not taught or are very short consisting of 1 semester only (India – 3 semester). Forensic medicine is altogether abscent in some universities. – Clinical Psychiatry, Dermatology, ENT as subjects were abscent in some universities. In some Orthopedics is part of General surgery; Paediatrics is par tof medicine. Pathology course is very inadequate.

– The department of General Medicine appears to be abscent as a department in most of the university colleges and hospital. Instead the component superspecialites like Cardiology Neurology, Gastroenterology, Endocrinology are separately present.

– They have some additional subjects as cell / Molecular biology, Nuclear medicine
Internship :

There appears to be no clearcut policy regarding internship. Though the students were told that the course is 4 years with one year of internship. The students are under the impression that they would be able to do this internship in India in Indian hospitals after they return from China after 4 years. The agents who have recruited them have also given the same impression. The students said that they have been given to understand by agents as well as by Chinese authorities that they are to return with internship completion certificate from India and on production of that they would be given their degree certificate after which they would appear in the screening test for registration in India. The Chinese authorities in the universities which we visited and also the Chinese Education and Health department officials could not give us a clear answer to the question of doing internship in China. Nor would they spell out whether the degree awarded is with or without internship. It appears that no clearcut policy or structured course curriculum for internship have yet been evolved by them.

in the National interest this coming of students to China should be discouraged and stopped forthwith.

– Continuation of such practice of allowing Indian students to come to China would produce a large number of misfits who are academically not sound to start with in 10+2 level, whose training is more theoretical and totally inadequate and who would burden our country with half baked doctors once they go from here. Hence it has to be stopped. –

Regarding eligibility to appear for screening test in India – no relaxation should be given to these students as this would help in continuation of the problem. – Continuation of the practice of allowing Indian students to come to China would adversely affect the healthy growth of Indian Medical teaching institution in private sector and also possibly in Govt. sector as well.

– Since there are no approved and universally accepted International standard or curriculum or methodology of training in undergraduate medical education, we have to accept Medical Council of India’s guidelines & curriculum for undergraduate medical education which are similar to what is being followed in U.K, as the benchmark. Compared to these standards, standards of U.G. Medical Education imparted to Indian students in China is grossly inadequate from all aspects. It is more like a foundation course for medicine – Notes on the future of the students who have already come. (This is purely a personal suggestion)


Presuming that the continuation of the current practice of allowing medical students from India to come to China shall be put to an end by the Government of India, the question of the future students admitted upto 2007 will remain. This may be dealt in the following way to provide them Natural justice.

They shall attend special classes in regular Indian medical colleges for 1 year or for such period of time as is required and appear and pass in the clinical subjects in Medicine, Surgery, O&G, Paediatrics, Eye & ENT by payment of fees.

3 Then they shall appear and clear the screening that by National Board.

4 After that they shall complete the internship programme of India for 1 year. They shall have provisional registration during this period.

5 Then they would have full registration by MCI becoming thus eligible either to persue higher studies (P.G.) in India or go for practice.

6 This provision shall also cease from batch to be admitted from 2008.”

Rejaneesh[CMU] replied

Nothing to get worried about..
Hey, this is a pretty old report which was submitted to MCI by the nominees of MCI who visited a few colleges in China 2 years back. At that time, every university including those which didn’t have enough facilities, English faculties, etc. were taking admissions from India without any control.
But please take a note on this- Later Chinese Govt. put regulations in admission of foreign students to Chinese universities. They limited the college number to just 25 that are allowed to take admission any further and only in limited number of around 100 for each college. They also framed well-planned syllabus and even about internship for foreign students( I had put its link here in this community itself at that time) .Probably, you guys know about the new course duration for all Chinese colleges, ie., of 6 year.

So, without knowing the actual case, please don’t create confusion among students. It has nothing to do with the present conditions. Even, the above mentioned 4+1 year course duration is also not an issue (And now, according to the court order and as interpreted by Advocates, a 4 year provisional certificate is enough to write MCI).
They included this in their annual report and put it in the website just a few months back, but doesn’t have any current significance other than appearing that in the website now. Todays situation is entirely different from the one that was existing at the time of making this report. That’s why MCI didn’t take any further measures following this report. The only action MCI took was accepting the list of 25 colleges (Which was made by Chinese Govt.) and made a notice saying eligibility certificate will be issued to only those colleges that are in the list thereby solving the fears pointed out by the nominees.

This is not a rule. It has nothing to do with the current situation. You can appear for FMGE with the provisional pass certificate according to the present rule

This same MCI has given the statement to the court regarding the provisional certificate. In their meeting held very recently,ie., exactly on the 2nd month of 2009, MCI made the decision to allow provisional certificate. But, it was NBE who opposed this. Go thorugh this part of the court order carefully-
“Learned counsel for the MCI has produced the copy of the Minuted of the meeting held between MCI and the officials of NBE duly signed by all the participants in the meeting including the representatives of NBE. They reocrd that:
after due consideration, it was agreed upon the students of such institutes as are covered u/s 12 and who have gone abroad prior to the date of order of the Hon’ble High Court dated 26.09.2009 may also be allowed to appear in the screening test provided they fulfill the minimum eligibility norms as prescribed by the council and the results may be declared thereof without insistence of eligibility certificate”.

6. It was also noted earlier:

“After due discussion, it was also agreed upon that it is desirable those students who are in possession of provisional pass certificate from abroad should also be allowed to appear in the screening test and the result declared thereof.

7.Learned council for the NBE contented that on the said date, i.e.,2.2009, a ltter was written to the MCI suggesting corrections in the above two decisions and making it subject to the prior approval and consent of the Government of India.
This court has considered the matter. The inaction of the NBE, in the circumstances of this case, is not only strange but to a large extent inexplicable. The NBE has nowhere, till date urged as to whether references has been made to the central Government for clarifications in terms of the notice put on website on 10.10.2008.

“Learned counsel for the MCI pointed out that the requirements of the Regulations would be satisfied if the candidate produces a provisional certificate to enable him to complete his internship provided he qualifies the screening test. The position of the NBE which merely conducts the examination is to neither take a formal decision or making a positive recommendation nor state those who appeared in the examination like the petitioners are ineligible.
Here goes the interpretation of this rule from an advocate- This court order clearly states that MCI had taken a decision upon the provisional certificate issue and it was in favor of students. But NBE was the one who opposed it and withheld the result. Later, in the order, court made it clear that MCI is the body that takes the decision; not NBE. It’s also well clear from this order that students who are applying with the provisional certificate should be allowed to write the exam, publish their results and successful students should be allowed to do internship in India

I’m not the one who made this conclusion of the court order. If we can trust the ability of an advocate to interpret a court order, then, for 100% sure, we can apply for FMGE with the provisional certificate. That’s why now CTGU & other students who got advised by experts are going back.
I hope the advocate didn’t go wrong on this

it is m.c.i which is going to put all these restriction in effect very soon………….”Even in they want to put this rule in effect (But, I have never heard about that; and very less chance because of the above said reasons in the last 3 posts by me), they can’t do it right now, especialy since the elections are coming in India.

Actually MCI had already considered this report (a long time before itself) and then decided to give eligibility certificates only to those students taking admission to the colleges that are in the list. So, it’s over.

Actually, I really had a very detailed conversation with 2 advocates and other persons who are related to this. Whatever I said here is actually told by them. I too got panic on seeing this report a month ago, but then came to know about the real facts.
In the bottom line, those who have a provisional certificate can appear for FMGE,. May be, when I go for the Screening test, ie., after 1.5 years, the rule can change. But, according to the present condition, it’s really in favor of FMGs


H.M. Prasad
Whatever Mr. Rajneesh has said is true. This report is published in the MCI website around June 2007 after the visit of MCI, NBE & Ministry of Health, Govt. Of India officials to China.

Those observations/recommondations are made by MCI officials and these recommondations are not approved by the Ministry of Health, Govt of India.

If the Indian govt has approved these recommondations, then there would have been no 2008 intake and MCI would not have issued the Eligilibility certificates to 2008 students. But that has not happend and lot of students have joined the approved Chinese universities in 2008. It means that these recommondations by MCI has not been approved by Govt. Of India.

Even the CTGU students wouldnt have appeard for FMGE test and their results wouldnt have declared if the Govt of India has followed the recommondations of MCI.

One thing let me make every one very clear. No force on this earth will stop you as long as you clear the screening test successfully.

So my dear student not to worry about these old reports.

Gud luck to you all.

coutrsey,orkut members

The confusion which still prevails is  with internship provisional certificate and mci screening test clearance as for mci by this march 2009, 4 years or 4.5 years certificate can fetch them the chance to attempt screening test entrance exam,will MCI change it’s rule in near future  ?


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