INFECTIOUS DISEASES & IMMUNOLOGY important medical terms to read for the medical exams

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1. Fever most common cause immed post op = atelectasis; 3-5 days postop = infection; > 2 wks post op = PE or thrombophlebitis

2. Fever of Unknown Origin > 100F for > 3 weeks despite active search for cause for > 1 week; need to get CBC w/diff, blood cultures; kids = usually infection; adults = infectious, neoplasm, autoimmune

3. Inflamation Rubor, Tumor, Calor, Dolor

4. Types of Immunity Active Acquired= direct exposure – infection or vaccination; Passive Acquired = temporary, serum Ab given (IG, breast milk)

5. Bacteremia bacteria in blood but asymptomatic

6. Septicemia bacteria in blood with symptoms

7. Immunizations in Kids HEP B = mom + HbsAG = HBIG & 1st Hep B vaccine at birth

8. DTP = contraindications => progressive neuro disorder, Hx encephalopathy w/ in 7 days of previous dose; Pertussis not given if > 7 y/o or if currently have pertussis

9. H FLU = not in kids > 5

10. POLIO = IPV if immunocompromised

11. MMR = not effective before age 1; don’t give if less than 3 months since transfussion or IG use; ok for HIV +; suppresses TB – give Tine(PPD) & MMR at same time or 4-6 weeks apart.

12. Adult Immunizations TETANUS = booster q10y, No Hx immunization 2 td 1-2 mos apart then booster at 6-12 mos then on normal 10 y cycle

13. FLU = chronic resp problems, metabolic diseases, adults > 65; can cause false positive HIV test

14. HIV/AIDS RNA retro, CD4 cells, Dx based on concurrent related diseases &/or CD4 , 200 cells/mm3; Flu-like illness, antibodies 1 – 6 months after infection

15. AIDS related infections CMV, HSV, VZV, EBV, TB, mycoplasma avium-intracellular, candida coccidioides, histoplasmosis, cryptococcus, Pneumocystic carnii (protozoa) Toxoplasmosis, cryptosporidiosis, Giardiasis

16. DeGeorge’s Syndrome Thymic aplasia, Absent T cells, congenital heart disease, craniofacial abnormalities

17. Wiskcott- Aldrich Syndrome X linked, no antibodies against encapsulated bacteria, eczema, decr. platelets,

18. Chronic Granulamatous Disease Autosomal recessive, defect in phagocytic enzymes, recurrent bacterial & fungal infections

19. Chediak-Higashi Syndrome Autosomal recessive, recurrent strep & staph infections

20. Bruton’s Disease x-liked, agammaglobulinemia, N B cells or antibodies

21. Ataxia Telangectasia Auto recessive, lymphopenia & IgA deficiency; gait abnormal, telangiectasia

22. Severe Combined Immunodeficiency Deficits of B & T cells, IgA deficiency, recurrent infections esp resp & GI, IG administration contraindicated


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