Internship Study method for indian medical MBBS students in china MCI SCREENING TEST

By Live Dr - Thu Oct 30, 1:24 am

Internship Study method

1.My question is that after i had read the mcq n explanations of 1 year of a particular subject do i need to go to the main texbook or reference books to read bout the concerned topics in detail?……… could u please enlighten me on this topic………

As far as the first reading goes when you are gng through the MCQs for the first time and you have any doubt, you should check them with the standard books or faculty at DAMS or ur own teachers so that you can be sure of the doubts, in the next reading you dont need to do the same exercise and reread the questions , answers and points that u ve marked so that u can revise again and agian.

2.Are postal coaching courses of ne use….. if yes how shud i go bout it?

Best option is the class room course if that is not possible postal helps provided u study them hard and give all tests as sincerely as if ur sitting in the centre

3.Wat are the topics that shud be read from harrison in detail?

We at our isnitiute go system wise cover the systems from harrisons. if reading at home it is a good idea to cover Amit Ashish medicine mcq book retrogradely from harrison that ll help for PG surely.

4.Shud i prepare notes for quick revision?5.wat is the most effective way of memorising things so that i can recall them easily later?

Best way for memorising is revision—- so do things as u ve read them again so u ll do mark your books and make notes so that u can read and revise them again and again… and in progressively shorter durations…

My best wishes and for any help feel free to be in touch…..

Dr Sumer Sethi, MD Radiology
Director DAMS
MD/MS/MCI Screening Coaching

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