M.B.B.S. to MCI or PG abroad for U.S.A or AUSTRALIA,NEW ZELAND

By Live Dr - Sat Oct 11, 2:15 pm

M.B.B.S. to MCI or PG abroad

Dear members of the LIVEDR,
Here I am attempting to give you detailed knowledge about all the books and study material you might need during your MBBS, MCI exam or exams abroad. This is just my opinion, the key to pass any exam is just your hard work and determination. This is just a small guide which might help you.

I. MBBS subjects:
1. Anatomy- Snell’s book and Grant’s atlas. If Snell’s is too big you can also go for Mir publications.
2. Physiology- Chaudhry or Guyton.
3. Biochemistry- Kaplan notes.
4. Microbiology- Kaplan notes or Makes microbiology ridiculously simple.
5. Pharmacology- Lippincott and Kaplan notes.
6. Pathology- Robbins or Harsh Mohan and Kaplan notes.
7. Surgery- Manipal.
8. Medicine- Davidson or Kumar and Clarke.
9. Paediatrics- Blue prints.
10. Obs and Gynae- Blue prints(best) or Shaw’s or ten teachers.
11. Opthalmo- Any book, preferably Khurana.
12. ENT- Any book.
13. PSM- SARP series(Preferably) or Park’s.
14. Forensic- In my opinion don’t waste your time unless you want to go in this field.
15. Anaesthesia- Don’t waste your time unless you want to become an anaesthetist.
16. Radiology- Any.

I don’t know if I am missing any other subject. In my opinion if you read that much you will do exceptionally well on any exam. Those who are within first 2-3 years of there medical college, once you read any chapter, make notes and keep on revising the notes, don’t read the books again.

Genuine Problems:
1. We don’t have time to read that much, as we have to study in Russian- Rubbish. Study hard you will get the time. Stop going out with your girl friend daily, stop wasting time in useless conversations.
2. I am in 5th year now and didn’t study up until anything- Hmmm. Start studying now. And make a study group. Read as much as you can before you get the degree.
3. I read everything but I cannot recall or I forget- Revise it, revise it again. Discuss these topics in study group. Believe me you won’t forget.



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