MCI Medical council of India created a screening exam in 2001 to test doctors

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What is MCI? How to approach MCI? What exam pattern is it? What books we need to study?

MCI= Medical council of India created a screening exam in 2001 to test doctors who got a degree from colleges outside India and want to practise in India. Fees is 3000 Rs.

Exam consises of 2 sections. Each section has 150 questions. You have to get 50% to pass the exam. Remember, 50% as a whole not specifically in each section. It consists of all the subjects I mentioned in above message + few more which I cannot recall.
MCI tests your basic knowledge. They won’t dug as other exams will do. If you are clear with the basics you will pass it.

What are basics: I keep on saying, make your basics clear. You might be thinking what basics am I talking about. By basics I mean, just know the stuff which is really important and you need to know it.

How will we know what stuuf is important? MCQ books are really handy here. After reading a chapter or subject do MCQs of that particular subject and then read the subject again, you will know.

Your notes from your previous and current study. If you haven’t got any and you are already in 5th year, then you need to make a game plan.
Read the notes of the coaching and do as much MCQs you can with explanation. There is no point in doing these MCQs if you don’t know why you picked any particular answer. Sharad Chandra and Mudit Khanna are best in the lot.
Do not believe in ruttafication of MCQs, you can flunk with that.
Again study group is really important.

Is coaching necessary? I don’t know. If you have studied from the beginning of your medical college, probably not. If you started in 5th year, probably you want to clarify your concepts.

Read notes(either coaching or your personal) + Lots of MCQs with explanation + Lots of discussion with your study group.
Make a game plan. Try to finish the chapter on the due date and then do MCQs and then discuss it in your study group. Sooner you start it better and earlier you will get the results.



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  1. I think the best place to prepare for the MCI Screening test is the FMGEOnline.com website. I found this website and when registered, all the questions were divided into three parts, like 1 hour, 3 hours and 6 hours. So I could calculate my time and have an idea where do I stand, before appearing to the actual FMGE Screening test. Hope this helps others too, kindly spread the word, since its completely free.

  2. I understand the intent behind creating the FMGE but now the exam has become a hurdle that most students can’t overcome. In fact, most students require assistance in the form of coaching or PG medical apps to help them along.

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