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MCI Screening Test (FMGE)Preparation Tips, Guidelines, Passed students’ Opinions & FAQ’s– Taken from other medical forums

many people talking about FMGE in many forums. They discuss a lot of things about the test which we probably have very less idea about. Also, there are a lot of Doctors/Students out there who have already cleared the Exam / are preparing for the exam. They share their experience, the information they have, advices, tips about how to prepare for the exam, etc. We might be so much benefited once we go through them. But, it’s not very easy to go to every forum and browse thorugh all those threads. Therefore,Why can’t we gather all those useful things and post them under this single article?

This is an article exclusively made for that. U may just copy and paste those things (For example, Other forum members’ opinions, advices, guidelines, exam tips or whatever things they are talking about FMGE) HERE.

For example, when u were browsing through a forum and came across a very useful thread where people were discussing (and which u think may be useful for MCI Screening Test), plz don’t hesitate to copy and paste them over here. When u do it, U MUST give the  name from where u copied those, to respect their copyright laws, if any.

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FMGE preparation books – RxPG Forum

  • Qn. give me a information reg FMGE reference books.presently i am in 6yr. Ans. for mci screening test – following books required – – muddit khanna mcq book ( contains 3000 mcqs in test format pattern ) it has solved explaination to back of it – AAA mcq book – its one of the most beautiful written book as it is subject vise and chapter wise divided / you can also use PG plus mcq book / its your own choice which book to study out of there 2 . – also , buy PSM handbook from SARP series publication . i am telling you to buy this book as PSM is not taught outside and for fmgs its a weak subject , so finish it as soon as possible , its a very well written and fact based book . study these books from 1st day of your preperation and which ever subject you will study in the 6th year finish it side by side in your university days only . rest i have given tips and strategies regarding passing the FMGE exam in 1st attempt , you can go through these by visting my profile and there are many links to the posts which i have written till now , it will help you as a beginner . i have passed through these days as i myself passed this exam in 1st attempt . so , u r always welcome for any query but after reading my posts you wont need any help , i am sure ………best wishes !!! Ans. hiiiiiiii iam dr rafi ahamed i completed FMGE in 2008 march u have to study 1 sharad chandra 2 muditkanna 3 pg plus 4 sarp series 5 diams final punch 100 percent u will pass Ans. Dear friend Please refer USMLE step 1 and step 2 Illustrated medical books such as 1. Lippincott’s Illustrated Pharmacology 2. Lippincott’s Illustrated Biochemistry 3. First AID series USMLE step 1 / 2 4. Secret Series USMLE step 1 & 2 5. Kaplan USMLE step 1 and 2 The above books are neately arranged for easy remember and very good notes. These books are easily available on NET , download and have a look
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  • Qn. Hi fellows,I’m preparing fr the cmng FMGE sept08..n took up Sharad Chandra fr mcqs…but nw when only a mnth’s left,am gettng rumors tht Mudit Khanna is the only right book fr the test…is tht true? plz. enlighten… regards .. Dr.Naleen Ans. i studied mudhit khana both parts and dnd mcq book.just read explanations and solve as many questions as u can.mci exam is a joke to pass Qn. who is author of Dnd mcq book. From where we can get. Ans. did u try delhi book store?? try there..they’d definetly be having it.. Ans. onexamination.com DNB course questions for ten pounds…. do them and pass … u will get more than fifty percent….that s all ….. Ans. mudit khanna is actually the right book Ans. I would say “It doesnt matter…“.Der were many who reffered to Mudit Khanna.De indeed thought that many of the questions were taken from the book.But der were many like me who referred Saharad Chandra and stilled passed.Both the books have deir own Merits and Demerits.On the exam day, it would play a big role.Both the books should only be used as revison and confidence booster guide. Bottomline:Read textbooks + Sharad Chandra/ Mudit Khanna = Mci passed. Qn. but Sonu, plz. tell me,is Sharad Chandra also tht much effective??? Ans. don’t be confuse u r going 2 to right way sharad chandra also covering whole espect.all the best,deepanhu
  • Mark Distribution- RxPG Forum
  • Qn. hi guys can u tell me the marks distribution for each subject in FMGE . and what are the most important subjects. Ans. I am afraid but ders no absolute mark distribution system in MCI.If you look at the archives(from student taking pain and recollecting all the questions),you will notice that MCI has been very inconsistent over the years. 2007 march had many questions from opthalmology and urology in their clinical section while 2008 march was stressed more on general surgery. I know this could be frustrating…but we cant help it.All the best neways. Ans. its topsy turvy for knowing the marks distribution …no one really knows except the papper setters . so , just read everything what comes in front of you and if you are studying in a coaching they can put more light on this issue . rest is upto god !!! itz a mystery ?
  • discrimination with forgien pass outs- RxPG Forum
  • Pt. hi,guys. its very sad for all of us that even after passing screening test ,govt is doing discrimination with us, every time in Punjab and other states too, whenever some govt jobs are out they always give prefrence to indian pass out doctors, from us they want our marks from mci screaning test, but mci does not provide the marks, so guys wat to do, we have to decide, or we have to do something againt this.so that in future we should not suffer.and we should not feel bad evy time Pt. well, i am indian pass out, but i agree and sympathise with u…. In our country, there r only two methods to fight against anything, one is to file case in supreme court, and other is to unite, make a procession, block railway tracks, burn effigies, etc. Thats the truth buddy, even we indian docs hav so much to fight against… the obc quota, the rural internship, scandals in entrance exams, private colleges selling their seats, etc. Pt. this is true…..10 days before i got a job . there were total 180 peoples out of which 38 were foreign passouts…… they made to lists 1 those who passed out from india and another who passed from outside india …. they gave the preferance those who passed from india and we were called in the end when there was hardly any good station left…….i took whatever they gave me because i know that this is India and here things never works in a system They day i have returned from abroad i am fed up with indian system………it will take ages to reach the level of other european countries……thats why last week in a supreme court hearing a bench of judges said ….this country is running on Ram bhorse and god save this country………..
  • How to prepare for AIPGE (FMGE Also) – AIPPG Forum
  • Pt. hi friends, i realise that many people must be in the same position as i was one year back……… i know that at the start of prep, there are a thousand questions and even more doubts and uncertainities ,……… there is an urge to make it in the very next jan……to use the time available most effectively so that we dont repent later about how we used the time for preparation. i think the min i can for people like me is to speak out, to say something about what i learnt from 1 yr or prep. but one thing,……….. LUCK DEFINITELY MATTERS.+matters how hard u study, in the end it all comes down to the D-day and how u perform on that day.also how much u can keep ur cool on that day and steer thru the questions well makes a lot of difference . so right from the first day, AIM FOR THE BEST BUT BE PREPARED FOR THE WORST. in anycase, a good preparation definitely is ALL u can do , so forget about the rest for now. in most exams with mcq type of questions, two type of people are likely to fare well. one…..those with a great memory………….two……….those with a good logic and reasoning . and the ones with both can prove to be lethal. i think these two abilities are inborn, cant really improve on them but one can definitely try to get the 100% of the raw materials one has. also these abilities tend to compensate for each other to some extent. i.e. a guy with a great logic, reasoning and analytical skills can get more mcqs correct with less preparation, and someone with great memory can setup a huge database with which he can crack most of the questions. these two types of people are always going to dominate the initial ranks (upto 300 maybe). so i think there is no method by which u can ensure a rank up there. these places are already filled up!!!. so u will eventually be there if u were meant to be there. WORK FOR it BUT DONT STRIVE FOR IT OR BE CRAZY FOR IT. and DONT COMPARE THE AMT OF HARD WORK WITH THE OUTCOME. JUST TRY TO GET THE BEST OUT OF YOURSELF.
  • realise what type are u. and u will know how much work u need to do. all thru out the preps, i think the focus should be on GETTING THE MCQS RIGHT that is what matters in the end . hell with the facts and figures, get enough practice of SOLVING mcqs so that u get an idea what is it that they want to know by asking the question. i think this is a subconscious proccess which develops only by doing max mcqs. so whenever ever u come across any mcq, dont just look out for the ans in case u have no idea about the topic. try to think something, try to fit in some logic, try to rule out the options, etc …….. and believe me u will be able to get many mcqs right in the end JUST LIKE THAT.!!! i would always suggest retrospetive reading for most subjects. exception : Pathology (robbins- read the imp chapter whole, they will be help in many other subject mcqs. in fact , i say robbins is the best book to begin prep. it will create a good database that will help all the way) Psychiatry ( ahuja- small and well written book. worth going thru whole) for rest subjects best to go retro acc to me ,……… bcos,- there is such a huge amount of theory involved. every chapter, ever page, ever line can be framed as an mcq. no end to that. if u try to read and remember every thing that has been written, u would never end ur preps. so realise one thing U ARE NEVER GONNA BE A MASTER OF EVERY SUBJECT OR TOPIC. U ARE NEVER GONNA BE ABLE TO SOLVE ‘ALL’ THE MCQS. u are always gonna come across alien mcqs no matter how much u know. so give up the greed of knowing any subject absolutely thoroughly…….. thats never gonna happen. instead ur motto should be to finish a subject swiftly, but covering most of the imp and freq asked topic. and about the rest topics……… u would come across many of them as u do more mcqs. and in no case should u miss a whole subject by the end of the year- that would be a hangable crime
  • summarising – the first milestone should be to cover all subjects in the first reading by covering most of the imp topics,…………..by JUL-AUG 06. study one subject at a time, …….. get any mcq book (ashish amit is a good one). take a chapter, FIRST GO THROUGH THE MCQS…………TRY TO SOLVE THEM………..THEN SEE THE ANS…… then read the respective topic from the book. that would make the preparation lively and interesting. keep ur focus on playing the game………. i.e. solving the mcqs ( hell with facts and figures). believe me u will become hungry and addicted for mcqs in some time. when u are finished with one subject , u will have a confidence …….. BUT IT WONT LAST !!!! ur clarity about the subject will fade with time. (esp. applies to people like me who have memory < 256 MB !!!!!). so the imp thing is revision….. WILL HAVE TO READ EACH SUBJECT MORE THAN ONCE AT ALL COST. hence imp to be rapid in doing any subject…….. dont waste too much time on any subject……….. if something taking a frustratingly long time, JUST LEAVE IT. so that was about doing the subjects, but there is one thing equally important which i would like to really stress upon………….and that is GROUP STUDY. make a group of 4-6 good friends who are sincere enough and who carry along with each other well. devote some hours (preferablly 2.5-3 and at the end of the day) for group discussion. select a good place without any disturbance (and without any means of entertainment nearby!!). take a book like Salgunan whre mcqs are in a haphazard manner (i.e. not topic wise )…………go thru the pages…. try to tell each other what u know……….share information and imp point u have………. and look back into the book where needed… ……… one person at a time can read aloud imp points from the topic u come across. etc etc…. devise your methods.
  • that will really help u cover more topics and theory in shorter time…..give u an alternate way of dumping database into ur head…….. and at the same time make the preparations a really enjoying experience. third equally imp thing is TEST PRACTICE. after most of the people in ur group have finished the course once (would be around aug-sept), suscribe to mock test papers which coaching classes provide(we hd got the vidyasagar mtp’s)….. and once a week sit togather to write a paper….. that will really help u a great deal to give u the knack of SOLVING MCQS IN REAL TIME , show ur progress,…..ur weak subjects ………ur guessing ability.etc. u will know how many difficult question u should be attempting. believe me the performance in these papers is very indicative of your real position. so in the end u will be able to know what to roughly expect in AI. really tired of typing by now !….. but would like to add a few things……. MUDIT AND ASHISH- very useful books, try to cover as much as possible. PHYSIO(GANONG)- really pithy book. can ask from anywhere….. proof- AI06 paper !!! try to covr as much as possible. BIOCHEM(harper)- really imp subj….can reallly make or break ur day. but very time consuming . can be done effectively by group study. PHARMAC- (KDT)dont miss anticancer, antiarryhtmics and newer drugs from harri. PATHO (robbns)- great book…..worth reading most of the chapters. group study very useful. MICRO – another difficult subject….. can never be a champ…… stick to ananthnarayan… cover it as much as possible retro….and dont aim to be a champ!!! HARRISON(Medicine !!)- most controversial subj. my warning – never try to read tht book pro. u will never steer to the other end of that sea….and if u do , wont know where u have landed!!!! meaning to say tht even if u manage to read it ..will never remember all…. not cost effective.
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  • best thing acc to me – solve as many mcqs as possible and just have a look in harri about each of those topics…….DONT CRAM ALL …. ONLY READ ‘THAT’ TOPIC.build database gradually secondly, HARRISON TABLES ARE POWER PUNCHES.. DONT MISS ANYONE U COME ACROSS………….THERE ARE THOUSANDS OF HIDDEN MCQS IN THERE!!!! Surgery – difficult subject to cover. reading L&B is fruitless. instead solve as many mcqs as possible. IF HAVE TIME … do schwartz pretest (recommended). PSM -scoring sujbect. group study v.imp to prevent sleep. SKIN – harrison best acc to me. few pages will cover most+ mudit ashish ……enough. Anaesthesia – kdt for drugs, coaching class pamplhlet +mudit khanna……..enough(NO LEE). RADIO- mudit ashish enough RADIO THERAPY- DONT MISS THIS ONE. there are questions scattered all place in recent exms. me did not read. if u can come across some basic book…read it now only…….will definitely give u an edge. so thats it about preparations but remember, in the end it all comes to the Dday and Dday is all that matters.so be focused ,fresh, and at ease on that day. dont torture your mind much for 1wk before that day. do justice to each and evry question, and PLEASE AVOID SILLY MISTAKES…….BCOS THAT WILL REALLY PRICK UR SOUL LATER. SUMMARY(keywords)- HASTE, FOCUS ON MCQS, REVISION, TEST PRACTICE, GROUP DISCUSSION, DDAY. Pt. your post is really an inspiring one for all those who haven’t made it in AIPG2006 that includes me. I agree with u on a lot of aspects like how important it is to read ganong and robbins. The disadvantage of indian entrance exams are that u either u crack it or u dont ,in the process GOK how many years we would spent just to get into a course….. thats very frustrating and even more frustrating if you dont like whatever u ultimately land up with. Do you feel coaching classes are an absolute requirement considering the trend and the competition?
  • MCI Screening Test Question Paper 2008Mar- AIPPG
  • 60.GASTRITIS 61.HELI PYLORI INFEC AND DURGS USED 62.HEMOLYTIC ANEMIA 63.MOST COMMON CAUSE OF PATHOLOGICAL JAUNDICE AT 1ST DAY OF LIFE 64.WHICH INVES CAN LEAD TO ACUTE PANCREATITIS 65.DRUGS FOR ACUTE CHOLECYS Know the following topics . 1.Polycystic Kidney Disease 2.Alport’s syndrome 3.Glomerular nephritis (yes all of them , its not difficult) 4. ATN 5. Cystic Fibrosuis 6. SIDS 7. Liver pathologies 8. C.A breast 9. Thyroid Pathology 10. Anemias and Iron panel studies 11. Coagulation disorders 12. C.A skin 13. Female menstrual cycle hormone variations etc 14. orthopaedics – uh.. some book called essentials in orthopaedics – its a bright red book by elsiver publications. its amazing. 15. Steroid hormones 16. Children’s infectious diseases 17. Obstetrics – everything! ophthal q.. 1. steroid indiced cataract. 2. sunflower cataract see in. 3. laser used in cataract surgery. 4. lens subluxation question. 5. cause of corneal ulcer aggravation. 6. tears contain secretion from:
  • FMGE About PSM study- RxPG
  • Qn. how to remember Preventive and social medicine .answers . These r full of data .after studing lots of useful subject . When it come to spm its full of frustration.lagraha hae india sae bahar ja ker pap kea hae.intership 2 sal ki ker do per kuch seekhne to do.is study sae to bookworm he bane gae .jola chap r in better position then us .ok i am stop writing and start thinking Ans. Well answer to your question about “the best way to study PSM “ is : 1:Personally,Memorizing the important datas about impt topics is primarily the best way. 2.MCQS are probaly the best way to memorize them. Secondly,Its understandable that you are being frustrated with system…but be careful not to divert your attetion with things which are not in your hand. Work hard…and be smart to do well …once the exam gets over and u pass…spit as much garbage as u want against MCI …but only afetr passing
  • FAQ: What books to follow for FMGE Exam? RxPG
  • Qn. Hello people, I have cleared the FMGE march 2005 exam,just wanted to tell you dont waste your time reading all those big books and go for the MCQS,Salgunan ,Amitashish and AIIMS are good books.Any queries will be glad to answer….Best of luck to all Ans. I dont think that its a must to read Salgunan .There are other good books which u can read.There is SHIVAM,Amit and Ashish And AIIMS MCQ book and they are quite good.So Read from them.still if I will come across Salgunan I will let you know. Best of Luck. Ans. i never said to follow Salgunan infact i told Salgunan has lot of mistakes in it Qn. lots of mistakes!!!! did’nt they correct it in thier new edition??? Ans. the answer is NO. previous editions has more number of mistakes . 2005 edition has few mistakes .so becareful before following Salgunan .PG plus is preferable as it contains same number of questions as Salgunan with topic wise mcqs. Ans. if u have studied properly from indian author books then u can easily clear MCI screening test.u should see ur knowledge before following any sort of PG preparation books.if u have prepared better then there’s no need of going further.after all a best man always wins Ans. The best books to folllow for screening exam are the 3 volumes of AIIMS exam papers wit explanations by AMIT ASHISH and 2 volumes of ALL INDIA papers wit explanations by MUDIT KHANNA.THese are the best books for preparation if you are not joining coaching class and want to study on your own. give 2 -3 months for one tme revison of these books
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  • Qn. can you please enlighten us how you prepared for FMGE . which books are worthy studying, does crash course helps in cracking the exam?
  • Ans. i read the topics in detail first and then immediately did multiple choice from pg plus and mudith khanna. although the pg plus book has tooo many wrong answers be care full and prepare from it……..it is worth while….. for spm read only saarp series latest edition becoz the values in it change every year. for medicine read mudith khanna, for gynec read the goel book that has only points nd questions from previous papers .all the questions this time in gynec came from that book. for bio chem , Microbiology , Physiology , Anatomy just read the saarp series from the starting page to the last page that is the most important thing .. these saarp books are very easy to read and contain all the questions in that are asked in the exams. for SURGERY , orthopaedics, ANESTHESIA , PHARMA , MEDICINE , PEDIATRICS , I READ FROM THE COACHING MATERIAL OF DIAMS …………IT WAS REALLY GOOD AND BREIF AND EASY TO UNDERSTAND. U HAVE TO PLAN YOUR STUDY TIME IN SUCH A WAY THAT YOU HAVE TO COMPLETE ALL THE SUBJECTS ATLEAST 2 – 3 TIMES BEFORE THE EXAM …
  • FIRST TAKE A SUBJECT THEN TAKE A TOPIC IN THAT SUBJECT THEN FIRST READ IT SIMPLY…THEN UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU HAVE READ. DO THIS IN THE MORNING EVERY DAY. AND AS SSOOOON AS YOU COMPLETE THE TOPIC IN THE MORNING THEN FROM EVENING TILL NIGHT DO THE MULTIPLE CHOICE QUES COMPULSORY EVERY DAY. DO TOPIC AND THEN IMMEDIATELY THE MCQS. THIS IS THE BEST WAY TO STUDY. DONOT JUST STUDY MCQS ALONE IT WILL NOT HELP YOU IN ANY WAY. FOR ANY FURTHER INFORMATION I AM ALWAYS READY TO HELP ALL YOU GUYS.PLEASE FEEL FREEE AND CONTACT ME ANY TIME ANY DAY…. BEST OF LUCK TO ALL WHO ARE GOING FOR FMGE SEP 2008. BELEIVE IN YOURSELF FIRST AND THEN BELEIVE IN GOD. DO THE HARD WORK AND THEN PRAY TO GOD. WELL IN BETWEEN THIS HARD WORK YOU CAN ALSO WATCH MOVIES , CRICKET AND GO OUT AND ENJOY. WELLL I DID ALL THESE THINGS AND PASSED. BYE. Ans….. ok all those books cost more than u think—no 1 can buy all those —- do basics ,apply presence of mind–have a aim,study throughtout the med school—this xam doesnt need so many books !!!thats what i think Ans….. heloo drfs………………….who ever you are…………this is to inform you that what i have written above is all that i have done and i passed the march 2008 FMGE qiute easily………….. IN BETWEEN FMGE EXAMS THERE IS 6 MONTHS TIME……….SO THE STUDENT HAS TO DO EXTENSIVE AND DETAILED STUDY…… ALL I DID WAS STUDY ONE BOOIK PER SUBJECT……. YOU DONOT GET ALL THE SUBJECTS IN ONE BOOK. and by the way i did not spend even one rupee to get the books. i just borrowed the books from friends and seniors who already passed the FMGE . so what i can tell you is please donot mislead the new students who are preparing for FMGE .
  • the exam is tough …………so you need to have good and through preparation so that you can make the exam easier….. i hope you get the point. any ways guys i passed and that is what matters to ME and …and i just want to help students who are confussed or having problems with planning for preparation Qn……i’m recently studying in china,i’m in 3rd year.my subjects in this sem is internal medicine, surgery, neurology.plz guide me that how shall i initiate my FMGE preparations from now on.so that the study pressure is less in future.plz tell me a step by step method, & which subject to stress more & can u plz guide me towards the weightage of questions from each subject.how about Pathology & pharma.. i ‘ll be thankful to u for ur effort towards guiding us students in china.hope u touch the heights of ur dreams to let ur parents be proud of ur acheivements. Pt……I PASSED FMGE WITHOUT ANY COACHING.WHAT ABT U? FOR UR KIND INFO–UR NOT “THE ONLY ONE”WHO PASSED. IT WAS A VERY EASY PAPER WITH ALL BASICS AND IF U CANT PASS BY TAKING COACHING–GET UR IQ TEST. ANYWYS –MY ADVICE FOR FUTURE SUDENTS IS NOT THAT DONT STUDY OR BUY BOOKS— START FROM MED SCHOOL ITSELF–I REPEAT FROM MED SCHOOL ITSELF,NOT JUST HAVING FUN WHEREVER U R STUDYIN AND COME BAC TO INDIA ,TAKE COACHING AND PASS. I HOPE U GET THE POINT I JUST CANT STOP LAUGHING (DID I PASS) Qn……..congs….u cleared the exam.I Want to give this exam in MAr 2009.Ihave 6 months to preapre. I read all ur advice,but had few Q’s 1)If I study for the exam from only SARP series and do q;s subject wise will that be ok? 2)do u think i need to start the coaching in Delhi?I do not think it would be possible for me coz i do not live in IND. kindly answer my Q’s
  • Ans…..i have been busy with my internship. ok so from which country are you doing your medicine.? well please go through all my previous posts in this forum for FMGE ……and they should be enough to answer all your questions and doubts……well i can once again tell you that i read from SAARP series { bio chem , Anatomy , Physiology , spm , Microbiology }……and read mcq’s from MUDITH KHANNA AND PG PLUS…….. and for gynec , Forensic , Psychiatry , skin……i had hand books { revision books with important points.}…… medicine , surgery , orthopaedics , pediatrics , Pharmacology ….i went through the coaching material of ” diams “……….. you just have to repeat all these books thouroughly for atleast 2 – 3 times……and do mcq’s regularly …..and 6 months time is enough to give the exam…………….and coaching is not compulsory. well it depends on the situation at the place where you wwant to prepare for the exam…..if you can study at home then ok….or else go for coaching. wellll best of luck.
  • The Screening Test is a Joke
  • -RxPG
  • Pt………Hi guys, I have been meaning to write for some time about this crazy MCI “screening” test. first thing is get it out ouf your mind that the MCI is screening anything. the test is a joke. about the people running the fiasco – well i just feel bad for them. A little bit background : i went to Rus coz i didnt get through here with the crappy system. was in Pavlov in St.Pete; graduated ’07. no complaints. if anone thinks Russian doctors are substandard they need to meet my batch. we will fly circles around them. I thought i would write about my experience in case it helped somebody. I didnt attend any classes, sat at home and studied for a month and a half and got through by the grace of God. here’s how: my advice to you: 1. donts stay home. you wont study. no matter how strange this sounds, anybody who is serious about studying will tell you this is true. 2. Dont watch TV; its a big distractor. its just a month. get rid of the bloody exam and then you can do whatever you want. 3. Study. what i did: 1.Prayed. no kidding. 2. I got hold of the following books and spent all day reading them through, cover to cover – Robbins Pathology , davidson’s, Dutta – Obs (the Gyn book sux, but read it anyways), Parkes PSM , Chaurasia anat., some small book on Parasiteology. go to your local book guy and pick em up second hand. its not worth buying new if you dont already have ’em. i didnt do opthalmology and took a risk. i guess on ehsould really do that too. i didnt touch pharma either. you think its a big risk? its not. do the other stuff like medicine pharma is a joke. It seems a big deal to you but its really not. Robbins takes a little over a week if you sit at 10 am and read till 6 p.m and take one hour off in between for lunch and a short nap, and 10 minutes off every second hour. Dont underline, no not even with different colours. just read and get a big pictre of things.
  • then get Pulse Publications AAA and solve the whole thing. do ten questions, check your answers and move on. get Mudit Khanna Medicine , do the same. except read the explanations. know the following topics cold: 1.Polycystic Kidney Disease 2.Alport’s syndrome 3.Glomerular nephritis (yes all of them , its not difficult) 4. ATN 5. Cystic Fibrosuis 6. SIDS 7. Liver pathologies 8. C.A breast 9. Thyroid Pathology 10. Anemias and Iron panel studies 11. Coagulation disorders 12. C.A skin 13. Female menstrual cycle hormone variations etc 14. orthopaedics – uh.. some book called essentials in orthopaedics – its a bright red book by elsiver publications. its amazing. 15. Steroid hormones 16. Children’s infectious diseases 17. Obstetrics – everything! people say there isn’t a system to the MCI test. i think there is. ask the guys around me, when we were discussing importnat topics before the exam we covered atleast 150q’s which came the next day on the paper. Classes? you dont need ’em. Qn……please tell me how was the examiners ?are they strict?can we ask help to the neighbours on the exam time or not? Ans……What the heck sort of a question is that?? Anyways I’ll answer it. In my class there were a heap of people who copied. The following happened: A)the dudes they were copying from didn’t know the answers either so all of them sank in the same boat. B) what’s the matter with you?? Too chicken to try studying? Any student who slogs his gluteus for for two months and then helps someone on the exam, who probabily shouldn’t be a doctor till they know medicine, is in my opinion really dumb and deserves to fail Qn……when did u pass ur exam? did u read sarp series ? which mcq books u read ?mudhit khana or amit ashish?
  • Qn…. if someone (an average person, not a genious like u) is starting from a scratch and he or she works according to ur plan,,, who long do u think would it take him or her to be ready for the exam..?? Ans……….hahahaha…. a man is tested by the praise he receives VitaminC (i think ur nick is creative tho…) define scratch? assuming the person really went to medical school and didnt sleep their life away… my estimate is one and a half for girls, two months for guys max…. if you put your head down and work at it. it takes some amount of discipline i think. anyone who took the exam and is being serious about it should coast through Ans………..passed the exam Sep 2007. didnt touch SARP (sorry all you sARP fans out there) for book i referred, read the first post above. AAA = amit ashish n arvind Ans………WELL I ATTEMPTED THE SEP 2007 FMGE ….BUT FAILED…….. WELL TO TELL YOU ONE THING….. I DID NOT STUDY THEN……I THOUGHT I WILL GO ON MY LUCK….. I COPIED THE ENTIRE PAPER FROM A GUY SITTING NEXT TO ME….AND HE COPIED THE PAPER FROM A GIRL SITTING NEXT TO HIM…..SHE LOOKED KIND OF INTELLIGENT….. I ASKED HER IF SHE PREPARED FOR THE EXAM AND SHE SID SORT OF……. SO WE COPIED THE ENTIRE PAPERS FROM HER AND WASTED A LOT OF TIME ON CHECKING THE SERIAL NUMBERS OF QUESTIONS…… BECOZ ALLL QUESTIONS ARE SAME BUT IN DIFFERENT SERIALS IN DIFFERENT PAPERS…… WHEN THE RESULTS CAME I FIRST CHECKED THE GIRLS RESULT….SHE FAILED……THEN IO CHECKED THE GUY NEXT TO ME HE TOOO FAILED….. THEN I KNOEW FOR SURE THAT I FLUNKED TOOOOO ………YES I FLUNKED TOOOO….. I WASTED A LOT OF TIME ON CHECKING ANSWERS FROM OTHERS……THE INVIGILATOR WAS A YOUNG WOMAN AND SHE DID NOT BOTHER AS TO WHO WAS CPYING OR NOT…. SO WHAT I ADVICE YOU IS ……..DO YOUR OWN WORK…..
  • AND DONOT COPY…..BECOZ YOU DONOT HAVE ANY GUARANTEE AS TO WETHRE THE PERSON FROM WHOM YOU ARE COPYING IS INTELLIGENT OR NOT…. SO WHY NOT TRY YOUR OWN LUCK THAN SOME ONE ELSES LUCK….. WELLLL I AM GOING TO SIT FOR THE MARCH 2008 FMGE ….AND I WILL WRITE ON MY OWN…….. I AM PREPARING WELLLL…. OK BEST OF LUCK….. Ans…………..hez right guys… i studied the same way for almost a mnth i suppose…. i did pass too… da exam is nothing serious..all da best Qn……….whr did u finish med? i am in 5th yr in moscow. so hw r u preparing? what books r u following? can u give me some tips? i jus started studying. i am doing Anatomy , medicine, Pathology n surgey. i have very less time aft class. so i’m very afraid. i think i shld prepare more intensively. so can u guide me? Ans………well if you are dtill in the fifth year .. that means you have a lot of time at your disposal for studies. well start off with Anatomy , bio chem , Microbiology , Physiology , Pathology at first…….be perfect with these subjects…….. any thing can e asked from numerical values to all kinds of values…. and names and lenghts of anatomical parts….. quantity of stomach or gastric juice or ph or anything for that matter. so read every word and line perfectly first complete these subjestcs and then contact me ……i willl advice you after that as to how you can continue…. donot do medicine or surgery or clinical subjects now……. you have to do them only after you have a perfect knowledge of pre clinical subjescts.. ok then i think you have understood me…… feel freee to contact me ok. by the way where are you from in india …. i mea from which state…… ok best of luck.
  • Qn…… i am doing med n surgery cos i thought i ll do by organ sys, so that i can understand n remember easily. i finished thorax in anat, so i started readin all dis of resp in med n surgery. reg physio, i dunno whr n hw to start? biochem i started with lipids n patho with cell injury 1st lesson. but am very slow, am afraid. i think i shld pace up. did u also fnish in Russia ? Ans…………i did my medicine from ukraine , zaporozhye. ok so your plan of studies is also good, finallly what matters is how you study and the result you get Ans…..guys , i wanted to say that its no doubt its imp that how u prepare 4 da exam , but more imp is wat is ur attitude in that 5 hours of exam, plzzzzzz dont be scared on seeing the first page of ques that u dont know, u will ^*&^* all ur exam otherwise. its normal that when u sit in the exam u dont know anything but if u maintain ur cool u will find slowly and slowly that u knew that ques. thats wathappened with me.guys first of all ,all u have not thru out ur fear dfactor abt screening test , thn it will be quit easy to pass, due to this reason only when we come out of exam we always say, oh i knew this que. and sometime because we can not keep our cool, we circle the wrong answer and all in our exam we tghink about only that que that y i did this, this thing also distract our mind , if u do so, dont try to omit that circle , simply think that this is part of the exam and go on. ok guys best of luck for sept 28
  • Is coaching worth it for FMGE exam?
  • -RxPG
  • Qn…….Hi i was wondering weather it is any good to join coaching classes for the FMGE exam? I am going to appear for the exam in march 2006. If yes, could someone recommened some good coaching classes in delhi ? Ans……well I have cleared the march 2005 exams without coaching and I know many students who took cloasses and there is no such corelation that if you will take coaching you will clear the exam.The whole thing depends upon you,doesnt matter wether u take classes or not.So if your basics are clear and you are practising mcqs you will clear exam. Qn…….so wch books do u recommend for self study.wch ones hav u used?? Qn……tell me also which books to study and r u taking coaching? Qn…….can any body pls tell me the details of the coaching clasees.fees,location,pros amd cons etc…is it really necessary and what do they teach in coaching classes Ans….these coaching centre are same as those of PG coaching centres in delhi but different classes for MCI screening exam Ans….am usin crossection for mcqs n sarp n textbooks for support Ans……going through sarp and mudit khanna is good, may be 80% done but if you studied in russian medium better to go for coaching,spl in delhi. Ans……not absolutely necessary to go for coachings. Ans…..i think it all depends…….if you know something then you should go for coaching they will teach you want to read and what not to read….which is very important…….rest you can get the information from delhi ……. Ans…i do agree with all my counterparts who have been posting their replies and my personal take on this would also vary with the quality of coaching that is being provided but keeping in mind the general quality, i think the major issue is what kind of individual u are.that is what would decide how benificial the coaching is to u.
  • Ans……no doubt that when u have 4-6 months to prepare for something like 19 subjects u need somebody to train ur mind and train u for the rigours and the name is delhi institute for advanced medical studies at gautam nagar delhi . this is not for promotion but simple awarenes and yes u can u do it urself minus the mind trainig here but dont play russian rouleete with so much at stake Qn……I have been told that DIAMS coaching very helpful..please could you tell me.. do they give some notes at DIAMS or they have lectures..?? what is the method of coaching?? how many hours in a week do they teach.. Qn……but do u dont think that they consume most of the time available in one day,and it also lacks attention when there r 40 students in one class Ans……..talk to those who cleared the exam it is more about holding ur nerve and what can be more stimulatiing than a bunch of 40 hardworking guys mentally harassed and stimulated to perform to thier best DIAMS is about developing ur strenghts to new heights , attend a few demos and we shall see ur capability to perform? Qn……..is delhi the only place for coaching.no branches? Ans…Well it depends on how you have studied during your course. If your basics are clear and you can think logically, there is no need for coaching. But if you did medicine in a foreign language the coaching would be required. Go through the following list. these are extremely basic things. As a rough guide, if you don’t know these then you seriously need coaching. 1. What is cataract, glaucoma, addisons, cushings, conns, sclera, haemorrhoids, varciocele, prolactin, pheochromocytoma, metabolic syndrome, bells palsy, 12 cranial nerves, parkinsons, negri bodies, rheumatic fever, …
  • 2. What does CVP, BMI stand for? 3. Diff between – direct/indirect inguinal hernia, the two diabetes, 4. Hypo/hyperthyroidism – symptoms 5. Types of pneumothorax 6. Fat soluble vitamins 7. Name 5 drugs for each of the following – epilepsy, hypertension, bronchial asthma, 8. Case control study/ Cross section/ Cohort Well frankly speaking I didn’t know the exact answer to most of the questions on the exam (I’ve cleared it though), but if your concepts, basic info and reasoning is clear then you can handle it. But if you don’t know simple things like the ones I’ve listed then you need coaching and extensive studies. If you are comfortable with the list above, and feel I am being stupid by listing such simple stuff then you don’t need coaching. But what everyone does need is Mudit Khanna, best thing available. Do it twice, thrice if you have time :)and learn everything it covers.
  • Analysis: FMGE March 2006 Examination
  • -RxPG
  • Qn………..how was march 2006 FMGE ….?can some one tell us about FMGE 2006…..what do you think…about the question paper…is it hard.or ok…and from which subject …….max….questions were asked? Ans…….well there were really simple questions as well as tough questions in the paper. Its a standard exam and you should not take any chances. Get a printout of the syllabus and start studying seriously from the standard textbooks. Focus more on the clinical subjects as 200 marks are from there. Majority of questions were from Opthalmology, SPM, Surgery, Ob/GYn, Parasitology… When u get bored of reading the textbooks, just open up any popular PG entrance MCQ book like cross section, (past DNB papers—->shhh… this is a secret as apparently a handful of questions were pasted from here…… shhh.. and start solving…. hehe i wish everyone passes this exam and may MCI rest in peace for giving us this unnecessary headache… of exam plus internship! Ans…….march 2006 exam went fine… it was a mix of questions… wasn’t that easy though…. one sublect i found really tough was Ophthalmology …ophthal questions were really focussed ones…felt like some ophthal guy has set the entire q ppr… surgery had a few questions… they didnt seem to have a liking for orthopaedics… Dermatology questions were easy… really simple questions were also there… i wud rate it overall as 60/40…40 being the tuff ones…. Qn…….can u tell us some of the questions that were asked in march 2006…and spl what are the subjects ….that should be read more…spl can you tell us how to prepare and get rid of all problem that everyone face while preparing for the exams….
  • Ans….hi evry1. i jua passd march 2006 exam ..it wsnt tht bad there as a lot from optha,sme cases from Gynae n a lot from pharma evn ther were sme questions from anesthesio wch were goin over the head…rest was tolerable … i think its all waste to go for theory read impt points at the beginin of sarp books n then go for mcqs i did mine from crosssection n cbs DNB n previous question papers. Ans…..ophthal q.. 1. steroid indiced cataract. 2. sunflower cataract see in. 3. laser used in cataract surgery. 4. lens subluxation question. 5. cause of corneal ulcer aggravation. 6. tears contain secretion from: these are some of the easy ones …there were other qs as well…dont recall them( from ophthal)..shall post them as they pop up… well, about preparing for the FMGE, i think the best way to go about is to with the mcq books with explanations.. read books like mudit khanna, sharad chandra..and the sarp series are also good… do read some topics which need more attention…that being very subjective…what i find tough shudnt necessarily be tough for u… spm, Gynae n Obs need special attention. Ans…..just to clear out the doubts I appeared for the 26th march 2006 exams and thereby cleared it out , most of the questions comprising of paper 2 was from Gynaecology and not from opthalmology. it was the march 2005 paper in which opthalmology was the major ! Ans…..there were questions from Gynae in paper2. what i told was, ophthal qs were relatively on the tougher side of the scale.
  • Anusha
  • tip from a student who passed mci exam
  • 1. read through Mudit Khanna/Ashish&Amit (especially the explanations at the back)
  • 2. SARP series books (especially the golden points)
  • 3. if u feel that u can’tr cope with the enormous “syllabus” then join some coaching – Crash course version/ test series version…. a good one used to be DIAMS in Gautram nagar, delhi…..
  • 4. the purpose of the coaching is not the notes…. it is to keep u abreast with the massive syllabus…..and more as a guideline than anything else….
  • Always remember that there is no way that u will be able
  • to read through everything u studied in med school in 5-6 years in the 3-5 months u have at your disposal….no don’t be worried about it….No more than 1 hour of TV/Internet per day…..and no gossipping with colleagues……
  • i wasted countless hours doing the above (tv + internet+ gossip) and paid a heavy price (took me 3 attempts to pass the exam)….. that means 2 precious years of my life down the drain….
  • most of the books needed for FMGE are not available on the net ….. and the best place to buy them (in delhi) is College book depot (on nai sarak, old delhi) or in AIIMS (there’e a book shop in the AIIMS hostel – has notes from various coaching institutes also)….
  • About 70 – 80 percent of the questions asked are direct and require only a basic knowledge of the respective subject….and this is where the SARP series is really helpful (Golden points, most common)
  • once every two years the question paper is really easy….
  • u can ask for help from those around u during the exam (this depends on the invigilator and the center)
  • stay away (turn a deaf ear) to all the rumors that start floating around the exam time about paying enormous sums of money for passing the exam….thjey r all just that, rumors, so don’t waste your time…..
  • u don’t have to be intelligent to pass this exam….just hardworking….and a little lucky….
  • How to prepare for MCI Screening Test?
  • -Smolensk State Medical Academy Community
  • Pt…… My prep goes this way….. First be acclimatized by my history: – I have been studying all the standard books and have finished them atleast 2 times (except – Panniker Micro) ha ha ….. My specific prep for the MCI cum USMLE started from 5th year…. FIRST THING WE DID – Make a study group (My study group has 100 % result) Astonishing ain’t it ??? Well, My study group rocked from the day we made it and it has proved to be very very effective.
  • FIFTH YEAR: – We finished HARRISON in medicine – ONLY THE IMPORTANT SECTIONS I.E. GIT, COLLAGEN, KIDNEY, HEART, ENDOCRINE . This was not the first time we were reading HARI ! It was actually we had done it in 4th year during our classes and this was the time for revision, group discussion and also for doing the undone things.
  • We did LOVE and BAILEY – Started from KIDNEYS, then GIT, then ARTERIES VEINS and the THORAX and ENDOCRINE. Same schedule, discussion plus MCQs.
  • We did CHAUDHARY – Physiology – Actually this is the subject that is discriminated the most in the med schools of the Russian federation and it was high time to understand that in order to get the concepts straight into the Cortex was the EXTENSIVE KNOWLEDGE of Physio….. As we were doin this for the first time, we selected simple book like chaudhary so that we can get the complete insight of the subject.
  • (P.S. – The above mentioned schedule was run in hand with the routine classes and also we did the routine work too along with this, you can imagine the amount of fun and enjoyment we had to sacrifice for this) SIXTH YEAR – We started the new year by ripping the pages of GHAI (Pedia) Finished all the sections especially those considered important – the only thing we did not do is the GIT and CARDIO and KIDNEY section (because it is already covered in the HARRI) Pedia specific things can be learnt from the MCQ books.
  • Next thing we did was PHARMA the TERRIBLE – We got hold of KDT for pharma – Me and my friends had already done pharma from KDT in 3rd year but revision was the main thing for this subject to make it palatable…. Lolz….. It was a mission of 5 weeks and we accomplished in 5 weeks + 3 Days. All KDT and MCQs from GOBIND RAI book of MCQ s with explanations, actually the new drugs in that book are quite nice. JANUARY WAS THE AFMG COACHING IN RUSSIA – Completed the following from the notes OBS GYNAE – The most read subject and we were doing this like 4th or 5th time MICROBIO – Had read panniker in 3rd yr, but VIKAS SIR’s Notes made it damn easy. PHARMA – The pharma wizard Dr. Vikas Dhikav made impact straight to the CORTEX. Actually my planning was a double advantage one, as we did pharma second time from KDT a fortnight earlier, reading DHIKAV’s notes was a cake walk and was quite easy to refine the concepts. FORENSIC – just a matter of hours after the notes. NOW WAS A 15 day TIME BREAK FROM THE GROUP DISCUSSION where we were going to do DERMATOLOGY by self reading. My colleagues did it from HARRI’s skin section. I preferred CMDT 2008. and then we solved MCQs from ACROSS explanation. Too concise but worth donating time. BACK CAME THE GROUP DISCUSSION – Started GANONG PHYSIOLOGY – I have no words to describe this wonderfully written book. Really, GUYTON is nuts (I have done CNS and CVS from GUYTON earlier) but the clinical correlation and the sweet text was nice. I recommend this book A MUST for all MCI plus MLE aspirants. (About 20 questions that I found in 2008 MCI were concepts tested from this GANONG) Also we watched KAPLAN PHYSIOLOGY LECTURES From DVDs. To get an extra edge over the concepts. PLUS SIDE BY SIDE my colleagues did subjects like RADIO, ORTHO and ENT but I was busy in the political matters of the college and the preparation for the CONVOCATION CEREMONY and so missed the last 2 months of studies (was not distressful, I knew I would cover that later).
  • SPARED SOME TIME FOR BIOCHEMISTRY – Did KAPLAN lectures totally…. Excellent, I think no one in the world can teach biochemistry the way KAPLAN ppl do…. A MUST SEE TO MASTER BIOCHEMISTRY. And then came GOS EXAM, CONVOCATION, became doctors and back we came to INDIA and then DELHI where we sharpened the concepts and knowledge from coaching classes. CONCLUSION – To get the MCI cracked in the first shot the preparation should be like us. (Atleast I think that way) don’t know what others think. If you have not done uptill now and wanna do it, WORK HARD, miracles do happen if you work….. COACHING is not COMPULSORY but NECESSARY to ORIENT yourselves especially you are blank. It ALWAYS GIVES CONFIDENCE and INSPIRATION plus the ATMOSPHERE Of COMPETITIVENESS which you cannot get home. But mind one thing – It is not a guarantee to pass the exam 100 percent, but it surely INCREASES YOUR CHANCES if you are NUTS. There are some ppl who do not need coaching yet they join inorder to be with friends and continue with group discussion…. (ha ha …. Those whom I refer have got my point) P.S. – Anatomy, Radiology, Opthalmo- AFMG notes, Pathology – GOLJAN AUDIO (USMLE STUFF) MCQ BOOKS i PREFER MCQ BOOKS 1) ACROSS 1 : – 6 short subjects – Opthalmology, Orthopedics, Skin, Radiology, Anesthesia, Psychiatry 2) ACROSS 2 : – Contains subjects: Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Forensic 3) PATHOLOGY: – Aurora Publications 4) PHARMACOLOGY – Pulse- Gobindrai Garg 5) SURGERY – AA (Ashish Amit) (PULSE PUBLICATIONS) 6) MEDICINE:- AA (Ashish Amit) (PULSE PUBLICATIONS) Mudit Khanna (ARORA PUBLICATIONS) 7) MICROBIOLOGY – Arora Publications 8) PSM – Arora Publications 9) GYNAE – Arora Publications (Sakshi Arora and Panjak Jha) 10) OBSTETRICS – Arora Publications (Sakshi Arora and Panjak Jha) 11) ENT – Elsiever Publications 12) PEDIATRICS – Arora Publications PLUS COMMON MCQ BOOKS : – Sharad Chandra (This book is not so much in detail)
  • Pt…..hi my planns were to read all the subjects. yes i didnt prepare well anatomy,ENT. i gone through these subjects twice with mcqs frm AAA. but guys i knew tht thesde 2 subjects wont decide my results. bcoz i was happy with wht i knew allready. its long journey ………..i cant describe it here. Pt…. plz start preparing frm today. dont leave anything for the last months of exam. prepare all the majour subjects nicely so that u feel comfortable during exam. first paper was tough….in PSM 60%questions were straight or repeated… but remaining were so irritating for me…bcoz they were not frm the common topics frm which the questions are regularly coming.like there wasnt any question frm vectors,contraception…diff studies… study pharmec nicely becoz u will get questions in both the papers…. frm small subjects do first those which u like to study…and for which u dont like,plz read some imp diseases frm that only and do mcqsssss BOTH THEORY AND MCQS ARE IMPORTANT…DONT OVERBURDEN URSELF…AND PREPARE WITH PLANNING….DO WORK HARD…AND BELIEVE IN GOD… Pt…. “ADMIRE UR WORK,DONT LET BOOKS BE UR BURDEN BUT FRIENDS” IF U DONT FEEL LIKE READING THEN GO GET SOME AIR RTHR THN TRYIN TO FORCE URSELF ….IT WILL HELP U FOR UR NEXT STUDY SESSION Pt…. dont be panic ,,paper was tough but i believe that u people ll pass fmge easily,,, only thing is u shd hv cont. reading with planning,,emphasis on theory but dont forget to do mcqs…according to me,,, dont leave any (not a one) subject as optional.if u dont like, just read it & go through mcqs so u can think & answer it.
  • Pt…… NOW MY FRIENDS PL DONOT DONOT DONOT TKAKE MCI LIGHTLY …. START PREPARING NOW…. DONOT THINK THAT I WILL DO IT OR STUDY SERIOUSLY IN DELHI IN LAST 3 MONTHS….. NO ITS WRONG ….PL COVER THE MAJOR PART IN RUSSIA …. I KNOW THAT WE HAVE LOTS OF FREE TIME THERE .. BUT WE R NOT USING IT PROPERLY ….. SO FROM TODAY START PREPARING …. NO GO THROUGH ONLY MCQSSSS … U READ 500 MCQ AND U TELL THAT I FINISHED THATS ITS NOT WORK NOW….. PL GO THROUGH THEORY ….. MAKE THE CONCEPT CLEAR …. AGAR FANDA CLEAR NAHI HOGA TO TUKKA LAGANA PADEGA … AND TUKKA IS ALWAYS LIKE GAMBLE … HAMESA INSAN HARTA HI HAI… SO STUDY WELLL …. DONOT LEAVE ANY SUBJECT AS OPTION …. LIKE I DONOT LIKE BIOCHEM… OPTION ME RAKH DU GA …. NO PL DONOT DO THAT ….GO THROUGH ALL SUBJECT ….WHEN U R READING U THING THAT YAR KUCH YAD HI NAHI REHATA ,,, BOHAT BORING HAI … BUT MANY TIME WHEN U READ THE MCQ U RECALL IT ….ARE HA YAR KAHI TO PADHATHA ….. SO THAT READING HELP U IN TUKKA ALSO…OK …IF ANY THING WANT TO ASK THEN SCEAP ME .,,, I WILL RTEPLY …OK PL STUDY …. STUDY WITH PLAN ….OK … ENJOY RUS ALSO YAR Pt….hello dear friends.first of all i would like 2 tell u all that ,don’t be panic,don’t worry about mci paper in ur time.but i just remind u,the level of exam will b same as ours.don’t hope 4 easy paper.do hard work .prepare theory much more .in sept 2008 many students (of other country,afmg students) passed their exams by doing only theory.bcoz in our exam only 15-20% questions were direct mcqs from book.all other quest made by them.and if u read theory u can clear.all other advice my friends already given 2 u.so don’t worry.god always helps hard working people.i hope ur result will b more & fine
  • Pt…i completely agree wit evry1.but dnt take our advices n start accordng to that bcoz evry1 has his own way of stdying.for instance pratik plans out n do accordng to that bt i faild in doing so..but u shld hav some deadline once u start a subjct n frnds revision is must……plan accordng 2 ur ability n defy ur weakness in smolensk only.to b frank last 3 months passes by n u didnt even get 2 knw….. there is no nd to complete all 19 subjcts.(i lft out anot compltly) bt wht u do,do it 2 d perfection.dont leave any topic in the sub u r stdyng…. in russia try to grab concepts n complete biggies (med,surg,pharma etc) …..books that priyank refferd 2 u all is a must i shld say,refer only 1 book bcoz it will b easier n time savng (i did ths mistake) Group discusn is vry importnt it cn proove 2 b vital at the end. i had a bad experience in exm so wannna tell u all….help ur frnds only aftr compltng ur paper otherwisw both of u may suffer. WHT EVR PRIYANK PRATIK N EVRY1 WROTE IS REALY WORTH READNG N FOLLOWNG BT IN UR OWN WAY. dont ovrstress or do nythng in excess…stdy n njoy…ths is ur last year so keep thngs in balance…ask nythng u all want to ask m sure ny1 of us will b thr 2 answr u all…


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