mci screening test 2009 MEDICAL COUNCIL OF INDIA Subject wise important topics

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Subject wise important topics

here r sum imp topics ……hope itz helpful
Physiology :

1. Exercise changes in body Physiology
2. CSF and Physiology
3. Nerve Physiology
4. Hybridoma technique
5. Kidney and Physiology
6. Endocrinology- Insulin ,steroid hormones, adrenaline, vitamine D, PTH, Calcitonin
7. Blood vessel Physiology

Pharmacology :

1. General
2. Antimicrobials
3. Immunosuppressors and modulators
4. Chemotherapuetic drugs
5. Xenobiotics
6. Neuroleptics
7. Dose reductions
8. Detrusor instability syndromes and drugs
9. Osteoporosis and drugs
10. Digoxin toxicity
11. MRSA
12. Antihistaminics
13. Antiarrhythmics


1 leukemias
2 hyperparathyriodism
3 acid base balance
4 paraneoplastic syndr
5 megaloblastic anemias
6 cns hemorrhage
7 tumors

Anatomy :

1.Coarctation of aorta – collaterals
2.Ulner nerve and Radial nerve – supply in forearm and hand, applied Anatomy
3.Tongue – development, muscle supply, nerve supply
4.Facial muscles namely masseter ,buccinator, digastric ,
5.Common carotid artery ,its branches-internal carotid artery and its branches
6.Renal angle and renal vein drainage
7.Cervical and thoracic vertebrae

Healing and Management of Wounds, Accident ,Resuscitation and Support, Infections, Immunology, Tumours, Cysts, Ulcers, Sinuses, Skin, Burns, Arterial disorders, Venous disorders, Lymphatic disorders, Cranium, Eye and Orbit, Head and Neck , Thyroid gland Thyroglossal tract , Parathyroid and adrenal glands, Breast, Thorax, Heart and Pericardium, Oesophagus, Stomach and Duodenum, Liver, Spleen Gall bladder and Bile ducts Pancreas, Peritoneum, Omentum, Mesentery and, Retroperitoneal space, Small and Large intestines, Intestinal obstruction, Vermiform appendix, Rectum, Anus, Hernias, Umbilicus, Abdominal wall, Kidney and Ureters, Urinary bladder, Prostate and Seminal vesicles, Urethra and Penis, Testes and Scrotum, Miscellaneous

Fractures and dislocations, Infections, Tumours, Chronic joint disorders, Congenital disorders, Disorders of Growing skeleton , Muscle, Tendon and Fascia, Neurological disorders, Spine,, Vertebral column and Spinal cord, Nerves, Miscellaneous

The Molecular and Cellular basis of disease, Diseases due to infection, Virus, Bacteria, Protozoa, Helminthes, Chlamydia, Rickettsiae Spirochaetes, Fungus, Arthropods, Cardiovascular system, Heart rate, Rhythm and Condition, Ischeamic heart disease, Vascular disease, Heart valves, Congenital heart disease, Myocardium and Pericardium, Diseases of Respiratory system, Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, Infections, Tumours of lung and Bronchus, Interstitial and Infiltrative lung disease, Pulmonary vascular disease, Larynx, Trachea, Pleura, Diaphragm and chest wall, Disturbance in Water, Electrolyte and Acid Base disorders, Kidney and Urinary system, Nutrition and Metabolic disorders, Diabetes Mellitus, Endocrine disease, Alimentary tract and Pancreas, Liver and Billary system, Diseases of the Blood, Anemias, Leukaemias, Lymphoma, Myeloma and Myeloprolif erative disorders, Bleeding disorders, venous thrombosis, Blood transfusion, Diseases of the connective tissues, Joints and bones, Diseases of the Nervous system, Cerebrovascular disease, Inflammatory Disease, Degenerative disease, Disease of the nerve and muscle, Infections of the nervous system, Spine and spinal cord, Intra cranial mass lesions, Hydrocephalus, Poisoning, Miscellaneous.
Anatomy , Histology and Physiology , Gynaecological diagnosis, Malformations of female generative organs, Sex and Intersexuality, Vulva, Vagina, STD, Tuberculosis of genital tract, Diseases of Urinary system, The Pathology of conception, Birth control, Trophoblastic diseases, Ectopic gestation, Disorders of Menstruation, Hormone therapy in Gynaecology , Inflammation of uterus, Prolapse, Displacements, Fibromyomas of Uterus, Dysplasias and Carcinomma of Cervix, Carcinoma of the Endometrium, Disorders of the Ovary, PID, Broad ligament, Fellopian tubes and Parametrium , Endometriosis and Adenomyosis, Fundamentals of reproduction, The placenta and Fetal membranes, Fetus, Physiological changes during Pregnancy, Endocrinology, Diagnosis of Pregnancy, The Fetus – in Utero, Fetal skull and Material pelvis, Antenatal care, Normal Labour, Normal Puerperium, Vomiting in Pregnancy, hypertensive disorders in Pregnancy, Haemorrhage in early Pregnancy – Abortion, MTP, Multiple Pregnancy, Polyhydramnics, Abnormalities of placenta and cord, Antepartum haemorrhage, Medical, Surgical and, Gynaecological disorders Complicating pregnancy, Pre term labour, Premature ruptures of membranes, Post maturity, Intra uterine death, Special cases, Contracted Pelvis Abnormal uterine action, Malposition, Malpresentation, Cord Prolapse, Prolonged labour, obstructed labour, Dystocia, Complications of the third stage of labour, Injuries to the birth canal, Low birth weight baby, Diseases of fetus and New born, Miscellaneous
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  2. Syllabus For FMGE (Screening Test for Indian Nationals with Foreign Medical Qualifications)
    ——————————————————PRE AND PARA CLINICAL SUBJECTS: Marks 100——————————————————
    1. General Anatomy:Basic tissues in Body, Terminology & Nomenclature2. Elements of AnatomyOsteology, Arthrology, Myology, Angiology, Neurology3. Regional Anatomy: Upper limb, Lower limb, Thorax-including diaphragm, Abdomen and Pelvis, Head, Neck, Brain and Spinal cord.4. Embryology: Development of individual organs and systems, Postnatal growth & development5. Histology General Histology &Microanatomy of individual organs & systems6. Human Genetics Principles of Human genetics and Molecular biology7. Radiological Anatomy Skiagrams, Special X-rays, Principles of imaging techniques.8. Surface AnatomyIn cadavers, in the living9. Sectional AnatomyThorax, Abdomen, Head, Neck and Brain10. Applied Anatomy 
    1. General Physiology2. Body fluids – Blood3. Nerve and Muscle4. Gastrointestinal Tract5. Kidney6. Skin and Body temperature7. Endocrine Glands8. Reproduction9. Cardiovascular System10. Respiratory System11. Central Nervous Systems12. Special Senses
    1.Cell and Sub-cellular structures2.Hydrogen Ion concentration Acid, Bases, Buffers, Handerson-Haselbach equation3.Isotopes and their Application4.Carbohydrates5.Amino Acids, Peptides and Proteins6.Lipids7.Nuclear Acids8.Enzymes9.Vitamins10. Biological Oxidation11. Digestion and Absorption from GI Tract12. Intermediary Metabolism13. Carbohydrate Metabolism14. Lipid Metabolism15. Protein and Amino Acid Metabolism16. Purine and Pyrimidine Metabolism17. Minerals18. Biochemical Genetics and Protein Biosynthesis19. Tissue Biochemistry20. Liver Functions21. Nutrition and Energy Metabolism
    1.Cell injury2.Inflammation and Repair3.Immunopathology4.Infectious diseases5.Circulatory disturbances6.Growth disturbances and Neoplasia7.Nutritional and other disorders8.Genetic disorder9.Hematology10. Cardiovascular Pathology11. Respiratory Pathology12. Pathology of Kidney and urinary Tract13. Hepato-Biliary Pathology14. Lymphoreticular System / Spleen15. Reproductive System (male & female)16. Diseases of the Breast17. Musculoskeletal System18. Endocrine pathology19. Neuropathology20. Dermato-Pathology21. Ocular Pathology
    1.General Microbiology2.Immunology3.Bacteriology4.General Virology5.Systemic Virology6.Mycology7.Parasitology8.Clinical / Applied Microbiology
    1.General Pharmacology2.Autonomic Nervous System3.Cardio-vascular System4.Diuretics5.Drugs affecting blood and blood formation6.Autocoids and related drugs7.Respiratory System8.Gastro-intestinal System9.Endocrine pharmacology10. Central Nervous System11. Psychopharmacology12. Drugs in Anaesthetic practice13. Chemotherapy14. Toxicology15. Clinical Pharmacology and Rational drug use
    1.Definitions2.Courts of India3.Court procedures4.Medical Certifications & medico-legal reports including dying declaration5.Death6.Changes after death7.Inquest by police, magistrate and coroner8.Identification9.Examination of mutilated human remains10. Medico-legal autopsies11. Mechanical injuries and wounds12. Examination of an injury case13. Injuries due to physical agents & their medico legal importance14. Asphyxial death15. Death due to malnutrition, neglect battered babies16. Dowry death17. Virginity, sexual offences, sexual perversions18. Legitimacy19. Pregnancy and delivery20. Infanticide21. Biological fluids22. Seminal stains23. Forensic Psychiatry24. Medical Jurisprudence25. Toxicology
    ——————————————————CLINICAL SUBJECTS: Marks 200——————————————————
    1.Hemorrhage and shock2.Fluid, electrolyte and Acid balance, nutrition3.Skin tumors, burns, skin grafting4.Arterial diseases5.Venous diseases6.Lymphatic and Lymph nodes7.Wounds8.Specific and non-specific injections9.Tumors, Cysts, Ulcers and Sinuses and Fistulae10. Infections of Hand and Foot11. Diseases of muscle, tendons, bursae and fascia12. Hernia13. Umbilical granuloma, fistula, adenoma14. Abdominal Wall15. Face, Teeth, Gums, Mouth, Tongue, Salivary glands, Neck16. Thyroid Glands, Thyroglossal Tract and Endocrines17. Breast18. Sympathetic System19. Cranio-Cerebral injuries20. Brain, Nerves21. Genito-Urinary System22. Kidneys and Ureters23. Urinary Bladder 24. Prostrate25. Urethra26. Penis, Testis and Scrotum27. Vasectomy and Recanalisation28. Cardiothoracic System29. Oesophagus, Stomach and Duodenum30. Spleen, Liver, Gall Bladder and bile ducts31. Pancreas32. Peritoneum33. Intestines, intestinal obstruction34. Appendix35. Rectum and Anal Canal
    1.Anatomy of upper airway2.Physiology of Respiration O2/CO2 transport. Methods of oxygen therapy.3.Pre-operative evaluation/pre-medication4.Anaesthesic agents, stages of Anaesthesia5.Principles and mechanism of administration of general anesthetics, balanced Anaesthesia6.IPPV, Endotracheal Intubations7.Muscle Relaxants8.Spinal/Epidural Anesthesia9.Local Anesthesia10. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation basic, use of simple ventilators11.Monitoring12. ICU, role of anesthesiologist in ICU13. Shock14. Blood Transfusion and Fluid Electoral Balance15. Sites of respiratory obstruction and management of airway in an unconscious patient16. Poisoning17. Role of anesthesiologist in acute and chronic relief.
    1.Traumatology·Injuries of bones and joints·Injuries of Lower Extremity·Injuries of the Spine·Vascular Injuries2.Cold Orthopedics3.Regional Conditions4.Neuro-Muscular Disorder5.Bone and Joint Tuberculosis6.Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
    1.Respiratory System2.Cardiovascular System3.Gastrointestinal System4.Obstetrics & Gynecology5.Skeletal System6.Central Nervous System7.Excretory System
    1.Principals of Radiotherapy2.Principals of Chemotherapy3.Prevention and Early diagnosis of Cancer4.Principals of Nuclear medicine5.Common radiation reactions and management6.Radiotherapy and chemotherapy in commonly seen cancers7.Radio-isotopes in diagnosis and therapy
    1.Vital statistics2.Neonatology3.Growth & Development4.Nutrition5.Infections6.Genetics7.Pediatric Emergencies8.Central Nervous System9.Gastroenterology10. Nephrology11. Endocrinology12. Respiratory System
    1.Clinical Methods in the practice of Medicine2.Common symptoms of disease3.Nutrition/Exposure to Physical & Chemical Agents4.Infections5.Hematology6.Respiratory System7.Cardio-Vascular System8.Gastro-Intestinal Tract9.Emergency Medicine10. Neurological System11. Nephrology & Urinary system connected to Tissue Disorders12. Endocrine System13. Geriatrics
    TUBERCULOSIS AND RESPIRATORY DISEASESDiagnosis and management of common ailments affecting the chest with special emphasis on management and prevention of Tuberculosis and National Tuberculosis Control Programme.
    1.History aspects and diagnosis & treatment of mental illness2.Conduction of Mental Status Examination3.Behavioral Sciences4.Different psychoses
    Clinical features, diagnosis and management of :5.Schizophrenia6.Mania and depression7.Anxiety disorders and hysteria8.Dementia9.Alcoholism10. Drug Abuse11. Psychiatric emergencies12. Clinical features, diagnosis and management of psychiatric disorders of childhood and adolescence13. Personality disorder
    1.Dermatological therapy2.Lichen Planus3.Diseases caused by Nutritional and Environmental Factors4.Infective Disorders5.Melanocyte, pigment metabolism and other disorders of Pigmentation6.Allergic Disorders7.Dermatitis and Eczema8.Vesiculobullous Diseases9.Alopecia and Hirsutism10. Structure and functions of Sebaceous and Disease11. Leprosy12. Psoriasis13. STD 
    Basic sciences – Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology, Pathology, Elementary Optics, Diseases of the Eye1.Conjunctiva2.Cornea3.Sclera4.Uveal Tract5.Lens6.Vitreous7.Glaucoma8.Retina9.Optic Nerve10. Intra-Occular Tumors11. Squint12. Orbit13. Lacrimal System14. Lids15. Refractive Errors16. Injuries17. Ophthalmic Surgery18. Community Ophthalmology19. Miscellaneous 
    1.Diseases of the Ear2.Diseases of Nose and Para Nasal sinuses3.Diseases of Nasopharynx4.Diseases of Trachea5.Oesophagus
    1.Anatomy of the Female reproductive Tract2.Physiology of conception3.Development of foetus and placenta4.Diagnosis of pregnancy5.Maternal changes in pregnancy6.Antenatal care7.Abnormal obstetrics8.Normal labour9.Normal puerparium10. Breast Feeding11. Care of new born12. Medical termination of pregnancy13. Family planning14. Operative obstetrics15. Post caesarian pregnancy16. Pharmaco therapeutics in obstetrics17. Safe motherhood18. Maternal morbidity, and morality19. Medico legal aspects20. RCH21. Current topics22. Vaginal discharge23. Menstrual disorder24. Fertility, infertility25. Endometriosis and allied states26. Genital injuries and fistulae27. Genital infections28. Genital prolapse29. Tumours30. Carcinoma31. Radiotherapy in gynecology32. Chaemotherapy in gynecology33. Endoscopy34. Diseases of breast35. Operative gynecology
    1.Evaluation of Public Health and Concepts of Health2.Environment and Health3.Health Education4.Nutrition and Dietetics5.Occupational Health6.Medical Sociology and Community Mental Health7.Fundamentals of Biostatics8.Basic Epidemiology9.Epidemiology of Specific Diseases10. Communicable and Non-Communicable Diseases11. Demography12. Reproductive and Child Health13. School Health14. Urban Health15. Health System in India16. Health Planning and Management including Disaster Management17. International Health
    Source: Natboard website 

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