MCI screening test dout and clarification indians in china can olny answer this question

By Live Dr - Thu Dec 18, 4:31 am

Dear Dr.
I am a 3rd year student, studying in China at the moment, The university I am in is recognised by the Indian Medical Council and the course work is also up to standard. Due to a miscommunication with the office, the university now says that I will not be given the final degree at the end of five years, instead they will give me a certifcate certifying that I have successfully passed all my examinations and completed my internship successfully, My grades are very good ( I am in the top 10-20% in my batch and very hardworking). My question is this, how will this affect my ability to sit for the MCI screening test?Even the university here is not sure what the difference is between the two. If i want to do my PG in India will I be able to?(provided of course i get the necessary grades!) and also there is a rumour that if we do our PG in certian countries that we do not have to sit for the MCI screening….is there any truth to this rumour and if so what are the countries that this applies to?
Thank you so much for your advice Sir, you are truly blessed to provide so much relief to so many students!
Please reply soon.



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  1. i study in nepal . do i hve to do internship in india again after passing mci, if i do it once from nepal

  2. Major thanks for the blog article.Really thank you! Really Great.

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