MCI Screening Test Question Paper 2012 March with answers

By Live Dr - Tue May 01, 3:18 am

FMGE(MCI Screening) MARCH 2012 paper
More than 225 QUEs

1. True abt 1 hypothyroidism A/E ——- Low TSH
2. Mickel diverticulum DxOC ???…..Tc 99
3. Patient of CRF on dialysis, cause of death???……
4. HPV 8 asso. Cancer is ???…. Kaposi sarcoma
5. MC tumor of heart???…. Secondries / myxoma*
6. Rynaud’s phenomenon???….. White –blue-red
7. Prostate can MC arise from ?—— peripheral zone
8. Reed Sternberg cell seen in ?—— lymphoma
9. True abt acromegaly A/E ?—— muscle hypertrophy
10. MC complication of blood Tx ?—— febrile reaction
11. Classical Triad of massive blood Tx ?—— Acidosis , hypothermia , coagulopathy
12. All increase in shock A/E ?—— insulin
13. Pulsus bifuriance is seen in A/E ?—— Mitral valve prolapsed*
14. Zink deficiency known as ?—— acrodermatitis enetrohepatica
15. Typhoid ulce perforate on ?—— 3 wk (Not sure of this Que)
16. Absolute leucocytosis and rise TLC seen with ?—— diptherial infection*
17. MC tumor of new born male is ?——
18. True abt cluster headache A/E ?—— Female have 3 times more risk than male
19. Intentional tremor seen in ?—— cerebellar damage
20. True abt hypothyroidism A/E ?—— Tachycardia
21. ST elevation seen in A/E ?—— hypo Ca++ / hyper K+
22. Patient of ectopic cushing release of cortisol not true ?—— lemon stick app*/hypokalemia
23. Schistocyte is seen in ?—— microangiopathic hemolytic anemia
24. True abt Osteromalacia A/E ?—— higher serum Ca level
25. Not true for osteoporosis ?—— rise SAP {serum alkaline phosphatase}
26. True abt polycythema vera A/E ?—— increase level of Erythropoetin
27. True abt FRC ?—— increase with age
28. MAC infection occure when CD 4+ cell count ?—— less than <50 (or vise versa)
29. Shrunken lung disease seen with which of following ?—— SLE
30. Puddle sign use for Dx of ?—— ascites
31. Last cardiac marker to rise in MI ?—— LDH
32. Liver biopsy C/I in ?—— Liver abscess
33. Amebic liver abscess dx by ?——USG
34. Rise in glucocorticoids lead to which of this condition?—— decrease inflammatory condition
35. True for A/E at high altitude ?—— rupture of capillary/alveoli**
36. Normal healthy person on alcohol consumption produce sever vomiting with persistant bleed in vomiting what is Dx ?—— mallory weiss syndrome
37. Scleroderma induce hypertension – ACE inhibitor**
38. To prevent gas gangrene ?—— hyperbaric O2 therapy / proper debridement
39. Gold stand DxOC for Celiac disease – biopsy
40. Flase abt turner syndrome A/E ?—— female height less than 140 cm/ only seen in female
41. Individual with fasting glucose level 104 gm% and and 75 gm oral glucose measure after 2 hr reading is 111 gm % what is Dx ?—— he is normal / has impaire glucose tolerance
42. Renal papillary necrosis cause by A/E – choronic tobacco use
43. Most common cause of Addison di
44. Tremor start in alcohol withdrawal within ?—— 12 hr/ 12-24 hr/ 48-72 hr
45. Patient with subnephrotic protinuria , low serum C3 complement level what is Dx?—— membrabous GN/ lupus nephritis
46. True abt Achalasia cardia A/E ?—— LES pressure decrease in menometory
47. Patient with FVC is 90% and FEV1/FVC is 86% , O2 saturation on exercise drop from 91% to 86 % dx ?—— Primary Pulmonary hypertension
48. TB joint/synovium, synovial fluid finding of ?—— increase protein, decrease sugar……incerease lymphocyte
49. All of following show shrunken kidney except ?——
50. Patient with blood in urine with low serum albumin ..(other symptoms were given) , what is propable diagnosis for this ?—— FSGN/Minimal change disease/MPGN/
(in med Que some other related sub’s question also added)

1. Osler shellen regimen use for?—— Appendicular lump
2. FANC use for A/E ?——follicular ca of thyroid
3. In which breast cancer would u like to o biopsy of opposite breast ?—— lobular carcinoma
4. Which of following has high risk of invasive breast cancer?—— apocrine metastasis*
5. Splenic angle asso with A/E ?—— ileo-cecal junction*
6. MC tumor of appendix ?——Argentaffinoma
7. Undesending testis is ?—— All of above (sterility/ torsion/ infertility)
8. Newborn present with Congenial inguinal hernia what is next best step ?—— conservative/ operate immediately / wait till 3 year than sx/
9. Marjoline ulcer ?—— squamous cell carcinoma
10. Palmer surface in Burns – 1%
11. Fluid used in burn managemanet – Ringer Lactate
12. Escerectomy is require for which type of burn ?—— deep burn (subcutaneous )
13. Circumcision protect from ?—— all of above
14. Which of following prevent risk for carinoma of penis ….. circumcision

15. True abt obstructive jaundice A/E ?—— enlarge gall baldder
16. Most silent Renal stone ?—— Staghorn stone (Not sure for this Que)

OBG (25 ques)
1. H.mole MC metastasis to ?—— Lung
2. Rxoc for Chorioncarcinoma ?—— chemotherapy
3. Which of these infection not tx congenital ?—— adenovirus
4. During Suction and Evacuation uterus perforate what would u do?—— immediate leprotomy*
5. Percentage of Infertility for couple than unexplained ?——
6. Risk of rupture of LSCS ?—— 1-4 %
7. OCP protect against A/E ?—— Cancer cervix
8. External cephalic version is C/T for A/E ?—— sever breech
9. Pre-natal cause of death of infant ?—— Birth injury *
10. MCC of 1st Trimester abortion ?—— chromosomal anomaly
11. Longest fetal diameter ?—— mentovertical
12. At time of ovulation, true statement is ?—— 1st polar body release
13. On USG nuchal transulence is seen in A/E ?—— fetal infection/down syndrome/ cardiac defect/
14. Late decleration of fetus is seen with ?—— fetal anoxia
15. MC type of twins ?—— Dichorionic diamniotic (dizygotic twin) monochorinic diamniotic (monozygotic twin)*
16. True abt placental separation A/E ?—— decrease in fundal height
17. test use for sperm dx motility or morphology?—— (not sure for motlity)
18. Correct sequence of lochia. ?—— Rubra –serosa-alba
19. Fetal hemetopoetic in liver start at ?—— 12 week (something of fetal hematopoetic Question not sure this one.)
20. Uterine artery is brach of ?—— internal ileac artery
21. Cu T 380 A life span if ?—— 10 year
22. Acyclical vaginal bleeding knowns as ?—— meterorrhagia
23. Failure rate of sterilization by pomeroy method ?—— 0.4

OPTHALMOLOGY (25 questions were ask in paper)

1. Max. Visual impaire seen with???…… post. Sub scapular cataract
2. 1st line Rx for sever OAG???…… pilocarpine* latanoprost*
3. Trabeculotomy mostly sefull for ???…….ACG (or vise versa)
4. Keratometer measure???……corneal curvature
5. Recurrent corneal erosion seen with???……..Corneal dystrophy
6. Drug use for dendritic ulcer A/E???……..corticosteriod
7. Which CN paly cause Exposure keratitis???……CN 7{facial nerve}
8. Coroiditis mostly asso with???…..RA
9. Micropsia, metamorphopsia, seen with which of following???…. post uveitis
10. Cobble stone papille seen in???……..Spring catarrh{vernal keratocunj.}
11. Drug use for vernal keratoconjuctivitis???…….Olonpatadine
12. Post.stypyloma seen in ???……Degenerative mypoia
13. Excessive accommodation produce???…………. Peudomyopia
14. Neovascularization 1st occur at???…….disk…..retina…coroid….iris???
15. Altitudinal hemianopia seen with???……..AION
16. Tobacco amblyopia treated by???……..cobalamine (B12)
17. 6th CN palsy eye deviate toward right side..which is ture???….head turn to right
18. Visual defect with pituitary tumor is???…….Bitemporal hemoanpia
19. M/C/C of vitreous hemorrhage in young adult???……Trauma
20. Rhegmatogous retinal detachment seen A/E???…… DM
21. Orbital cellulitis M/C asso with… Ethmoiditis (not sure this Q was in paper)
22. Viual aquity of an eye is best described as –

1. Millennium goal achieved by???…….2015
2. Which of these has poor source of Vit D???…….Fish fat ….egg….olive oil….
3. Acceptable noise in Hospital (In db)???……40-60 db/15-30db/35-50db
4. Weight gain in Pregnancy for indian women???…..12kg*/10 kg *( 11 kg is not in Option)
5. Residual chlorine is measure by???…..Chloroscope
6. 6 month old infant present with breathing rate of 40/min Dx will be???……pneumonia other option are /sever, /mild,/no pneumonia
7. IMR does not include??? ……Perinatal mortality
8. Direct cause of Maternal death is???…… Hemorrhage
9. M/C/C of MMR is???…..Hemorrhage (yes this Que is asked twice )
10. Female MPW can Dx A/E ??? ……..Chronic Renal failure
11. How much meal in gm is given in mid day meal program????……..50 ,/ 100,/ 150,/ none??? (75 gm is not in option)
12. Cafeteria approach use for ???…….. family planning programe
13. carrier state not possible -tetnus
14. Disease Tx by mite???…..scrub typhus
15. One community block for???…….100 village and 100000 population
16. In normal distribution Mean + 2SD will cover ???…….95.4
17. True abt breast milk A/E???….. max production at 12 month of lactation
18. Indicator of water contamination???……E.coli
19. Reverse cold chain use for ???………Transport of polio stool sample from PHC to CHC
20. Measles vaccine post exposure can be use up to ???…..3 days (not sure this Q was in paper)
21. Soiling Index use for ???…..Air pollution
22. Sanitary line should be away minimum of ???…….10 m,100m,
23. Which is not the element of health care system???
24. Triad of Epidemiology ???…….- Agent , Host, Environment ,… distribution, determination,
25. A case of Filariasis A/E??? – Oncocerca Volvulus /Brugiya Malayi/ Timori/ / W. Bancrofti
26. BMI defined as???….. Wt/Ht2 X 100 (yes there is 100 given in option that’s why many student make mistake )
27. Total fertility —–gross reproductive rate
28. Chronic S/E of newer Drug is access in which pahse of clinical trial ? phase 4
29. kata thermometer-cooling power of air (not sure this Q was in paper)

1. Radioisotopes use for thyroid destruction???……..I131
2. Pencil and cup deformities/apperance seen in???
3. Adder head app seen in???……Ureterocele
4. Mickel diverticulum DxOC ???…..Tc 99 (not sure this Q was in paper)
5. Dxoc for interstitial lung disease?—— HRCT
6. mc radiosensitive tumor -seminoma
7. Bone in bone is seen in ?—— osteopetrosis*
8. Three cup urine test use for Dx ?——

1. gas gangrene is cause by ?—— Clostridium welchi
2. Botulinum toxin ?—— presynaptic action
3. Pseudomembraeous colitis(rather than pseudo they… wrote something else ) cause by ?—— Clostridium defficile
4. Dermatophytones cause infection of ?—— All of above (hair/ nail/skin)
5. Paule bannel test use for dx of ?—— infectious mononeucliosis
6. Lag phase of bacterial life cycle represent ?——
7. Which is precipitation test ?—— Weil-felix reaction
8. Negri body is seen in ?—— Rabies

Biochemistry (about 15-20 question)
1. B1 deficiency is Dx by ?——
2. Insulin stimulate which enzyme ?—— Glycogen synthase
3. Alpha KGD and PHD deficiency asso with ?—— beriberi
4. Which of this is collagen synthesis defect ?—— all four option are collagen defect (scurvy/ osteogenic imprefecta/ other two)
5. AA is use for Purine synthesis ?—— gycine**
6. Precursor of Dopamine?—— tysosine

Pharma(25- questions)

1. Drug use oral for Pseudomemranous colitis ?—— vancomycin
2. Which of following is nephrotoxic and ototoxic ?—— vancomycin
3. Jet black tongue is seen in ?—— cocaine abuse
4. True abt Atropine A/E ?—— bronoconstriction
5. Busulphan S/E is ?—— pulmonary fiberosis
6. Anti cancer drug most commonly asso with vomiting ?——cisplatin
7. Mechanism of action of sildenafil ?——
8. Infant present with salivation, lacrimation , diarrhea what is most likely poisoing ?—— organophosphate
9. Antidote of cyanide poisoing. ?——sodium thiosulphate
10. Drug used in management of NSAID induced Ulcer ?——PPI
11. For Anti diarrheal drugs which is true?——
12. True chronic S/E of of following drugs A/E?—— amiodarone with phosphate deposition in tissue
13. True abt phynylephrine?——
14. Drug use for parkinson disease?—— Promethazine
15. Drug use for prostate cancer ?—— Finasteride
16. Thiazide diuretic can lead to ?—— hypercalcemia
17. Drug act by inhibiting RNA sequence ?——
18. Drug cause Retro peritoneal fibrosis?—— Bromocriptin
19. Which one is action of B-agoinst A/E?——
1. Ant Shoulder dislocation – Axillary Nerve Injury
2. Nerve damage in # of Shaft of Humorous ???…….Radial nerve
3. Cock up splint seen in???….. Radial nerve damage
4. In # of tibia which nerve damage ???…. common peroneal nerve*
5. Ulner nerve damage lead to ???……..claw finger hand
6. True abt Neurapraxia is ???…… Physiological nerve conduction block
7. Avascular necrosis seen in – Talus
8. Tendon reflex carry by – type 1a fiber (something typical question was there not sure this one.)

1. Eustesian tube open at ?—— behind ferior meatus
2. Rhynophyma is ?—— hypertrophy of …………*
3. Bacterial abscess from ear infection cause by ?—— strep pneumococcus*
4. Pneumatic bone is ?—— frontal sinus
5. Safety muscle of larynx is?—— post cricoarytenoid
6. Caloric test stimulates ?—— lateral semicircular canal
7. For Tunnig fork test frequency use is ?—— 512 Hzs

1. T Cells develop in – Thymus
2. Normal plasma osmolarity?—— 280-290mosmol/L
3. LtB4 is made by which pathway?—— —-LOX
4. Hering –Breuer reflex is ?——prevent further inflation of lung

1. Acantholytic cell seen in ?——phemphigus valgaris
1. Urogenital diaphram is made of A/E?——

1. False about propofol ?——
2. Local anesthetic mechanism of action ?—— block Na+ channel
1. Diatoms are seen in which type of death – Drowning
2. Last muscle to under go …………?——

1. A child always fights in school, has deciplinry problems in school – Conduct Disorder *
2. Death of near one lead to A/E ?——Anger*
3. True abt bulimia nervosa A/E ?—— menorrhegia
1. 6month infant with 8 kg of wt with not feeding and delayed skin pitch (symptoms of sever dehydration) what is best for Management. ?—— 800 ml RL over 5-6hrs / 250 ml RL over 2-3 hrs**

1. Two Question of antipsychotic drugs
2. Two Question from Glomerular disease
3. Two question from ………Cyst line by columnar/ cuboidal/squamous cell……

Here ** is indicative of not sure ANS….so plz find right ans or just post here what ever ANS u know…. ..
Plz correct any ans if it’s not right….. it will be helpful to others….
I m not sure abt… Some Ques so any one know that Que was not in paper plz let us know.. thank in advance….

MCI Screening Test or FMGE



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