MCI Screening Test- Sep,2009 Questions RECALL recollected

By Live Dr - Wed Sep 30, 5:24 am

pallindromic seequence in dna..?
if reduced sugar is seen in a kid ,diagnosis..?
musty odour of urine ..?i wrote pheylhetonuria
trauma and conductive hearing loss …what is reason of chl..?
relation of spleen in context with which structures..?
azygous vein drains in which ?
a 4 year kid cannot do what? skip ,hop. tell a story?
nodular glomerunephritisis seen in ?
erythroblastosis fetalis which type of hypersensitivity?
which anticancer drug have side effect of peripheral neuropathy?
manchester operation saves which out of foll ,vagina length,cervix lenght, fertility ,menstruation?
inguinal hernia in kids.. 3 question were there… in kids time of operation..? relation of sac .i mean postion..
if cecum is involved as a part of hernial sac then its called which hernia..? i wrote richters.
dose of benzyl penicillin and duration?
comunity health centre capacity of people surveillance..?
how many times school children r checked in a year?
ASHA — ans i wrote was woman arent educated till only 4th grade…
there was a question abt adoption of some other values and makin a part of urs..ans i wrote was acculturation..
though i think ans can be INternalisation
other questions from pharma..
drug which is contraindicated in glaucoma..
doc of sustained tachycardia
alpha agonist have which activity except..i wrote general anaesthesia..
medical adrenelectomy done by?

angle recession glaucoma ..seen in .. choroid tumor,congenital glaucoma?
reffered pain of middle ear will be in ..? nasopharynx…
which ion is responsible for repolarisation current..? K or Na..or Chloride..?
latch system is seen in which ..? Smooth muscle , skeletal muscles..? Smooth muscle is ans..
chronic atrophy of adrenal gland secretion will result in which hormone deficiency..? Acth, Crh..?
In Rickets which of the foll is seen..? Metaphyseal widening, Bowing of legs..?
second degree burns heal by how many days or weeks..? 2 week, 2-3 weeks, 6 weeks,..?
If brachial pouch dont fuse what will be the result..? i wrote Collaural fistula..
all the muscles supplied by recurrent laryngeal nerve except…? ans is cricothyroid muscle which is by Sup laryngeal nerve..
treatment of choice of recurrent NAsal poly..? CAldwell LUcs operation is the ans..
Swelling of salivary and parotid gland is seen in ? Sjogrens..
Autoantibody against ACh Receptors is seen in ..? Myasthenia gravis..

vision 2020 aims at ..? i wrote…eliminating dises which r treatable..
acute hydrops reason..?
oligemic bands seen in which of the foll except..? asd, great vessels , pulmonary hypertension..?
pao2 by fio2 in ards..? ans is less than 0.2
type 2 respiratory failure..? examples..
congenital syphilis was ans of bullous lesions in a kid ..lesions were on palms too..
sumatriptan…mechanism of action…?
unlocking of leg done by which muscle..?
trehns sign,,> i wrote nerve regeneration..
bilateral involvement in breast cancer…seen..?
treatment in cbd stone of 8mm..? i wrote ercp..
malignant otitis…? pseudomonas..
sequence of colour change in raynauds..?
bergers disease involves..? vein artery nerves.
co2 used in laparoscopy..
what is endproduct of anearobic glycolysis..?
cv catheter is which structure..?
in disaster situation how many colour codes r used..?2.3.4?
tobacco day? 5th may
if calcium levels r low., whish type of calcification? metastatic..
doctor with HBsag+ , HBe + means..? its acute and infectious disease..
pilonidal sinus … is it located only at sacrococcygeal area or can be russurent after surgery..? other options were obvious to get ruled out like more in females cuz more its seen in hairy man..)

tricky question , other name of AST ..sgpt or sgot.. that is seen in alcoholic liver ,,ans is sgot..(AST)
doc of acute severe asthma…b2 agonist.
ectopic salivary glands..location MC ? cheek, neck, tongue, palate..?

retinoblastoma … black spicules seen..
which drug not given in acute mania…?Haloperidol..
most common cancer of eyelid ? squamous or basal cell Ca..? i wrote basal
atropine not given in ?keratitis., glaucoma.., iritis..?
pulmonary embolus..most common ecg change..thanks to our therapy teacher..ans is sinus tac..and 1 more question was main pattern most commonly seen is s1 q3 t3
if both vagus r cut ..? no change in respiration i think..
hanging case.. knot is at ? occipital
in dowry death case who is in charge… ? magistrate …
mucous diarrhea after treatment of peritonitis..? ab associated diarrhea..
widening of C loop of duodenum with mucosal ulceration ..due to..? either ca od pancreas body ca or duodenal ulcer?
Human development index includes..except..?
svc syndrome associated with ?
amt of blood loss post delivery..?
perinatal mortality.. includes ? total birth, live births..,?
true positivity rate..?
thiopentol use..?
what is used in bone scans..? Technate 99
Austin flint murmur..?
amyloids is seen in which Ca,,? medullary thyroid

thyroxine used in which Ca treatment..?
oschner kushner regime used in..? Appendicular mass..
hellers myotomy in ? achalasia..
albumin half life..? awful question !! examiners shud be sent in asyllum!!! .. 20 days…i guessed..
most common cause of inf endocarditis..? strep viridans..and candia in ID users ..
acrodermatitis enteropathica? acquired zinc defecieny
heparin can used in vivo it was ans of exclusion since can b used in vitro too …
zinc is used in treatment of?
seizures seen in which vitamin deficiency?
pellagra..cause? niacin def

vitamin c deficiency causes except..?
organophosphate poisoning treatment..?except..
efficacy of milk pateurisation done by all except..? nitric acid, phosphatase, turbidity, paper chromatography?
mc cause of adult meningitis..?
mmr vaccine ..? Killed vaccine..
mechanism of diptheria infection..? prot inhibition
Psm questions..were like.. total are of windows and door in a classroom..?
then dose of vitamin A given at first visit

by Dr.Kunal


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