Medical Devices Streamlined By New Software

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Medical Devices Streamlined By New Software

e-Zassi.com has expanded its online product application so members can extract critical technical and business-related traits and attributes from new medical device technologies to facilitate the ability of innovators and others involved in medical device invention to deeply analyze and forecast the opportunities and the challenges from time of invention throughout all development and commercialization phases.

The new easy-to-use software has been created to deliver powerful development and commercially related outputs that are critical to such activities as:

  • technology transfer;
  • business development;
  • market and commercial analysis;
  • due diligence & portfolio management;
  • intellectual property and patent development;
  • product development and financial planning; and
  • capital acquisition via venture capital and grants.

According to e-Zassi™ Chief Executive Officer Peter M. von Dyck: “We recognize the value of being able to gain rapid and deep insights as early as possible into any new medical innovation development and commercialization requirements, which are uniquely calculated by the e-Zassi Innovation Assessment Technology.” He adds that: “Not knowing critical details can dramatically hinder a technology from ever being successfully funded, licensed, developed or commercialized.” Critical details, says von Dyck, include: a new technology’s probable regulatory classifications; the associated clinical endpoints to support the safety and marketing claims to earn market clearances; early stage clarity on the reimbursement and market landscape; and identification of material manufacturing, distribution and sales burdens.

The e-Zassi platform delivers this decision-support knowledge in minutes rather than months to provide decision-making information to innovators, device manufacturers, service providers, venture capital firms, researchers and healthcare providers as they undergo the processes of due diligence, product and fund development or provide services for bringing to market medical technologies. It is estimated that the time and costs to provide comparable content and insights to the e-Zassi Assessment platform would take approximately two to three months and cost up to $75,000.

All e-Zassi online elements are uniquely categorized and organized among thousands of Device Network Attributes (DNA) the company identified over several years. “We now know how this business and technology ‘DNA’ can be leveraged by the members in the e-Zassi Community to rapidly identify synergistic partners and technological opportunities,” says von Dyck. “Empowering our members to leverage these vital attributes on a private online community materially enhances search/match relevancy on a level not available on any other existing network, which helps lower costs, save time and enhance success rates.”


e-Zassi.com is a subscription based, online community and Software as a Service (SaaS) company that was spun off Zassi Medical Evolutions®, a privately held company with a 12-year history of innovation and development in medical devices. Special customized memberships are available now.

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Innovative IPhone™ Medical Application Granted

FDA Clearance

AirStrip Technologies, a pioneer in mobile medical software applications, announced that it has received FDA clearance to release the AirStrip OB™ application for use on the iPhone, and that the application is now available for download to qualified physicians at Apple’s App Store.

AirStrip OB allows obstetricians to use their iPhones to remotely access virtual real-time and historical waveform data for both the mother and baby, including heart tracings and contraction patterns, as well as nursing notes and exam status. The data is sent directly from hospitals’ labor and delivery units and can be accessed on the iPhone anytime, anywhere the doctor gets a cell-phone connection.

“We believe that AirStrip OB for the iPhone is truly a milestone for mobile healthcare technology,” said Dr. Cameron Powell, President and CMO of AirStrip Technologies. “By using the iPhone’s groundbreaking technology, AirStrip OB sets the bar for a higher standard of care, and utilizes the iPhone’s full potential in a healthcare setting.”

Noting that labor and delivery is one of the riskiest and most litigious environments in healthcare, and that communication errors lead to a measurable majority of actionable bad outcomes, Dr. Powell added that AirStrip OB aims to mitigate that risk by closing the communication gap among caregivers.

Already available on PDAs and Smartphones and in use by a rapidly growing number of obstetricians nationwide on Windows Mobile™ devices, the AirStrip OB/iPhone application provides doctors with multi-touch capabilities to quickly scroll and zoom through critical data. The highly intuitive application maximizes real estate on the iPhone’s touchscreen, providing rapid visualization of more medical data per screen compared to any other mobile device or Smartphone available today. The application enables on-demand delivery of vital information about a number of patients across multiple hospitals.

“The demands of a physician’s day necessitate their periodic absence from labor and delivery and other acute care environments,” Dr. Powell said. “As a result, doctors need easy-to-use, standards-based, intuitive mobile applications that can be quickly downloaded with the necessary security and configuration files in place, and with hospital perinatal systems up and running live. AirStrip OB on the iPhone meets these demands.”

The hospital purchases the AirStrip system, which works in tandem with the hospital’s existing patient monitoring system, and doctors can then install the AirStrip OB application on their iPhone. Those interested in finding out more about AirStrip OB, including the ROI for hospitals that use the application, are encouraged to visit http://www.airstriptech.com.

Trey Moore, CTO of AirStrip Technologies, pointed out that while physician use of mobile applications is steadily increasing, the adoption rate for the iPhone among doctors is soaring.

“The iPhone represents a quantum leap forward in handheld technology,” Moore added. “With AirStrip’s proven success and its innovative solutions for the iPhone, our goal is to continue to improve patient safety, reduce risk, and boost communication among caregivers, while providing a measurable return on investment for hospitals and insurance providers.”

AirStrip officials made the announcements while exhibiting at the Annual HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society) Conference and Exhibition in Chicago. HIMSS is the healthcare industry’s membership organization exclusively focused on providing global leadership for the optimal use of healthcare information technology (IT) and management systems.

About AirStrip Technologies, L.P.

Headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, AirStrip Technologies is a pioneer in mobile, medical software applications designed to work across any platform. AirStrip Technologies engages, consults and employs leading technology and medical experts to ensure their products are the best in the industry. The core technology team is committed to bringing best-of-breed products to the market that enhance the ability of physicians and healthcare professionals to perform their work on a daily basis with the added assurances that their patients are being provided the best care available. Visit http://www.airstriptech.com for more information.

AirStrip Technologies, L.P

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