medical students from India,Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Ghana and Nigeria,

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Indian students pose for a picture at Dali Medical College in China (TOI Photo)

If Russia was the destination of choice in the 1980s and 1990s for Indian students who could not make it into medical colleges in India, China has now emerged as the hot favourite. Last year, for instance, nearly 3,000 Indian students took admission in medical colleges in China.

Still in its relatively early years, the trend has already hit a minor roadblock. After complaints from several students who went in the earlier batches about some of the medical universities not having enough professors to teach them in English and about the curriculum, the Chinese government stepped in this year to specify that only 30 medical colleges identified by it can admit foreign students. The medium of instruction will be English in all these colleges.

Of these 30 colleges, only 24 let in foreign students in 2007-08. The total number of seats in these was just about 2,095 for all foreign students, which would include students from Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Ghana and Nigeria, though Indians constitute the bulk.

In 2003, the year after the Delhi High Court ordered that students going abroad would need eligibility certificates issued by the Medical Council of India (MCI), 1,595 certificates were issued. Since then the numbers have been climbing steadily, from 2,500 in 2004 to 4,557 in 2006. MCI admits that the bulk of these students is going to China followed by a dwindling number going to Russia.

Russia is not as popular as it once was since it is far more expensive than China, where an MBBS course costs just Rs 5 lakh to Rs 8 lakh. These apart, Mauritius has just one college and there are six or seven in Nepal that take in Indian students. In 2007, only 3,500 certificates were issued, which could be because of the cut in the number of seats in China.

How good is the medical education these students are getting in China? While MCI expresses concern about the quality of education in some Chinese universities, the fact remains that in the Times Higher Education Supplement’s (THES) 2006 listing of top 100 biomedicine universities in the world, three universities from China figure while there is just the IITs from India at 62nd place. Beijing or Peking University is eighth in this list, followed by Tsinghua University at 75th place and Nanjing University at 86th place. Of the top 400 universities listed by THES in 2007, seven are from China and two from India, IIT Bombay and Delhi University. Most of these world-class universities in China figure in the list of 30 universities that China has opened to foreign students.

MCI secretary Lt. Col Dr ARN Setalvad (retd.) felt that while in India a medical college would be allowed to take in 100-120 students depending on how much capacity their facilities could handle, in China, they would take 200-300 students or more. “Obviously, if you take in more students you can offer education at cheaper rates as overheads come down. But what about the quality of the education,” wonders Dr Setalvad. In the case of colleges in Nepal and Mauritius there are no problems as the medical education in these countries is in English and is modelled after the Indian system.

“The scale of operation in these colleges is beyond what the officials here can imagine. The infrastructure is massive and so they can take more students. They don’t build for just a 100 students like we do here, but for 300-400 students or more,” says Sanjeev Kumar of Saraswati Online, an agency for nine medical universities in China that sends about 700 students to China every year. Students from India studying in colleges echo his views. “You would be amazed if you see the infrastructure here. It is as good if not better than most private medical colleges in India. In terms of training it might not be as good as AIIMS. But it is not fair to compare it with AIIMS, which is the best in our country. Then why not compare AIIMS with the best in China like Beijing University or Shanghai Medical University? “asks Gautam Singh, a medical student in China.

Of the total number of foreign students in these medical universities, over 90% are said to be from India, with the rest coming from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. With the surge in demand from Indian students the Chinese universities have been gradually hiking the fee. “In 2004-05, the fee was in the range of $1,700-2,000. Now in many universities it ranges between $3,000-4,000. It is expected to increase further next year,” says Kumar. It could also be over $5,000 per year in the best university, Beijing University, which would still amount to just over Rs 10 lakh. Gautam also points out that since the students paid in dollars, with the falling value of dollar, the amount will not increase all that much.

In India, most students hail from Andhra Pradesh, followed by Kerala and Tamil Nadu. There is a big rush from West Bengal, Assam, Jharkhand and the North East too. There is not much rush from Delhi and Punjab, but Uttar Pradesh is fast catching up. Saraswati Online alone has sent about 400 students from UP over the last four years.

“Parents are being taken in by the rosy picture painted by agents of the various Chinese universities. Did any of them bother to find out if they are any good? Did they take the government’s permission before sending their children? If things go wrong they have to bear the brunt of it. We even have students studying medicine in Romania and Tanzania. Who knows what the quality of education there is! Our laws say that as long as they can clear the screening test after completing MBBS they can practise in India,” explains Setelvad, adding that parents misconstrue any warning issued by the MCI as the council’s attempt to help private medical colleges in India.

The hardest hit by Chinese colleges seem be the Indian private medical colleges, some of whom charge Rs 20 lakh per seat. “The medical colleges in China are a blessing for the middle class in India, who cannot afford such a high fee. Many in the government favour private medical colleges. Hence they are trying to run down the medical colleges in China,” says Dr N Laddha of UMCS in Maharashtra, another agency sending students to China.

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    Transfer is a poor Idea which every Indian student in abroad gets,and most of them settle with it.but go for the transfer if your problem is really serious.dont change the college for silly reasons like Fights with Friends or ragging, It’s all part of Life.Who knows you might meet still worst guys in the college in which you are looking for transfer.even It might cause problem for you when you sit for Mci Exam.

  9. I am bangladeshi.i married an india national.now i got residence permit in India by marriage.
    i did MBBS from bangladesh.Now i want to do my MBBS Internship in any where India.Please suggest me what should how can get it.Please reply.

  10. well you got the Residence permit for India Rite?
    Then you got a chance ,Call the Mci office or Go there with your husband 
    and talk to them DIRECTLY.

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  12. hey iam a student from a tianjing university of china, i need to do my internship in deli, so can you please tel me what i have to do and what are the good hospitals that are available

  13. search it in google = Places for good hospitals that are available medical internship near New Delhi, Delhi 110001, India

    In the google maps you can find the Hospitals with the Address.
    To Find the best Hospital to do Internship you should ask a Good doctor in Delhi.
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    I have recently completed my Final year exams from Batra College in Jammu. Due to personal reasons I am required to move to Delhi. I would like to do my Internship from Delhi.
    A) Is this possible?
    B) What are the rules governing this transfer?
    C) Which hospitals could I contact for a possible transfer?

    Usually, one can do Internship in another college, which is under same University, provided that there’s no objection from individual colleges. Colleges usually insist that atleast Urban & Rural posting of PSM is done with them, unless both colleges belong to same University.A provisional registration is given by the respective State Medical Council in Internship & it gives a Permanent Registration only after Internship completion.

    The colleges where one can do internship are those which admit Medical students, so Speciality/Superspeciality Institutions without Medical college are not allowed to take Interns.

    In your case, you’ll probably need permission from MCI as well, since it is a different state altogether!In the meanwhile, you can ask State Medical Council, about the process of getting their permission.

    AIIMS does not accept outside interns. get an NOC from your college and state medical council, then get provisional registration at DMC (it is in MAMC campus, patology block). bring attested copies of all documents, photos, photo i-card. it takes a week to get the registration, in the meanwhile go to hospitals with the DMC reciept.
    Hospitals without medical colleges are allowed to take interns. safdarjung hospital, deen dayal upadhayaya hospital, gangaram hospital, jaipur golden hospital, ram manohar lohia hospital, hindurao hospital, batra hospital, railway hospital are recognised for this by MCI. But some of these do not have PSM postings, so its better that you finish PSM in your college or some other place. interviews are held on the first working day of each month. brush up on some subject of your choice. if you know a doctor in any of these hospitals then it becomes very easy, as a lot of applicants apply, around 60-70 at each place. And the selections are not always fair, unless you have very good knowledge.

    Any1 can contact me on 9990749389 for info on internship in Delhi.

  14. actually i want to study in Dalian medical University. I want to know that is it a right choise? i also want to know that which is better China or Bangladesh for medical education? plz plz plz replay

  15. sir i am a realy needy student from pakistan
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  16. I’m a final year medical student in nigeria, hoping to transfer to any of the aforementioned colleges due to the incessant strike actions in my school. Pls how can you help me.

  17. lugask state medical university post graduate degree is valid to work in saudi and india

  18. ukraine master degreeis accepted in saudi or india like lugansk medical university ukraine

  19. sir ,
        i transferd from ukraine to romania one year ago now i am in fifth year in romania but i didnt know about migration rule which come on 16april2010.that student cant change the university but i already finished my one year in romania can you plz tell me how can i write mci screening test after graduation.

  20. plz inform me that how i can admit in mbbs?I am afghani and want to take admission in Mbbs.

  21. Salam ! wish you all the best . i am from Afghanistan , grduated from medicine faculty of Herat university in 2010 , (westrn Afghanistan,working as ER doctor wih MSF.i want to do internship course of inernal medicine in your’s teaching hospitals ,please guide me and give informaion about the procedure.waiting eagerly for your feedback as soon as you can .thanks
    Dr.shafiullah from Afghanistan

  22. hello sir
    i am a 4th yr mbbs student in nigeria, and i want to transfer to any of your colleges, pls how can you help me.
    thank you

  23. i wanna get admission in any medical college or university in Afghanistan to became a medical doctor,although i am Pakistani citizen so pl z brief me how it will be possible.

  24. i am physiotherapy student studing in india andhra pradesh si i wso send me all top colleges
    ant to get admission in china

  25. @Shiva
    Peking Union Medical College in Beijing and Shanghai Fudan University are the best in Universities in China but their college fee are very high which cost up to 7 Lacks per year for that a student can take admission in a medical college in India.

    According to Indian Medical students they take admission in cheap and best colleges in China.
    Money seriously matters Dude and the quality of education too which cost 3 lacks per annum for 5 years and No fee for the last year if internship done in India
    So the second line Medical colleges are Qingdao Medical university,Nantong Medical university ,Guangxi Medical University,China Three Gorges University and Tianjin Medical University.

    I will send you other details and application form and stuff via E-mail.


  26. Unofficial visit of Dr.Damodar Gajurel
    (President of Nepal medical council) to low rank universities of china

    I am a Nepali student who came to Jiujiang university in September 2011 batch by a consultant named Dr.Ramesh Acharya (Worked for Read Education Company ,Nepal and latter he was thrown out of this company due to cheating case) on this promise that Dr.Damodar Gajurel is his relative and will recognized Jiujiang University By NMC.That consultant fulfilled his promise and in May 2012 Dr.Damodar Gajurel and his delegation visited Jiujiang university. We were very happy. But after two days meeting of NMC delegation with Jiujiang University no result. These delegations at once ask us to move to Changsha Medical University (even last year banned by Beijing education ministry china to enroll international students) .We were surprised to know that. When we ask university they told us that this delegation asks for high bribe which we can not afford. We want to stay in Jiujiang University but Dr.Ramesh Acharya and Dr.Damodar Gajurel are forcing us to move Changsha Medical University. When we came to Jiujiang University we were 34 but they have moved 10 of us to some unknown university and also forcing us to move Changsha Medical University. How NMC can ask us to move such university which was last year banned by education ministry of China. We want help from our government .Plz Plz Plz help us. After this article may be our carrier will be in danger because Dr.Damodar Gajurel is a strong man but we hope our government will stop this kind of people.
    The Rising Nepal
    31st March
    Dr.Damodar Gajurel (President of NMC)
    Nepal Medical Council (NMC) has made it mandatory for students going abroad for MBBS studies to attend the entrance exam conducted by the Ministry of Education or medical colleges in the country and secure 50 per cent marks.
    Dr. Gajurel said around 500 students go abroad every year for studying MBBS. Among them 60 per cent go to Bangladesh and the remaining go to China and other countries. More than 70 per cent students returning from China could not pass the licensing exams conducted by the medical council, Dr. Gajurel claimed.
    Dr. Gajurel expressed the belief that with the implementation of this new provision, students going abroad for MBBS studies would decrease notably and this would help in the production of quality doctors.
    March 29
    Dr Nilamani Upadhya (NMC Registrar)
    “We brought in such a provision to check incapable students from become doctors,” NMC Registrar Dr Nilamani Upadhya said adding, “Quality of doctors, who obtained their qualifications abroad, is very poor in the comparison to doctors produced by medical colleges in Nepal.” Some students who got MBBS degree from foreign universities do not even have the basic knowledge of the medicine

    May 2012
    In September 2011 a batch of 34 Nepali students entered in a very low rank university( Jiujiang university even not recognized by WHO) through a Nepali Education Company( ) by a consultant named Dr Ramesh Achariya .This consultant charged about 6000 USD from each student even original fee was 2700 USD.When students asked about remaining money ,he replied that remaining money he will give to President of NMC (Dr.Damodar Gajurel) who is his relative so that next year (Dr.Damodar Gajurel) can recognize that university with NMC.
    Dr.Damodar Gajurel (Passport No:2923274) and his delegation (1:Dr Nilmani Upadhyay :Passport No:1865654 2:Jagdish Prasad Agrawal:Passport No:3402113 ) accompanied by a Nepali consultant named Dr Ramesh Achariya visited china in first week of May. They contacted many low ranked universities who can teach only in Chinese Medium
    1: Jiujiang University
    2: Jinggangshan University
    3: Changsha Medical University (even banned by Beijing education ministry to enroll international students)
    for visit but universities requested them to contact the Nepal embassy first but they refused to do so. According to the rules and regulations if any foreign delegation want to visit any university in china they should first contact the embassy of their country in China, embassy should contact Ministry of Education, Beijing but when university asked to follow this procedure Dr.Damodar Gajurel and his delegation refused to do so. That’s why high ranked leaders of those universities refused to see this unofficial delegation. Then they decided to offer some money to low ranked officials of those universities.
    If for a while we accept that this delegation was not unofficial then why Dr.Damodar Gajurel didn’t contact Nepal embassy in China. Second Ministry of Education, Beijing has a list of 50 medical universities who only can teach in English medium. Why Dr.Damodar Gajurel didn’t visit any of those 50 universities. On the one hand in his 31st March interview he wants high quality foreign graduate doctors and on the other hand he just visited low ranked universities. Question is this how low ranked Chinese medium universities can produce high quality doctors? If Dr.Damodar Gajurel and his delegation is so much interested in consultancy they should change his profession and should become a consultant because reality is that they need money not qualified doctors for their country

  27. I would like to send my son Theophil Sunny Tudu for studying mbbs in india. at the right moment I like to admit mbbs entrance coaching centre in india for preparation course.

  28. I am from Bangladesh I would like to send my son Theophil Sunny in india for mbbs study at the right moment up to the date of admission I would like to get admit him in any coaching centre of India.

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