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FOR apostle

u dont need any agent …….. u can do ur self …….. its very easy only that u have u stand in line a bit
u just need to go to park kultury metro …. come out of the entrance from where u change to the brown line from red line …….. then go right n again right …… keep walking for 2 mins n u will find a pink building ……. u can do the apostle there …. u need to take along with u ur degree n marksheet, a letter from ur dekant, the dekanat people knw which letter to give …….. also another document that u got when u gave ur class 12 document to get is registered from the ministry in russia …. n there r different amount u can pay for how fast u want the apostle to be done ……. n if u want to do it buy some agent …… go talk to the specs wearing guy who sits in one of the counter ….. dont ask him in front of every one …. ask him when he come out .. take him to the side n talk to him …… he may be able to give u discount of a few 100 rubles …… if u have any trouble ….. post here n i’ll try replying as soon as possible ….. agent just take a hell lot of money n do the same stuff …. try doing it urself its easy ……..

how to get legalization ?

guys please tell me how to get legalization on our higher secondary school certificate? now v r in russia? where to get? plz tell also the time duration for this purpose?thank u in advance
the school certificates u have to get them stamped in the following order …. state secratriate > ministry of external affairs india > russian embassy > ministry in russia ……. which ministry in russia i forgot ….. its either ministry of education or ministry of foreign affairs …. but that is done by ur uni it self u just need to give the embassy attested documents to ur dekanat …….

the address of the apostle building i forgot but its very easy to find if u follow the direction i wrote in the previous page ….. plus the building is PINK in colour …….

give ur documents for apostle as a group from the same uni as it is done much earlier than if u give separately ….

as for the money needed it depends for how fast u want it ……. i suggest the 5 working days one …. it is economical ….. money has to be deposited in cber bank as with all other official transactions in moscow ….. there is a cber bank near park kultury metro , just go left instead of right …. basically u have to do a lot of walking n standing in line …. but its ok since u have nothing to do for the whole day in the hostel ………


hi guys what r the documents necessary to get APOSTILLE in moscow after receiving diploma…h many days it takes time to get apostille.possible post any contact person details…
u can rest assured the agent will charge double of what it costs actually ……. they r not special people , they r also students only …….

yes i am am MMA pass out 2008 batch

sorry i dont remember the cost of the apostle but i think it was close to 3000 rubs

once u do apostle u dont need to get documents signed by embassy …… anyway the last info that i had is that embassy does not stamp documents any more …… apostle is the only thing u need to do ………
u just need a letter for dekanat, ur document that u got after legalization of school documents n ur degree n marksheet for apostle ……. i remember it takes abt 11000 rubs to do the apostle in one day …. but there is a quota for this thing …. they only take a limited no of documents for doing in one day …… the 5 day one costs either 3000 or 5000 i forgot exactly how much …. i did the 5 day one …….. the lowest one takes 1 month


@ Nabarun

they u r a great help!!!
but still i hav my doubts-
wht should be done b4 goin to the apostill documents?
is apostill needed on translated deploma or acedemik spawka or both?
wat all documents r needed frm russia in india??
for registraion wht we hav to show??we dont hav registration stamp on passports..as they stoped giving tht 2 years ago!

thanks a lot
i will try to do this work without agent ..wit urs gr8 help


apostle is not done on any photocopy or translation ….. its done on the original document …….. even after apostle u dont need to translate as the apostle itself is given in both languages russian n english …… the only thing u need to translate is u diplome n that too for MCI as its only in russian ……. even ur marks sheet u get a copy in english …….. documents needed in india are

ur diplome n marksheet

no objection certificate from uni

a certificate that explains what is 3 , 4 n 5 ( grading legend)

a certificate stating that u studied all 6 years in the same uni

for registration u need to keep the small paper that u get while doing registration ….. the rectangular piece of paper in which ur name is written ….. that will do instead of stamp in passport ………

the language of the no objection certificate should be like the migration certificate given by any board when u switch schools …… i think its needed when u want to enter any higher institution here ……..




Dr. Nabarun

c once u get ur diplome u need to get it translated …….. the translation is basically for india n has nothing to do with apostle ….. but since it just takes 1 or 2 days n they dont keep ur diplome with them to translate it so its better to do it before u give ur documents for apostle ……. then u can get 2 things done at the same time ……..

so get ur diplome > enjoy the evening, go out with friends 🙂 > then next day go for translation > they will take a xerox of the diplome n give the original back to u …. even if they want to keep the diplome with them selves … lie to them that u need to take the diplome back to ur uni for some formality n that u brought the diplome there after getting special permission from ur uni …… > then next day go for apostle ( it is better to give the documents in the 1st half of the day if u want ur documents to be done early )…….. for directions to the apostle place refer my earlier posts ….. once u give it for apostle u r absolutely free to do what ever u want until u get it back ……

the ministry of external affairs stamp is for legalization of ur indian certificates ….. if u still have not done it, then it is pointless to try n do it now ….. its will be a massive headache ….. instead u can try so that they do ur apostle without the legalization documents ……… last year many people got it done without that document

@ N a b a r u n .. @

At first thanks a lot…))

1) Apostile should be done and is only done on our DIPLOMA RIGHT..?????

2) The emergency window thing what you told about the INTER-OBRAZIVANIYA, does it still exist in this 2009, as you are previous 2008 passed out, iam clearing this coz we dont live in moscow, and it takes 16 hrs to reach in moscow, to do all stuff..

3) We re the first batch passing so have no one to guide, and university peoples also do nt know and dam about it..

4) To be enabled for MCI screening doument ie “‘ Xerox and Notrified of DIMPLOMA In english language”” will be enough right..??? OR we do need some stamping from INDAIN embassy also on that “translated-notrified-dimploma"

5) So lastly a list of following doc’s

a) Copy 12th pass ceritificat done frm external mins, educational mins, and russian embassy, and russian educational minstry.

b) Copy of translated-notrified-dimploma, stamp of india embassy under question..??!

c) Proof of 6 years registation in russia

d) MCI eligeable cirtificate.

e) Copy of Date of Birth Proof

f)Copy of Passport of the applicant

g) Copy of 10+2 mark sheet

Some thing more needed..???
Please let US know..))))
And also some tips to pass MCI.. if you can share.. 😉

ya ya its the same place …….. thanks foe mentioning the name, i had forgotten it ……. c the thing is the russian poeple keep on changing their rules so often that it is really difficult to say whether the emergency window exists now or not ….. yes u just need to xerox , translate n notorify u diploma ( the hard bound one) the marksheet u already get a english copy …… there is not need for the embassy ….. they r a bunch of loosers n r the least helpfull people especially the education dept people ……….. c the 6 year proof of registration u dont need to submit with u FMGE application …… u only need it when u pass ur exam n go to take the temporary reg no.

apart from the docs u mentioned get a no objection certificate n a grading legend from ur uni … u may need them for further studies but not for MCI exam ……..

since u r so far from moscow i would advice u to get in touch with some student of the uni s in moscow … which uni r u from ?? or u’ll have to send one of ur friend n he can find out the finer details n then u all come together 1 or 2 days later …… this year no one i knw is passing out from my uni or else i would have told them to help u ….. all the people i knw r passing out next year ………

c abt the MCI exam i’ll b frank …….. take the tutions in delhi …. they r helpful to guide in the direction to study but nothing more …… i think a huge racket goes on there so this exam is purposefully made difficult for us to pass …… my only advice is that u keep on trying until u pass …….. i am in the same boat as u r ………

oh n 1 more thing apostle is done on ur diploma n ur marksheet (both the russian version n english version ). ……….

Dr. Koustubh

N a b a r u n ..

Hey dude..
yes i am absolutely sure of this ….. i think u r confusing ur zachotnaya knishka for ur marksheet …… it is not ….. the uni will take ur zachot book from u n give u a large sheet on paper on which ur marks for all 6 years will be written …. n yes u have to get it aposteled ….. at inter obrazovania they will ask for it also ….

no apostle is not possible for convocation as it is ilegal to give ur diploma to u before the convocation


thanks a lot…





no on its npt the academic sprafka as far as i knw ……. it a part of ur diplome ….. its the same blue in colour ….. its from the ministry of health russia just like ur diplome …… yes they apostle everything in the same price ……. actually ur diplome n marksheet forms a komplekt ( a set) they wont take ur diplome without ur marksheet …… they price that they tel u is the price to apostle 3 docs ( ur diplome , english marksheet n russian marksheet )

@ @ nabarun

Thanks again dear mentor….)))

So if you could remember and tell us the exact name of documents (letter) which we need from our dikanat, for APOSTILE..

please let us know..)

sorry i dont remember ……. its a official letter from ur dekanat to the ministry to ask them to apostel ur documents …… c i knw MMA has their convo on the 26th .. try to get in touch with any one of the passing students n get whats written in the letter …….. but anyway ur methodist in the dekanat should knw as i have seen even russian students getting their degrees aposteled …..

@ nabarun….anybody!!…..

last week dean told its 3 places to go in moscow!!?
1.justice of russia ,court for verifing translated documents
2.external ministry,legalisation
3.education ministry,appostile.

???is it true or he is mental ….retard as always?!!!

hi Nabarun,thanx 4 immensly important info u’ve provided.

i’ve 2 doubts-
u write
certificate that explains what is 3 , 4 n 5 ( grading legend)
what exactly should be written in dis certificate???shall we get it also stamped 4m someone???

u also write
for registration u need to keep the small paper that u get while doing registration ….. the rectangular piece of paper in which ur name is written ….. that will do instead of stamp in passport ………
r u talking about Immigratsionnaya Karta which we get on airport???if yes ,den we have dat paper only of dis year as it is taken by airport authorities when we leave russia.secondly,in last 2-3years we got registration stamp only on dat paper.we don’t have stamp on our passport.shall we ask dean office to provide something else??

is it confirmed dat diplome can be Apostilled only after convocation??our convocation is on 29th.our dean is ready 2 give us diplome on 22nd.

Dr. Nabarun

no no grading legend has to b on the college letterhead ….. for eg

satisfactory – 55%

good – 75%

excellent – above 85 ……. though the actual values u have to get it from ur deans office ur dekan or zamdekan needs to sign the letter …. no other stamps needed for this document

if ur dean is giving u the diplome before hand than its no problem u can get it apoaposteled … if there was to be any problem then the dean office would have created it only .. so if they r giving its before go ahead .. u people r lucky ours did not give it before the convo ……

no no i am not talking abt the immigrationny kaarta ……. c when u had done ur registration, ur dean office must have given u a paper which they have told u to keep with u always or a xerox of it .. i am talking abt that …… also there is a smaller piece of paper on ur ur actual registration no is written …… its normally the same as every year until u change ur hostel ……. i’ll try to upload a scan if i manage to scan mine …… on one side ur name will b written n on the other ur dekan’s most probably or who ever acts as ur local gardian …

if u do apostel no MEED stamp is necessary …… its old rule n now meed does not stamp diplome of indian students any more ……. only way is apostele ……… acually russia n india have signed some pact due to which we r not supposed any atamps from anywhere but its the stupid NBE n MCI people who do not knw this n creat problem if u dont have any stamps …… if u go to meed then thay refuse to stamp ur diplome saying abt the pact n here MCI will not accept ur diplome without any stamps … so apostele has to be done ………
Is it required to get diplom apostilled for application 4 screentest?
yes it is necessary for screening test …….. its said in the booklet only that u need aposteled documents


@ N a b a r u n

You are doing really a great work man… Thanks for all your support!!!!

Dr. Nabarun

@ rajneesh

no probs man ….. i had faced similar problems after my diplome ceremony n had to find out most things my self …. so i am glad to help out ……..



but we don’t have such registration paper which u r sayin.but we’ve asked our dean office 2 give us some document which will have info abt 6 years registration.de r doing it.will dat be ok??

ya that should b fine ……. c suppose the militsia wanted u check ur registration .. what would u show them, keep that document with u ……. i knw what u r saying , but these MCI people r thick in the head so its always better to b prepared….. in moscow we always had to carry that piece of paper becoz we were checked at any time …… also find out ur registration no as u’ll have to specify that in the FMGE application form n also the authority who registers u …. i advice u to download the application form n look at the table in the 2nd page …. make sure u have all info the application form asks in that table …….



attempt certificate



This is to certify that Dr. ………………… S/O …………………………., holder of passport No: ………………….., date of birth ………………, Diploma No : ………………… registration No: ………….., has been a regular student of the …………………………….., FACULTY OF MEDICINE, and has successfully passed all the examinations in the first attempt.

no objection certificadte



This is to certify that the (university name), FACULTY OF MEDICINE, has no objection for Dr. ……………………. S/O …………………., holder of passport No: …………., date of birth ……………….. , Diploma No : …………………. registration No: …….., to work /study in any institution where so ever it may be.

Vice Dean

grading legend

This is to certify that under Russian system of education, examination is passed by grades and not by marks. Grade 5(Excellent), Grade 4(Good), Grade 3(Satisfactory). Apart from these grades, there is “Credit”, which indicates adequate knowledge of the subject without grading. There is no official recognized Equivalence between grading and marking by percentage. However it is understood that:
1. Grade 5 is equivalent to 90% and above
2. Grade 4 is equivalent to 80% – 89%
3. Grade 3 is equivalent to 75%- 79%
Credit: Adequate knowledge in the particular subject without the system of grading.

Vice Dean

course certificate

This is to certify that Dr. ………………… S/O …………………………, holder of passport No: ………………………., date of birth ……………………, Diploma No: …………………..registration No: ………, date of issue 18th June 2008, was admitted to the first course in 2002. He passed the M.D. course in general medicine in the I.M.SECHENOV MOSCOW MEDICAL ACADEMY, FACULTY OF MEDICINE, and graduated in General Medicine on 18th June 2008.
He has passed the
1st course in 2002 – 2003 (I.M. Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy)
2nd course in 2003 – 2004 (I.M. Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy)
3rd course in 2004 – 2005 (I.M. Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy)
4th course in 2005 – 2006 (I.M. Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy)
5th course in 2006 – 2007 (I.M. Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy)
6th course in 2007 – 2008 (I.M. Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy)

Vice Dean

few instructions

all the letters should be on the university letter head paper …… change the dates n name of institute where ever needed ……. dont copy the letters blindly ……… make make sure either the dean or vice deans signs them ……..
hi nabarun…here diplomas issued by university some mistakes r there in marks sheet in english version ie name,awarded degree…now uni is telling that it takes time to rechange..as the time is near by to give mci, we r deliema what to do..can we notarise that english version marks sheet to apply for mci…any probs in future…

Is it necessary to submit registration paper to mci which is signed by indian embassy. or just have to fill the block which is given in fmge form..

indian embassy does no register u …….. atleast they did not do for me …… i never even went there …….. the indian embassy in moscow is the most useless thing in russia ……. just fill the column in the form n have stamps in ur passport till when they used to stamp the passport ……… the registering authority is the russian ministry not the embassy ………. the registration in the embassy is something else ……. just so that if there is any problems the embassy can contact u ………….

i would advice u to translate the russian verson of ur marksheet get it notorised n submit the xerox copy with the form …… as u have wrong marks in the english version if u give a corrected version later then MCI will question the authenticity of the english marksheet ………. so it is better to give a translated n notorised copy of the russian marksheet ….. i am guessing the russian marksheet has ur correct marks n name ………

its MID = ministresvo inostrani dela ( ministry of foreign affairs) …….. these other students who have the MID stamp, r they indian ?? becoz as far as i knw if u go to the MID office they refuse to stamp ur documents when they find out that u r from india ……… indian students do not need MID ……. indian students do not need any stamps, but since the MCI has fools sitting in their offices so we have to get the apostle ……. according to russian MID officials india n russia have signed a pact due to which indian student do not need to have any stamps on their diplomes ……

u have to do apostle on


marksheet (russian )

marksheet (english)

http://indianembassy.ru/cms/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=505&Itemid=576 ……………..

Information for students who obtain their Degree/Diploma in the Russian Federation

* India has become a signatory to the “Hague Convention” on Apostille.
* Consequently, the earlier system of legalization and attestation/legalization of Diplomas by Missions has been dispensed with.
* Respective countries could straight away accept Apostilled documents.
* The Russian authorities have instituted the Apostille
* The Mission is no longer attesting “Apostilled” documents.
* Mission does not attest any documents pertaining to the application for screening test of the National Board of Examinations for registration with the MCI/NBE.

Information for Indian students who plan to come for study to the Russian Federation

* It is mandatory for all documents pertaining to educational qualification to be Apostilled in India. (Class X & XII Board Certificates/Bachelors degree/Masters Degree etc.)
* For Graduate students wanting to pursue Post Graduate/ Doctoral or higher studies, a Certificate of Equivalence is required from the Russian authorities.
* Students must obtain the Equivalence Certificate before they arrive in Russia/get written clarification on this issue from the Agency through which they come for study in the Russian Federation/Institution of study.
* It is mandatory for all foreign students arriving for study in the Russian Federation to register with the State Federal Agency “Interobrozovaniye”, Ministry of Science and Education of the Russian Federation by December 31 of the year of joining.

Thanks Orkut community MCI Screening Test -All to knw
Special Thanks to

Dr. Nabarun


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