Smoke less ; make more

By Live Dr - Wed Sep 07, 12:37 am

The whole world were in smoke during the long gone war times but still the smoking cigarettes  does remains along the world among the growing sensation’s , exactly the teenagers aged between 12-17.Among the children of this age group not everyone does not fall into this addictive habit,only a 1 in 17 does falls prey to this useless harming cigarettes.

The reality status among the smoker’s census is that chain smoker’s are believed to be in the mood of getting away from it due to health reasons like cancer etc…but eventhough only a few among the addicted adults  succeed in their motive to quit this crippling disease created by the mankind itself .But the intent to quit smoking for its harmness are very much seen among the grown one’s as they get increased awareness about it in their daily life.But the growing buds do face serious of problems as they are still maturing.

Everyday 4000 kids of age groups varying from 12 -17 start this habit of smoking.What that drives them for this undistinctive beahaviour is

  • Curiosity: This develops in young lads as they begin to conquer this world with their knowledge and their physical presence too.
  • To show off: Every young ones never let anyone say their are just kids and they do regret it so if anyone say so.I swear this is known to a every parent across the world.These young lads want to prove they have matured by self behaving like an adult i.e smoking,fighting,clubs etc..
  • Homely thing:In home , parents are smokers then childrens add both to the family list as well as smoker’s list
  • idolmanship: Children do have a idol and they tend to behave as them and this says for those kids who have idols who smoke a lot .
  • Media:Cinema,trick shows

However the above risks can be evaded if counselling and proper advices are provided to the children society.Curiosity can sure be curtained by making increased guidelines and demonstrating them the ill effects of the smoking.Promoting the avoid smoking programs leading it by their favourite icons.Cinema’s should minimise exposing smoking too much.

These are the things that are concerned about preventing the newcomer’s to this behaviour.Here are the few steps to help the smoking community to get rid of the harmness imposed by smoking and live the life as every normal man does.

  • Some smokers can be made to quit smoking by having counselling programs but this also requires a strong mind to overcome.Stopped smoking for a day or a week is not a great deal , taking away these permanently  is great thing.
  • Chain tobacco  smoker’s can be introduced of  e-cigarettes.
  • Have an alternate plan to get distracted yourself from smoking when the thought initiates likewise chewing a gum , patch, playing solitaire , games ,watching sport you like the most.
  • Auricular acupuncture curbs cigarette cravings quite successfully.
  • Making your mind strong by reminding of things you have come out successfully in a difficult angle.
  • Quitting is like starting.The more you think of quitting then there comes the increased urge from the negative side of your mind to go strong at the harmful behaviour.So you will surely face attempts going no way right but keeping a strong mind in overcoming it will surely help you finnaly get rid off it.
  • Stay in a place that does not reminds you off smoking.So create a smoke free zone for you and it shall pulll out a real deal in making you quit smoking.


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