Received a reply from National Board of Examination

By Live Dr - Mon Jan 13, 11:30 am



Dear Candidate,

Thank you for communicating with National Board of Examinations.

This is to inform you that the dates for FMGE exam will be declared soon and tentative dates are June 2014.

NBE Candidate Care

All the students and teachers are being fed up with so many rumors that are striking them regarding MCI SCREENING TEST.So to get the problem cleared and we mailed to NBE and got that reply and it was a bit shocking to see the tentative date is June 2014. It will eat up the time for the FMG’s and no information was given regarding the exam being online or not. Meanwhile follow the advice of  Fmge Guru Kamalkv.

Fmge Guru Kamalkv Says
Lot f rumours are going on that there will be only 1 paper or there will be 2 papers, one in june & another in december..
Please dont trust anyone except NATBOARDS website..Keep preparing for exam as if it is going to be conducted in last sunday of March..Because then if the exams are delayed, u wont be in any loss, but if u waste ur precious time in just discussing about all these useless stuff (when the exams will be, what the pattern will be, whether it will be online etc.), it will be very difficult for u to speed up and compensate for this, if the exam is conducted in March.I remember, in 2012, same was the case with NEET exam..As usual, students were planning for all-india exams which was taken in month of january. But with pre-ponement (in December), many (of my known juniors) couldnt pace up and they were no where in merit..

So please dont waste time..its very difficult to recover then…These 3 months are very crucial for ur exam….Please use ur time wisely..

God bless all FMGE aspirants

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mannagoriSend an Instant Message to mannagori  of RXPG   says

Wed Jan 15, 2014 12:09 am (1 hour ago)

i have contacted NBE and they reply that their is no final date of exam it may be delay like on June 2014
and it gonna be online in mid Feb they release the notification about that until official notification all are not rumors
until then
eat well study well sleep well

good luck

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