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Salads have a reputation for being boring, but made well they are a world away from diet food. Choose the right ingredients and a salad can be a tasty, filling meal all on its own.

Think beyond traditional salad fare and add one or two ingredients that have high nutritional values. These nutrient-dense ‘superfoods’ will not only add variety but can improve your health, too.

Here are my top superfoods to create delicious salads. The quantities given will serve two people as a main meal or four people if served as a side.

© NatMag - healthy salads - beetroot
© NatMag - healthy salads - mackerel
© StockFood/Getty - healthy salads - figs
© NatMag - healthy salads - garlic
© NatMag - healthy salads - fennel
© Andrea Wyner/Taxi/Getty - healthy salads - avocados
© NatMag - healthy salads - walnuts
© Digital Vision/Getty - healthy salads - salad leaves
© George Doyle/Getty - healthy salads - pumpkin seeds
© NatMag - healthy salads - salad as a main meal
© NatMag - healthy salads - dressings: olive oil
© StockFood/Getty - healthy salads - dressings: linseed oil

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