Symptom Evaluation and Treatment for Headaches

By Live Dr - Thu Oct 14, 5:40 pm

Most physicians are treating the symptom of headache using medication. Patients often receive temporary relief from the medication but it does not deal with the cause of the headache. The drug companies are sponsoring research programs to test their drugs in conjunction with most “Headache Facilities.”

At Headache, MD we take a different approach. Our physicians under the direction of Drs. Silva and Pearlman are aware of over 100 causes of Headache. Anything from food allergies to a brain tumor can and will cause headaches. In many cases the medications one takes for the headache causes rebound headache.

With the opening of the facilities we hope to provide long lasting relief to thousands of headache suffers. Our approach is to find the cause and treat the source of the problem. We have specialists in every phase of health care: Neurologist, Neurosurgeons, Internal Medicine, Family Practice, Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Dentistry, Orthopedic Surgeons, Endocrinologists, Gynecologists as well as outside referral specialists.

Dr. Pearlman has seen headache patients for 30 years and has come out of retirement to direct the facilities with Dr. Silva. They have trained all of the doctors and staff in the new and unique approach to headache care. The approach is to listen to the patient and take time to hear what they are telling you. They have developed a headache profile that deals with every aspect of headache and life. With the utilization of headache tracking charts, food charts and a complete head to toe evaluation we will be able to help isolate the problem and help the majority of patients live headache free without becoming addicted to medication.

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