Transfer Options – Why to Transfer Medical College or University?

By Live Dr - Sun Jun 03, 3:14 pm

Why to  Transfer Medical  College or University?

1.If  your college is not recognized by MCI and WHO.

2.High College fee.

3.Poor quality of Education.

4.Lack of infrastructure in Medical school.

5.To forget some unpleasant thing that happened to you

And the list goes on when you decide to switch the universities but while you plan for a transfer you have to check all these things

Things will always be better if you visit the college before your transfer. If not consult LiveDr Admissions to get guidance about the MCI eligibility certificate for your new college.

Nantong University School of Medicine also offers transfer options to students currently studying MBBS in other Medical Universities China, Russia and other countries.

Students currently studying in various Medical universities in China, Russia, etc., who wish to get transferred to Nantong Medical University can Contact LiveDr Admissions  to know more details on transfer.



 But why LiveDr Admissions ?

We have done transfer before for students 😀 so we know the way 🙂



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