usmle tips and tricks,check out the exam

By Live Dr - Thu Oct 30, 1:33 am

teaching hospitals in the US send an application to the NRMS(national residency matching service) .they send an application from each department with specifics about what sort of a resident they require. these are matched with the applicant’s own scores and are then equalised. basing on this system, an applicant is given a choice of hospitals offering residency programmes suited to his scores and other things. in the same way ,the hospitals are also shown the students with most promising scores as per the hospital guidelines. this way, one cannot get the choice of hospitals or branches of medicine that he/she may want.
once into the residency programme, the salary of the resident is inbetween 3000 and 4000$ (usually surgical residents are paid a bit more).this salary increases each year until it reaches about a maximum of 6000$ at the final year.(it doesnt go higher than that in any branch).
in residency , one has to work 80 hours per week.(5-days a week). that is the reason why it is called a residency, since one practically resides in the hospital.
i ll post some other info regarding pg in india and also usmle in my upcoming posts.
hope this information is helpful to you all.


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