USMLE- United States Medical Licensing examination.

By Live Dr - Sat Oct 11, 2:22 pm

USMLE- What is USMLE? What is the elligibility criteria? How many steps we have to give? What is the fees? What is the syllabus? What books do we have to read?

USMLE- United States Medical Licensing examination. This exam is to do residency programme (P.G.) in United States. There are 4 steps of USMLE and there is no syllabus for it.
I. Step1- Consists of 7 subjects.
1. Anatomy- Read your notes+Kaplan notes+First Aid.
2. Biochemistry- Read your notes+Kaplan notes+First Aid.
3. Physiology- Same as above.
4. Patholgy- Same as above+memorize slides from any atlas (Preferably Robbins)
5. Micro- Read your notes+Kaplan notes+Makes microbiology ridiculously simple + First aid.
6. Behavioural Sciences- Don’t know what to read+First aid.
7. Pharma- Your notes +Lippincott+Kaplan +First Aid.

Also do Kaplan Q book and Kaplan Q bank. They come with explanations.

To be elligible for USMLE your college must be present in FAIMER list and you should have passed all the basic sciences i.e. must be in your 4th year (If from CIS countries)
To pass you have to get 55-65%, not fixed, varies every year i.e. 75 percentile. No negative marking.

II. Step 2 CK(Clinical Knowledge)
5 main subjects:
1. Medicine- Davidson +your notes +Blue prints+Crush USMLE.
2. Surgery- Your notes + Blue prints +Crush USMLE.
3. Paeds- Same as above.
4. Obs and Gynae- Same as above.
5. Psychiatry- Same as above.

Do Kaplan Q bank and USMLE world questions as far as MCQs are concerned.
You are elligible to write this exam once you have passed 5th year of your medical school (If from CIS). Passing criteria same as step1.

III. Step2 CS (Clinical Skills).
Practical exam. You have to see 10-12 patients. You will be given there chief complaint, you have to take the relevant history, do relevant physical exam and then explain them the differential diagnosis and diagnostic options and finally you have to write a short note on all the stuff you did.
Nobody knows the passing criteria. Easiest of all USMLEs.

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