want to prepare for usmle if you dont want to clear mci screening test

By Live Dr - Thu Oct 30, 1:31 am

THE step 3 of usmle can also be given after doing a residency programme in the us.MY brother is already there and he is in his final year of residency. the difference between the US and india/china is as follows
1. in the us, four years of college (equivalent to BSC in india) is done by americans before they enter medical college.
2. then there is four years of medical school after which they get a degree called MD.this MD is not the same as the MD in india(we all know that MD in india is the higher postgraduate degree)
3. after getting their MD, they appear in the steps 1 and 2 of USMLE .
4.after that, they have to apply for a system called NRMP(national residency matching programme) .
5. this program is sort of like the counselling we have in india for competitive exams.electronically , the posts of available residencies are given for the person to opt.
6. next comes the big part , residency. residency is equivalent to MS/MD in india. but it has no official title .the person ,even if he has finished a residency in surgery, will be called – .mr.xxx MD .
7. the period of residency varies from branch to branch in the US. for example, a residency for family medicine is only 3 years, while one for neurosurgery is 7 years.
8. after residency , one can opt for various superspecialites called fellowships.they are equivalent to DM /MCh or DNB in india.

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  1. Thank you ever so for you blog post. Want more.

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