Where to do MBBS in China or in Russia ?

By Live Dr - Sat May 12, 8:32 am

Pravin kumar singh Sat May 12 at 2:58 am

Sir, i m going 2 russia 4 mbbs in asian medical institute. It’s a right path or not plz rply me wth ur openion as soon as possible . Thank you.

Hello Pravin kumar singh

Nice to know you are making a move to Russia,Welcome to the club of FMG(Foreign Medical Graduates)
But in my opinion Russia is not the trend now 🙂
Students move to china in huge numbers and I just came back to Tamilnadu from China after my course.
we also guide students to do MBBS in Russia but now china is the trend and we send students to China each year:)

Advantages of doing MBBS in China
Total course duration is shorter in China than in Russia
China has got world class Expo,Trade shows workshops and Home of  Medical Technologies
The Internship has to be done in Russia and again in India if you are a Russian Medical student
but for the Chinese Medical  Graduates Internship can be done either in India or in China
so the Chinese medical students save 1 year in  their life and expenditure for a year.

To get the M.D degree in Russia it takes minimum 6 and a half years  if done in the English Medium
if Medicine is done in Russian medium then it take 7 and a half years in Russia only.
After passing the MCI exam the students have to repeat 1 year Internship again  in India

In the other hand the total study duration in China is 5 years , 6 years Including Internship.
If the student had done Internship in China after passing the MCI exam students can start working right away !
But the degree provided by the medical universities form China is MBBS

Mostly students are guided towards fake universities which are not recognized by MCI and WHO.
Do check that !

It’s always wise to consult with students studying abroad

Feel free to contact me if you got more questions 🙂


Admin of LiveDr.org



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